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The Peer and the Puppet

THE PUPPETBorrow the bike. Win the race. Collect the cash. It should've been an easy job. Ran out of town with a broken leg and a lawsuit, my mother's latest flame swoops in like a knight in gilded armor. Blackwood Keep is a place I don't belong, and I'm not the only one who knows. To the boy across the hall, my savior's only son, I'm a stray looking for a bone.He's lord of the manor.King of the academy.And number one on my shit list.THE PEERI have no intentions of becoming a happy family with the social climber and her wild daughter. A bottle of Jameson and a cracked skull gets my problem shipped to reform school, but I didn't bank on her returning.Four's out to get even, and she almost had the perfect plan: expose the privileged kid moonlighting as a gangbanger. She's smart, but she'll have to be smarter. Sending her away won't be good enough this time. I'm going to have to tame the little troublemaker. To the girl across the hall, the one without a name, I'm nothing without my silve...

Title : The Peer and the Puppet
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ISBN : 40919214
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 391 pages
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The Peer and the Puppet Reviews

  • Jennifer


    I’m so fucking happy this book finally came out. I’d like to say that I finished it in one sitting, but alas that is not so. I didn’t have that much time to read.


    Every singe word was worth the wait.

    Ever. What can i say about him? Well, he’s hot, alpha A-hole, loaded aaaand tall.

    Four, was a badass! She’s not some kind of simpering wallflower. She has a backbone who gave as good as she got. She’s strong as well as a little vulnerable and that’s a tough thing to pull off.

    Miss Reid did

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★


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    Borrow the bike. Win the race. Collect the cash. It should’ve been an easy job. Ran out of town with a broken leg and a lawsuit, my mother’s latest flame swoops in like a knight in gilded armor. Blackwood Keep is a place I don’t belong, and I’m not the only one who knows. To the boy across the hall, my savior’s only son, I’m a stray looking for a bone.

    He’s lord of the manor.

    King of the academy.

    And number one on my shit list.


  • Snow

    Four Archer is suddenly moving with her mother Roslyn, from a small place Cherry to Blackwood Keep, into the new house of her mother's latest boyfriend Thomas, where the abundance in money and power is just a glimpse of what actually comes down to, and then, there's also Everson/Ever McNamara .

    The boy who runs the school along with his entourage Vaughn, Jameson/Jamie, Barbette/Barbie/Bee, the boy who lives a secret life, the boy whose so intense, dominant, possesive and blunt, he has his own

    Four was smart but naive. Stubborn yet delfless. Fierce yet broken. And she could hold one hell of a grudge. She was pretty without being obvious, yet she made my dick harder than any girl had before. The cherry on top was how she made me feel alive again.

    but things are so complex and complicated and it seems like these rich kids are living their lives covered in lies, deceits and secrets within the closed up elite pack.

    The pulsating hate pent up chemistry between Four and Ever will eventually burst innihilating everything on their path and yet will it be powerful enough to withhold the uncovered surface of peeled of layers and layers of masked notions, deep lies, cruel circumstances and unbashed agendas in power hungry games where pawns are everyone and nothing is sacred.

    until one girl finds a way to set things in motion with the power of pure heart, undulated passion and determination...

    You're a curse, Ever Mcnamara.

    Then you must be the spell to break me.

    Without further dwelling upon the storyline, one can't go into the detailed explanation of the plot cause there's so many things happening that are also so very intertwine and interconnected with the development of the characters, it would be a major spoiler.

    This is my third book by B. B. Reid, I have started with her Fear me series, and even though there was a certain set back in those books that made me not like them, when I often fall for these types of books, I found myself at the crossroads of like/dislike, and I totally take the responsibility of that on my own, concerning the given state of mind, emotional or any other mood influencing my final judgement.

    However, I loved the writing style in this book. It was filled with absolute pent up angst and anticipation filled with action and emotional gradation .

    I was really immeresed into the story cause of that.

    BUT, and I hate when there's a BUT in my reviews LOL, and I can't help it but mention the fact that, for me, personaly, this book would have been a 5 star rating material if the characters had been more NA than YA role models. I just couldn't dig the whole notion of the things happening to them, since they were 14, and growing into the young adulthood of barely 18. It's just a less credible or relatable, for me in accepting the "seriousness" of the events described and portrayed through the charcters' decisions anad actions.

    BUT that's solely on me, and everyone should make up their own minds about it, so I encourage you to read this angsty/anticipation filled action YA romance drama , with multiply layered and complex individual characters that absolutely dominate the pages while they act through intense love/hate/forbidden relationships and situations , on the very verge of likes such as Fallen Crest High series by Tijan or The Royals series by Erin Watt ...more

  • Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥


    I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕

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    Guys the wait for this one was worthwhile!! It quickly went from a 5 star read and escalated to one of my favourite ones for this year..Saying I loved this is an understatement, get ready for one crazy angsty ride!!

    ‘THE PEER AND THE PUPPET’ is the first full length, New Adult novel in B.B.Reids ’s ‘When Rivals Play' series. In this we meet Ever McNamara and Four Archer.

    Four's dreams have never wavered from wanting to


  • April

    4 I ❤ Ever stars!!

    Lots of angst and alpha male hotness.

    This book had so many great characters and the banter between all of them made for a fun, dramatic read. Although the hate to love story line is not something new I still very much enjoyed this book. I’m definitely ready for more Four and Ever...bring on the next book!

  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle

    Available Now - Full Review

    5 Need More CROWNS

    We might have been waiting for the first book in the When Rivals Play series from B.B. Reid for some time, but it was worth the wait.  Reid delivered filled with some intrigue and mystery and lust filled and I hate you tension that I couldn't put this down.

    Ever is such a jerk, a sexy, delicious, I couldn't control myself jerk. He is the king of his Prep school and rules over his kingdom. He toys and plays with Four for a good portion of the book, lead

  • ~Dawn~TUG

    Wow. Gotta say it started with intrigue from the blurb and now I’m addicted to the story and where it’s all heading...this one had all the elements I love in a elite high school scene. The haves and the have nots combining to be all that and more. Addicting, suspenseful, well written and keeps you wanting MORE. The "it" boy with the "new" girl that has never had, attention, a fighter...catches the eye of HIM. The Peer is completely captured by the The Puppet. Let the games begin. All ...more