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The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great

America has a God-shaped hole in its heart, arguesNew York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro, and we shouldn't fill it with politics and hate. In 2016, Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley. Hundreds of police officers were required from 10 UC campuses across the state to protect his speech, which was -- ironically -- about the necessity for free speech and rational debate. He came to argue that Western Civilization is in the midst of a crisis of purpose and ideas. Our freedoms are built upon the twin notions that every human being is made in Gods image and that human beings were created with reason capable of exploring Gods world. We can thank these values for the birth of science, the dream of progress, human rights, prosperity, peace, and artistic beauty. Jerusalem and Athens built America, ended slavery, defeated the Nazis and the Communists, lifted billions from poverty and gave billions spiritual purpose. Jerusalem and Athens were the foundations of the Magna Carta and the Treat...

Title : The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great
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The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great Reviews

  • Jon Mellberg

    I read this book via Audible, which is narrated by the author. It's a short but great book. However, as a former, avid listener to the Ben Shapiro daily podcast, I can say that this book is a somewhat organized and polished reaffirmation of the ideals and history that Shapiro regularly dispenses in his podcast. That is NOT a bad thing, but it does make the book occasionally repetitive for someone like me.

    As a six hour audio book it’s brief, and as such I sometimes yearned for a deeper dive into

  • Norine

    Audible is great while waiting for my hard copy! Thank you, Ben.

    While pursuing Happiness, we must reexamine what we believe.

    Great Historic references that encourage ownership. Moral Purpose.

    Clear Meaning, "Use of reason bound by higher purpose." Virtues.

    Proven resources, the foundations, the Bible and Science. Ethics.

    This book should become required reading in High School and College.

    Virtuous Citizen Leaders must be informed, involved and brave.

    A new beginning.

    Generate a Moral Purpose. The

  • Jon Harris

    One dimensional. Missed much of what made the West great. Good interaction with frankfort school.

  • Katie Vaughan

    3.5. First of all, I wanted to say that I love Mr. Shapiro. I listen to his podcast every day and have read some of his other works. I am giving this a 3.5 because I thought that the book was a bit tough to follow and slow at times. I've studied both philosophy and ethics and I found myself being overwhelmed and lost at certain points due to the depth and large amount of information presented in such a short book. I do applaud Mr. Shapiro for the extent/quality of his research. I did learn quite ...more

  • Jeremy

    The main thesis of the book is this: “There can be no individual or communal moral purpose without a foundation of divine meaning. There can be no individual capacity or communal capacity without a constant, abiding belief in the nature of our reason. The history of the West is built on the interplay between these two pillars - divine meaning and reason.”

    Some who are not religious might dismiss the book entirely and argue that reason alone is sufficient for a good and happy society. To me, wheth

  • John Marcogliese

    A necessary book

    What a breadth of readings inspired this book. I am not surprised after hearing his podcasts. This is beyond a defence of the judeo Christian and Greek traditions. It shows how history illuminates false philosophies past and present. This fertile marriage is being attacked falsely not with reason but a new kind of bullying by discarding even mere words of reasoned contrarian arguments.

  • Robyn

    Ben rarely discusses politics and instead this is a great lesson on history and philosophy. I learned a lot!

  • Brenden Weber

    Ben Shapiro's book is well researched......however

    He managed to write an entire book without once arguing for his premise: that Judeo-Christian is the best, most rational, and ethical system to use for meaning and society.

    He spent the entire book dismissing every other position as foolish and never said why or why his viewpoint is better. Very bizarre.