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Tribe Protector

Lily thought she had her hands full with her conflicted feelings over her quickly progressing relationship with Arruks wild twin, Drrak, the uneasy truce with the tribe leader, and trying to prove shes trustworthy to a people who want nothing to do with her. But all that pales in comparison to whats coming. When Lily and her mates are sent into the forest to investigate the intruders closing in on tribe territory, they find something so horrifying it shocks Lily to her very core. But more than that, it pisses her off. Driven now by the need to protect a people not her own and to stop the monsters that hunt them, Lily gathers the tribe to her cause, enlisting them to help her. But will they be ready in time or will Lily lose everything in the fight for survival? Tribe Protector is the epic finale in the Chosen Series....

Title : Tribe Protector
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ISBN : 42115197
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 298 pages
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Tribe Protector Reviews

  • Ashari

    Worth the wait

    So I waited anxiously for the final installment of the tribe series. It was definitely worth it. I loved watching Lily prove herself to the tribe and seeing her open her heart to Drrak turned me to mush.

    Overall the story was fantastic and the writing was perfection, but the only thing I was disappointed about was the end. I wanted to know more about Atuk and how his children were. I wanted to find out wayyyy more about the bird man and the werewolf creature. I’m keeping my fingers

  • Tina

    Tribe Protector

    I absolutely loved this final story of Lilly and her men. The world building was fascinating and very well constructed. The love between them was just wonderful. The characters were very well thought out and some of them adorable. I love the laugh out loud moments and the moments that made you cry. I would highly recommend this book and this series. This series is on my permanent collection shelf where I can re-read it over and over again. Hopefully we can read more about this wor

  • Jace

    This was a nice conclusion to the trilogy but i found it somewhat lacking.

    Overall it was an enjoyable read, and I'm glad to have conclusions to most of the conflicts, but i would have liked to have... More.

    I'm having some trouble putting my feelings in to words, but i feel like this series peaked with the first book, leveled out with the second and then started downhill with the third.

  • Nancy

    Tribe Protector is the conclusion to the Chosen Series. You must read books 1 and 2 to be able to fully enjoy this story. All good things must, at one point, come to an end. Stacy Jones does an exemplary job here. Lily, along with Frrar, Tor, and Arruk, have joined the main Shevari tribe in their home tree area. In addition, Drrak is a hopeful for being added to Lily's group of men. Frrar is desperate to protect Lily properly. Watch how Lily & Drrak's relationship evolves. He's got a very un ...more

  • Kristi

    Excellent ending for the story of Lily and her guys. We see the resolution of Lily and Drrak, and the cub too!

    I really like Drrak and how he was different from Frrar, Tor, and Arruk, yet also fit in easily and brought something more to Lily.

    Thank you, Stacy Jones, for writing the story of Lily and her new Tribe.

  • Jannie Cv

    A spectacular series finale!

    I love this book! Lily has some great ideas to combat foes - never before seen by the Tribe. She comes into her own. Her mates, Tor, Frrar, and Arruk are awesome. Drrak gets his chance for a Pasha; he’s big, scary-looking, an outcast, and a TOTAL sweetheart! I feel a special connection with Frrar in this book. His worries, fears cause him to misstep (some really tense moments here).

    This is absolutely a ‘must-read,’ packed with fast moving action, plenty of loving sexy

  • Mary Lee

    Good Ending

    This was a really good ending to the series, but I really hope it isn't the end. It would be nice to see the werewolf problem handled and to actually see the evolution of Atuk and her family. Just a novella could do it and make everything wrapped up and complete. That was just a short paragraph and it really wasn't enough and leaving the werewolf problem hanging wasn't a good move for a finale. Don't get me wrong, it's not enough to even remove a star for, but I think a few more chapt

  • jordan

    Good end but I feel like there was a lot left unanswered. And not just little things. So I guess I’m better words, this was a good third book but NOT a good ending because it didn’t really end. Just more so quit.

    Question number 1-Does she ever have babies?

    And we need the story behind her and Atuk..not just a summary.