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The Metamorphosis

Alternate cover edition of ISBN 0553213695 / 9780553213690"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was laying on his hard, as it were armor-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his domelike brown belly divided into stiff arched segments on top of which the bed quilt could hardly keep in position and was about to slide off completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes." With it's startling, bizarre, yet surprisingly funny first opening, Kafka begins his masterpiece, The Metamorphosis. It is the story of a young man who, transformed overnight into a giant beetle-like insect, becomes an object of disgrace to his family, an outsider in his own home, a quintessentially alienated man. A harrowing -- though absurdly comic -- meditation on human feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and isolation, The Metamorphosis has ...

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The Metamorphosis Reviews

  • Fernando

    Siempre es una necesidad para mí releer a Franz Kafka, mi escritor preferido y era esta la oportunidad de volver a surcar por cuarta vez las páginas de "La metamorfosis" (o "La transformación", según la acepción que Borges hace de "Die Verwandlung" y que sostiene como correcta). Como en otros ejemplos de la obra kafkiana, es un libro que releería cientos de veces. El poder de atracción que tiene para mí es muy fuerte y con las consiguientes lecturas y a partir del conocimiento de la vida de Fran ...more

  • ميقات الراجحي

    كافكا - المتحول : شخصية شاب يجد نفسه ذات يوم وقد تحول إلى حشرة.. حشرة ضارة أثر تلك الضغوط الذي يتعرض لها في حياته المنزلية والعملية والأهم هو أن من تعمل لديهم لايعنيهم من أمرك شيء بل أنت مجرد بقرة حلوب بالنسبة لديهم بتعبير الأوربيين …

    لا أحد مثل هذا المجنون كافكا في سوداويته الكئيبة. تكرهه في العمل الذي أنهيته ثم تبحث له عن عمل آخر لم تقرأه بعد. في هذا العمل العبثي يعالج كافكا الإغتراب وهو مغاير تمامًا للغربة.. إغتراب غريغور سامسا يتمثل في وسط أسرته وفي بيئة عمل وكلاهما أماكن نتواجد فيها بكثرة ل

  • s.penkevich

    It was no dream.

    Gregor Samsa awakes one day, changed forever. How unpredictable is life, one moment leading to a new labyrinth of existence where forward is the only motion available, our scars and choices following us in a tuneless parade with few interested spectators. Despite our lives being a personal struggle, it is constantly judged, criticized and appraised by all those whom we encounter. Oh, the injuries we inflict upon one another. We alienate and assume instead of communicate, we fear

    The story is divided into three parts. There are three doors to Gregor’s room. His family consists of three people. Three servants appear in the course of the story. Three lodgers have three beards. Three Samsas write three letters.
    Three, of course, representing the Holy Trinity (there are many other important details surrounding three, such as the clock tower striking three after Gregor retreats into his room, or Gregor standing on his three hind legs since the fourth was damaged beyond repair). The rejection and unfulfillment of the father is also Gregor’s failure to be valuable in the eyes of the Father, God, and perhaps this may be the cause of the unexplained (and rather unquestioned for the most part) transformation that has befallen the poor man. The fatal blow pinning Gregor to the ground like a crucified Christ (while this may be a slight stretch, there are other Christ-like references such as the sudden pain in Gregor's side much like the spear in the side while on the cross) is an Edenic apple thrown from the father, rotting and festering in him like our sins until we breath our last.

    All language is but a poor translation,’ said Kafka, made evident in Gregor’s failure to communicate in his new form. Communication is the cornerstone of understanding others, and being stripped of his voice severs his link to his family and humanity. ‘That was the voice of an animal,’ the office chief exclaims after Gregor attempts to communicate with them through language. With his loss of language, his family slowly ceases to view him as Gregor but as a dumb beast, easing them into letting go of their notions that he is still Gregor. He is now an unproductive, dumb hindrance to their lives and they begin to forget him and move on to a productive life of work and family without him. It is like an invalid aging relative, many continue to care for them out of respect for their memory, but the person slowly becomes a chore or a burden and not a human-being in their minds. Another view of Gregor in his new state is that of a person stricken by crushing depression or other mental or emotional ailments where those around them begin to view them by their illness and not their soul. They forget the person that is still there, the person they know and love, and dwell on the chasm forged between them. It is human nature, it makes it easier to cope. How many people walk away when times get tough, even abandon the ones they love because it is easier to convince yourself they are not the person you loved than it is to fight for them or fight for what was once had. Kafka’s genius is that he took a personal experience and related it as a universal parable with endless interpretations, each unique and equally valid as they blossom within each respective reader.

    Rereading this story was a rewarding experience and I very much connected with it. Gregor was a traveling businessman, and I am a traveling delivery driver. The musings on the plight and unique depression of long hours in strange faraway places hit home, as well as the notion from everyone else that traveling in such a manner is some royal treat. Granted, I greatly enjoy the work and the freedom of being, essentially, a professional vagrant, yet there is a tinge of alienation being a person without an anchor, always on the move, always chasing a horizon. The feelings of guilt, of alienation, the struggles with family, everything range true plucking my heartstrings like a guitar to form a foreboding yet fantastic melody. Kafka is as relevant to the modern reader as he was in his own time with themes that illuminate us with their timeless insight into society and the individual.


    I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.

    ¹ There is an interesting article recently published by the BBC on ‘the German’s debt psyche’ and the cultural relationship between debt and guilt stemming from the word schuld.

    ² There is a wonderful film adaptation of Nabokov’s lectures with Christopher Plummer as Nabokov. You can watch it here. ...more

  • Lisa

    One morning a young man woke up and decided he didn't want to leave his room. He felt at odds with the world and wished he could opt out of his busy life.

    He knew he was unlikely to get away with skipping school, so he thought about how to find a perfect excuse. His eyes fell upon the half-read copy of Kafka's Metamorphosis he had left beside his bed, and was pleased. When his stressed mum banged on the bedroom door and yelled that it was time for breakfast, shower and school, he answered:

    "I ca

  • Beatriz

    Reto #46 PopSugar 2018: Una alegoría

    No sé por qué ni de dónde las saqué, pero tenía varias ideas preconcebidas del argumento de este libro que no tienen nada que ver con la realidad.

    En primer lugar no imaginaba que era un relato tan oscuro y que al menos a mí me produciría tanta tristeza; siempre pensé que tendría un tono más bien irónico a fin de burlarse de algún problema social. Lo otro es que pensaba que la metamorfosis de Gregorio era exclusivamente física, sin embargo, los cambios se sig

  • Gaurav

    The Metamorphosis

    Franz Kafka

    The Metamorphosis can quite easily be one of Franz Kafka’s best works of literature- one of the best in Existentialist literature. The author shows the struggle of human existence- the problem of living in modern society- through the narrator.

    Gregor Samsa wakes in his bed and discovers he has transformed into a some kind of a giant bug; he struggles to find what actually has happened to him, he looks around his small room and everything looks normal to him however it

  • Mohammed Arabey

    Arabic/English Review

    First read I got the impression; pretty disgusted yet very sad

    قرائتي الأولي لها شعرت بشئ من الحزن والكثير من القرف والاشمئزاز

    Second read,more emotional & sympathy for Kafka Samsa

    القراءة الثانية شعرت بمشاعر حزن أكثر..وتعاطف مع كافكا,أقصد سامسا


    هي قصة تقرأها..تشعر به..وتعيد قرائتها

    لذا قرأتها لمرة ثالثة وأخيرة وكم شعرت بالحزن والاكتئاب

    تخيل أنك كنت العائل الوحيد لأسرتك، ثم أصبحت عاجزا وعبئا علي تلك الأسرة

    لمجرد انك صرت بحالة جعلتك...غريب الأطوار

    تشتاق للجلوس

    I am now reading The Metamorphosis at jome and find it bad.

    "from The Diaries of Franz Kafka. Oct.20, 1913

    Well,first read for me I felt it can be better,although I still felt very sad..but I also hate how was the ending at all,the last 4 or 5 pages (view spoiler) I get it but it really can be better..well,his admitting that at his diaries made my rating higher.

    Great antipathy to "Metamorphosis." Unreadable ending.

    Imperfect almost to the foundation. It would have turned out much better if I had not been interrupted at the time by the business trip.

    "from The Diaries of Franz Kafka. Jan.19, 1914

    Well,Rest in Peace Kafka, your work has been felt by millions of people..

    May God Bless your soul.

    Mohammed Arabey

    From May 31 2014

    To June 13 2014

    PS : Since I've read a 200 pages edition of a 50 pages only novel, I Know how it feels to read long rant about a novel, It's Kinda boring..So I've tried to make my review short...but couldn't :) sorry


  • Omnya

    اللقاء الأول مع العزيز كافكا

    سمعت عن جنونه وسوداويته الكثير الكثير

    ولكني حقًا لم أتوقع أن يكون الحال هكذا

    فعلى الرغم من صغر حجم الرواية إلا أنها حقًا مُرهقة جدًا في قرأتها

    أن تستيقظ ذات صباح فتجد أن أصبحت شئ آخر حشرةٍ ما

    في الواقع أن تبدأ رواية هكذا هو أمر جنوني

    توقعت أنه سوف يعيد مشهد مايشرح سبب ذلك

    لكن لا شئ حدث هكذا فقط وهكذا بدأ الجنون

    وصف كافكا للوضع كان دقيقًا حقًا دقيقًا للحد الذي لم أستطيع معه إكمال الرواية دفعة واحدة

    قرأتها على ثلاث مراحل مُتفرقات

    الجنون الذي أصاب العائلة والأب على وجه الأخص