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Manifest Your Destiny: Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Ev

From the inspirational leader and author of the international bestsellers Your Sacred Self and the classic Your Erroneous Zones comes this mind-awakening guidebook for making your desires reality. Based on ancient principles and spiritual practices, Manifest Your Destiny introduces the Nine Spiritual Principles that will help you overcome the barriers--both within and around you--that prevent you from getting what you want, including: Developing spiritual awareness Trusting yourself Reconnecting to your environment Attracting your desires Accepting your own worthiness Practicing unconditional love Meditating to unlock the power within you Letting go of demands Filled with warmth and insight, this invaluable book will help you achieve your goals--and take you to a level higher than you've ever dreamed....

Title : Manifest Your Destiny: Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Ev
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ISBN : 8138900
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 243 pages
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Manifest Your Destiny: Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Ev Reviews

  • Marta

    Quanto às quatros etapas de desenvolvimento de um adulto, gostei e os nomes foram bem pensados e justificados. Ele tem muits razão quando fala delas, penso que sejam universais e que o autor tenha uma boa noção de como alteram a nossa consciência.

    Uso de exemplos de pensamentos condicionados que todos temos a um momento ou outro e tenta explicar como estamos errados", como os ultrapassar. Nesses exemplos afirma alguns pontos de vista que cada vez acho mais importantes que todos tenhamos

    Por um lad

  • Elliot

    Almost everyone to whom I've recommended this book has commented on how little they care for the title, but I hope some of them were able to get past that and read it, because it really is one of the best spiritual guides of our time. One of its main strengths is in its pithiness and warmth - it can be read in an afternoon, and savored for years. Every time I go back to it, I find new insights that I didn't catch before, because my priorities had changed. The central theme of the book is the One

  • Melissa Dunstan

    This book gave me several "ah-ha" moments. The most profound to me was the fourth principle, "You can attract to yourself what you desire". The word, "attract" was key to me, because up until this point, I thought the word to having everything I wanted was "create". It all seemed to make sense to me at this point. I've been concentrating on working hard, sacrificing (all 'creating'), when what I should have been doing is aligning my joy and happiness to attract what I want. Because, it's already ...more

  • Lori Gilbert

    I love everything Dr. Wayne Dyer. I listened to him read this audiobook, and found it to have great spiritual guidelines along with an outline for manifesting while reminding the reader of his/her place in the Universe. Awesome read as always from him.

  • Yoli Marie

    5 Stars! Enough said. The title says all. Manifest!

  • Sarezh kamla

    Good Book in search of spiritual life and most desire Goals that you have to focus on at different stages of life .

    The 9 principles

    1. Become aware of your highest self

    2. Trusting yourself is trusting the wisdom that created you

    3. You're not an organism in an environment you're a environorganism

    4. You can attract to yourself what you desire

    5. Honor your worthiness to receive

    6. Connect to the divine source with unconditional love

    7. Meditate to the sound of creation

    8. Patiently detach from the out

  • Sandie

    I have studies these principles for many years...the Law of Attraction...Attitude of Gratitude...etc., so this book was a bit too basic for me. I thought it laid out the 9 spiritual principles nicely for the novice, but didn't offer many new always though, you can always learn something. I do enjoy Dyer straightforward way of presenting ideas and giving people the 'key' to happiness. Whether you call it Universe, God, Yahweh, etc, you can find a connection with these areas of study ...more

  • Pamela Wells

    I consider Wayne Dyer to be the West's version of a guru. He has been writing fabulous self-help books for over 30 years. As he continues to evolve his own wisdom, he expertly translates complex, universal spiritual principles into convenient, readable formats that most of us can understand right away. This is one of my favorite books written by Dr. Dyer but all of his books are a good place to start for people seeking more self-knowledge.