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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 ofrece la historia de un sombro y horroroso futuro. Montag, el protagonista, pertenece a una extraa brigada de bomberos cuya misin, paradjicamente, no es la de sofocar incendios sino la de provocarlos, para quemar libros. Porque en el pas de Montag est terminantemente prohibido leer. Porque leer obliga a pensar, y en el pas de Montag esta prohibido pensar. Porque leer impide ser ingenuamente feliz, y en el pas de Montag hay que ser feliz a la fuerza......

Title : Fahrenheit 451
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ISBN : 9780307347978
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Fahrenheit 451 Reviews

  • Heidi The Hippie Reader

    In a not too distant future, owning books is against the law. Firemen burn property instead of protect it and everyone is dialed in to their televisions, subsisting on a steady stream of sensational media stories and vapid entertainment to numb their quickly congealing brains. The nation is always at war, but you would never guess it from the populace's empty conversations and emptier dreams. Guy Montag longs for something different, but what exactly, he can't even say, until he meets a girl who ...more

  • Kerri

    I heard that this was a great book, and I really wanted to like it. The title and the quips on the back cover caught my interest. Guy Montag is a fireman, but the job is flipped. Instead of putting out fires, he is creating them, and he likes it a lot. The first sentence, "It was a pleasure to burn", and the following description after, had me convinced that I would enjoy the book. Not only that, New York Times professes that the book is "frightening in its implications". With all that buildup a ...more

  • Mohammed  Ali

    فهرنهايت 451 .. الرواية الكابوس

    عالم اليوم :

    انظر .. انظر حولك .. هل ما نعيشه حقيقي ؟!! عالم مبني على الخيال، تعبيرات مصطنعة على شكل حبوب، حرب نفسية على شكل إعلانات، كيمياويات لتبديل و تبديد العقل على شكل طعام، ندوات لغسيل المخ على شكل وسائل الإعلام، فقاعات منعزلة بإحكام في شكل وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي، بطولة زائفة في شكل أبطال زائفين، دين جديد في شكل عبادة المال، حرب استنزاف واسعة في شكل تبعية كل ما هو جديد هل ما نعيشه حقيقي ؟ .. لقد أغلقنا الواقع و خلعنا رداء الإنسانية و ألقينا ما تبقى منّا في م

  • Elyse

    This was my first Ray Bradbury book. Do you know - that with 1, 117, 082 ratings, and

    28, 668 reviews-I didn't have a clue what to expect from this book? I may have been the only person living under a rock - down deep beneath the earth -who knew nothing about this story! My Goodness .......


    I have in my hands a copy of the 60th Anniversary Edition. Neil Gaiman wrote the Introduction.... and really excellent I might add! Just beautiful introduction abou

  • Henry Avila

    In Ray Bradbury's creepy classic, Montag is your typical modern fireman , burning books for a living with his dedicated gang. None of that old -fashioned putting out fires, he and a hose full of kerosene and just a little old match, does the trick. Sets books a blazing, it's more fun too! Besides no one reads anymore and the warm inferno, towering high into the sky, makes a pretty picture, lighting the cold, dark night . Father was a fireman, so was his grandfather, the family business, you can ...more

  • حسام عادل

    صرخ (مونتاج) في وجهها: ألا تفهمين بحق الله؟ أقول لكِ أنها النسخة الأخيرة من (الكتاب المقدس)، النسخة الوحيدة الباقية، هل أعطيها لهم ليحرقوها؟

    فهتفتْ بغضب: وما في هذا؟ أترى ماذا تفعل؟ أنت تدمرنا! مَن أهمّ لديك؟ أنا أم ذلك الكتاب المقدس؟

    في زمنٍ يدور فيه هذا الحديث بيني وبين زوجتي عن (حرق القرآن الكريم)! ،وتكون حياة المرء فيه أهم من حفاظه على كتابه المقدس، عن هويته، فيمكنك حينها أن تفهم أى مستقبلٍ ملعون يتحدث عنه برادبوري في روايته!.

    يفرك (مونتاج) عينيه. يسعل متوترًا. يدلف البيت الصامت وهو يجوس ببصره

  • She-Who-Reads

    Somehow, I have gotten through life as an English major, book geek, and a science-fiction nerd without ever having read this book. I vaguely remember picking it up in high-school and not getting very far with it. It was an interesting premise, but far too depressing for my tastes at the time.

    Fast-forward 15 years later. I just bought a copy the other day to register at BookCrossing for their Banned Books Month release challenge. The ALA celebrates Banned Books Week in September, so one BXer chal

  • J.G. Keely

    Farenheit 451 has been analyzed and reinterpreted by every successive generation to change its meaning. This is chiefly because the book is full of assumptions and vague symbolism which can be taken many ways, and rarely does anyone come away from the book with the conclusion the author intended, which would suggest that it is a failed attempt.

    There are grounds to contend that even the title is inaccurate, since contemporary sources suggest paper combusts at 450 degrees Celsius, which in Farenhe