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For the Pride of a Crow

Ethan Blackwood has a dark destiny that will make him the next Blackwood Crow. Hes being haunted by his past and is slowly morphing into the man he never wanted to be. Every decision hes made to get to this point in his life has been a misstep, and hes desperate to get turned in the right direction before its too late. He doesnt know how, until he runs into a clumsy little beauty who has decided he is hers, and she is his. What he needs to do is stay steady and figure out a way to get rid of the ghost from his past, but Leah is making it hard to think straight. But the closer she gets to him, the more danger shes in, because the ghost from his past will do anything to keep Ethans destiny intacteven hurt the girl hes falling for. Leah Hawthorne isnt great at many things, but she can tell when a man is good or bad, and Ethan Blackwood is a bad boy with a heart of gold. Hes crazy. Everyone in town knows that much. He talks to himself too much to be sane, but shes up for being his friend. ...

Title : For the Pride of a Crow
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ISBN : 40813587
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For the Pride of a Crow Reviews

  • Karen


    This KU library selection is a great read. It features Ethan, the messed up second in command to Ramsey, alpha of Red Dead Mayhem clan, who issued an alpha challenge and outed the clan on national TV. Ethan took half the clan with him when he left, but set them free, forcing them to be rogue crows. He's working as a handyman and artist, and the waitress at the diner he frequents sees him talking to himself.

    Leah is a klutz with a wicked sense of humor, and not a mean bone in her body. S

  • Cynthia L. Turner

    Ethan and Leah

    This book explains so much about Ethan's and Rike's childhood. This is a standalone novel but also part of The Red Dead Mayhem series. Leah is the brightness to Ethan's life and he does need her. Ethan and Leah do get their HEA but the road is long and difficult. The ending is fantastic!

  • Stephanie Seley


    I love, love, love this book! The others in the series were good, but this one is my favorite!

    Ethan, a crow shifter, has a dark, violent past. He thinks he's broken, and waiting for the inevitable end of insanity and murder.

    Leah is human, a cute hot mess. Clumsy, socially awkward, but full of light and happiness.

    He never sees her coming, but she's exactly what he needs. She makes him want to be a better man.

    There's a dark evil that is trying to end Ethan. Leah's love and light is what

  • Ame Eggers

    Holy Ghostbusters Batman!

    Ethan's story should have been sadder and serious based on his past and what he is going through but BOOM! in comes Leah! This heroine is like no other and you cannot help but love her! This book has you hysterical laughing while you are also horrified and the glimpses of Ethan's childhood. Leah bring him not only back to himself but to his family and you can't do anything but want this couple to get their happily ever after. Another awesome read from TS

  • Charlotte

    After reading book two, I was quite surprised book three turned out to be Ethan's story.

    Ethan Blackwood is a crow shifter, a severely damaged crow shifter. Ethan was beaten, thrown, physically abused over and over by his psychopathic father. Ethan's brother killed their father, but his ghost stayed around to haunt them and drive them crazy. Their father left his brother Rike alone after he found a mate, his ghost dad, Lucian his focused on driving Ethan insane.

    Leah is annoying, talkative, unrele

  • Barbara L

    Another great one

    Fell in love with Leah, she is so strong and funny at the same time. Ethan did not stand a chance , he just had to love her, he became stronger with her. Also liked that he found a stepbrother that he didn't know know about can't wait to read about his story. In all loved how they all became one family and friends. Just a super great story.

  • Tammy

    5 glittery stars

    If you love sparkles, glitter and dick jokes then you just found your favorite author. T.S continues to release amazing books that make you laugh so hard you need to tinkle. Then you find your self crying because she breaks your heart, but don’t worry she will fix it before the end and leave you begging for more.

  • Szinna

    Ezek a szakáll-bercik a címlapon nem jönnek be. Viszont a hősnő vicces volt.