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The Coming Storm

Tornadoes, cyclones, tsunamis... Weather can be deadly especially when it strikes without warning. Millions of Americans could soon find themselves at the mercy of violent weather if the public data behind lifesaving storm alerts gets privatized for personal gain.In his first Audible Original feature, New York Times best-selling author and journalist Michael Lewis delivers hard-hitting research on not-so-random weather data and how Washington plans to release it. He also digs deep into the lives of two scientists who revolutionized climate predictions, bringing warning systems to previously unimaginable levels of accuracy. One is Kathy Sullivan, a gifted scientist among the first women in space; the other, D.J. Patil, is a trickster-turned-mathematician and a political adviser.Most urgently, Lewis's narrative reveals the potential cost of putting a price tag on information with the potential to save lives, raising questions about balancing public service with profits in an ethically-...

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The Coming Storm Reviews

  • Zach

    Michael Lewis writes about the Commerce Department and it's captivating and insightful and depressing and hopeful. He could, as the poets say, write about the phone book and I'd read. And enjoy.

  • Pete

    michael lewis doing michael lewis things - you may be shocked to hear this but the trump administration may not be 100% altruistic in its policy and personnel decisions - which includes a shithead of mythical extent trying to *paywall the weather*

    this is short; owing to graceful oblique narrative and also i think there is some kind of sequel coming? idk but this is 100% worth 2.5 hours, especially if you get it free as an audible subscriber

  • Kate

    This report did open my eyes to other issues that need to be known by all citizens. The government does more than create and implement laws. It has a duty to protect its people. When the elected officials fail to uphold that basic tenet it should cause concern. I do believe that the everyday government employee is there because they have a passion. They will do their best to stick to the mission that they are assigned. This is what gives hope.

    The Coming Storm is reminder that it is every day ci

  • Arnis
  • Kennedy

    It is appaling what Trump is doing to information collection in the federal government.

  • Lis Carey

    The age of Big Data is upon us, and mostly what we hear are the troubling and potentially terrifying consequences of business and government having easy access to all of our data. That's a real problem that we have to devote time and attention to dealing with.

    Yet Big Data can do many other things, many of them very beneficial. The misnamed Department of Commerce collects enormous amounts of data about, among other things, the weather. Before the growth of the internet into its modern form, that

  • Khawaja Saud Masud

    Quick and informative listen highlighting the importance of weather data and the high degree of responsibility falling on government's shoulders in saving lives. Though content sounded a bit politicized, the point is well-made that we need a socially motivated leadership rather than profit-driven to oversee relevant organizations.

    I don't see this book's appeal as very broad but the concise storytelling format is pleasingly digestible.

  • Anne ✨

    This turned out to be an insightful look 'behind-the-scenes' at the politics and considerations of weather data collection and reporting, specifically: access to the data, responsibilities of the government to warn/protect its citizens and its track record on neutrality in managing it. You will hear about the viewpoints and motivations of different parties, such as NOAA, Public Weather Service, NASA, and profit players like Accu-Weather. It was surprising to learn how much interaction/influence ...more