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Tribe Protector

Lily thought she had her hands full with her conflicted feelings over her quickly progressing relationship with Arruks wild twin, Drrak, the uneasy truce with the tribe leader, and trying to prove shes trustworthy to a people who want nothing to do with her. But all that pales in comparison to whats coming. When Lily and her mates are sent into the forest to investigate the intruders closing in on tribe territory, they find something so horrifying it shocks Lily to her very core. But more than that, it pisses her off. Driven now by the need to protect a people not her own and to stop the monsters that hunt them, Lily gathers the tribe to her cause, enlisting them to help her. But will they be ready in time or will Lily lose everything in the fight for survival? Tribe Protector is the epic finale in the Chosen Series....

Title : Tribe Protector
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ISBN : 42115197
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 298 pages
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Tribe Protector Reviews

  • Sakina Carter

    So this was a good RH alien series.

    I really enjoyed that the aliens were actual aliens and not just oversized humans.

    This book showed how Lily interacted and protected her new tribe. Even though the series is over, it left way to many unanswered questions for the series to be over. Who is the strange creature training the pantari? What happened with Lily and her new mate? Is she able to have children with them?

    I hope there is at least a novella.

  • Nancy

    Tribe Protector is the conclusion to the Chosen Series. You must read books 1 and 2 to be able to fully enjoy this story. All good things must, at one point, come to an end. Stacy Jones does an exemplary job here. Lily, along with Frrar, Tor, and Arruk, have joined the main Shevari tribe in their home tree area. In addition, Drrak is a hopeful for being added to Lily's group of men. Frrar is desperate to protect Lily properly. Watch how Lily & Drrak's relationship evolves. He's got a very un ...more

  • Casey

    It was good but ...

    I enjoyed seeing the tribe again and enjoyed all the action but I felt like all the answers weren't really given. I felt like the end was rushed a bit and things weren't finished yet she said this was the last in the series. Hopefully there's more with other characters and we find out who the others are!

  • Lela Woodard


    This story was so heartfelt, it just grabbed me. I loved the relationships and how complicated they were, coated with lots of love and selfless caring. Major great read. Enjoy.

  • Kristi

    Excellent ending for the story of Lily and her guys. We see the resolution of Lily and Drrak, and the cub too!

    I really like Drrak and how he was different from Frrar, Tor, and Arruk, yet also fit in easily and brought something more to Lily.

    Thank you, Stacy Jones, for writing the story of Lily and her new Tribe.

  • Ash

    Aaaaaaaaaa so good. I love these books.

    Sci-fi. Rh. 4 aliens. Imprinting bond. Picking up where the last book left. Lily and her guys are assigned duty of investigating the missing Pasha. A lot of action in this one, both steamy and bloody. A lot of tears, happy and sad. Favorite so far. I love my willing boy. 😍 and Tor with his eyebrow fear is adorable and hilarious. One of my favorite series. Just read it.

  • Renni

    I loved the first book in this series, and the second book felt like a "tide you over" until this was released, so I looked forward to book 3, but the ending here felt lackluster. The last chunk of the book was devoted to the fighting preparations and the battle, which I don't feel was s particularly strong scene. The balance tilted away from the characters' romantic relationships, when I would have liked to see more focus there. The resolution didn't feel quite long enough or complete.

  • Bubbles The Book Pimp

    Fantastic final part of this wonderful series.

    Lily and her guys tor, Ffruk and A are settling into live at the village. With A’s twin brother D, added to the furry mix as a new couldn’t be better. But woth dangers lurking outside the village perimeter it’s up to lily to become the tribe protector... when lily was dumped on the planet by the fish faces aliens.. it’s turns out she wasn’t the only cargo jettisoned.

    This book is fantastic, filled with fabulous world building and wonde