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Tribe Protector

Lily thought she had her hands full with her conflicted feelings over her quickly progressing relationship with Arruks wild twin, Drrak, the uneasy truce with the tribe leader, and trying to prove shes trustworthy to a people who want nothing to do with her. But all that pales in comparison to whats coming. When Lily and her mates are sent into the forest to investigate the intruders closing in on tribe territory, they find something so horrifying it shocks Lily to her very core. But more than that, it pisses her off. Driven now by the need to protect a people not her own and to stop the monsters that hunt them, Lily gathers the tribe to her cause, enlisting them to help her. But will they be ready in time or will Lily lose everything in the fight for survival? Tribe Protector is the epic finale in the Chosen Series....

Title : Tribe Protector
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ISBN : 42115197
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 298 pages
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Tribe Protector Reviews

  • Ashari

    Worth the wait

    So I waited anxiously for the final installment of the tribe series. It was definitely worth it. I loved watching Lily prove herself to the tribe and seeing her open her heart to Drrak turned me to mush.

    Overall the story was fantastic and the writing was perfection, but the only thing I was disappointed about was the end. I wanted to know more about Atuk and how his children were. I wanted to find out wayyyy more about the bird man and the werewolf creature. I’m keeping my fingers

  • Brittney David

    In Love

    I loved this series and I am very sad to see it come to an end, but in the happy and sort of way. I finished this book in less than a day and wish I spaced it out a little more. Lol I WILL be reading more books from this author because she had me on the edge of my seat through the whole 3 books. I couldn't put them down. I was in love with the characters, the plot, basically everything about this series!!

  • Nancy

    Tribe Protector is the conclusion to the Chosen Series. You must read books 1 and 2 to be able to fully enjoy this story. All good things must, at one point, come to an end. Stacy Jones does an exemplary job here. Lily, along with Frrar, Tor, and Arruk, have joined the main Shevari tribe in their home tree area. In addition, Drrak is a hopeful for being added to Lily's group of men. Frrar is desperate to protect Lily properly. Watch how Lily & Drrak's relationship evolves. He's got a very un ...more

  • Sakina Carter

    So this was a good RH alien series.

    I really enjoyed that the aliens were actual aliens and not just oversized humans.

    This book showed how Lily interacted and protected her new tribe. Even though the series is over, it left way to many unanswered questions for the series to be over. Who is the strange creature training the pantari? What happened with Lily and her new mate? Is she able to have children with them?

    I hope there is at least a novella.

  • Tiblu

    Four stars for the writing but only three for enjoyment .....

    I think a good title for this would have been to have borrowed from Shakespeare and called this “ much ado about nothing”....

    Sorry may give spoilers 🚨 but not really meaning to....

    What do I mean ?

    Ok, well basically this whole book just about revolves around the ( in one way or another) approaching danger that something or someone’s out there getting ready to attack Lily’s mates tribe and their families ..... we get hints of this at the

  • Kathy

    I liked this series... it was different from the other alien abduction books out there. From the beginning, thhe scenarios seemed more realistic...LOL

    More realistic in that one would probably not magically find a language translator and would have to work to try to learn the alien language from scratch. The storyline was funny and endearing with some steam thrown in.

    This book jumps right in and I struggled a bit to remember what the heck happened in the first 2 books. Also the storyline seems

  • Mercy

    It's a good book and good 3rd part of series but I ca't believe it ended. There are too many loose ends.

    What about her next mate, aren't we going to learn more about him? He imprints, she feels sorry for him and then what?

    Also what about the 6 legged animals that someone is teaching how to hunt her people, what happens there??

    And also what about all these reptilian aliens that attacked them what brought them there, are they native, have they been dumped on the planet like her?

    And what happens w

  • Dena

    More story please

    I don't know how I feel about this if it is the ending. I mean there was so much going on that was left unfinished. Is she compatible with them? I don't know if was a surface story not much depth. The relationships were acknowledged and we saw they were growing close but I never really felt it. This was creative and the guys were intriguing. I wanted to know about the planet and that is what drew me in. I was disappointed tho. This is worth 📚...