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For the Pride of a Crow

Ethan Blackwood has a dark destiny that will make him the next Blackwood Crow. Hes being haunted by his past and is slowly morphing into the man he never wanted to be. Every decision hes made to get to this point in his life has been a misstep, and hes desperate to get turned in the right direction before its too late. He doesnt know how, until he runs into a clumsy little beauty who has decided he is hers, and she is his. What he needs to do is stay steady and figure out a way to get rid of the ghost from his past, but Leah is making it hard to think straight. But the closer she gets to him, the more danger shes in, because the ghost from his past will do anything to keep Ethans destiny intacteven hurt the girl hes falling for. Leah Hawthorne isnt great at many things, but she can tell when a man is good or bad, and Ethan Blackwood is a bad boy with a heart of gold. Hes crazy. Everyone in town knows that much. He talks to himself too much to be sane, but shes up for being his friend. ...

Title : For the Pride of a Crow
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For the Pride of a Crow Reviews

  • Jennifer Turner

    Ok I don't think I have ever laughed so hard reading one of her books and that's saying a lot LoL

    I have laughed I have cried reading these shifter series of T.S. Joyce but this one had me in such stitches my side was hurting!! Ethan is absolutely delicious hot bad boy and Leah is a doll I absolutely loved her!! The craziness that just flows out of her mouth kills me I swear if T.S Joyce has half the sense of humor her characters have I would give any thing to sit and have a drink with her just

  • Szinna

    Ezek a szakáll-bercik a címlapon nem jönnek be. Viszont a hősnő vicces volt.

  • Mary Lee

    Good addition

    This was a good addition to the series. At first, I wasn't crazy about Leah the mc. She truly acted like a 12 year old girl who said all the strange things they usually think internally but even at that age know better than to say. I get the author was going for quirkiness, but it seemed too unreal and contrived. Now, later, after these two got together, her actions were actually quirky and fun without being weird. I really loved the last half of the book. We got conflict, team buil

  • Hamasat


    Lets start this with a question. What is a great, good book?

    For me its when I cant sleep, when I have this nagging voice inside my head to keep going and finish, then when I finish I want more.

    I'm happy to tell you this is Great book. I loved it.

    T.S JOYCE is great writer, I'm in love with her writing, characters and the world she created.

    Willa from The GRAY BACK series is one of my TOP 5 heroine.


  • Joetta Spurling

    Brother 3


    By T. S. Joyce

    Ethan and Leah story... Ethan is a miss understood man (crow)... But when he find Leah the one person who understands him the most his life changes for the best... They are so cute together... If you've never read one Joyce's books I recommend starting at the very beginning you will not will not be disappointed that book would be "Saw bears... Lumber jack bear" published in February 23, 2015... But Joyce has made it easier for you to keep track of

  • Cindy Ickes

    I always one click any new release from Joyce and I am never disappointed. I so enjoyed Leah's positive, quirky outlook on life and Ethan really needed her to bring him back from the edge. Hopefully, without giving out any spoilers, my 2 favorite scenes are 1) when Leah described Ethan through his paintings and 2) during the life and death fight with Lucian. I could just picture man (BAMF, black cloud), crow (BAMF, black dust), man (BAMF, black cloud), crow! Although, the black bamfing dust was ...more

  • Kathy Wideman

    This is the third book in this series and they should be read in order. I am loving this crow series. This book focus on Ethan. He left with half the members of Red Dead Mayhem in this first book. Now he is faced with the responsibility of that decision. Only he doesn’t want to be alpha and he can’t. He is spiraling himself. His father has come to haunt him since his brother found peace. Leah finds herself alone. She tries to find the positive in everything and not to have sad days. She may be j ...more

  • Jacqualine Walker

    This may be my favorite book in the series so far. Don't get me wrong, the first two books were good, but there was just something about Ethan that has made me want to see him happy since book two. Ethan has tortured, protective, noble, bad boy down to a T. Once he found Leah and she turned out to be so awesome, I started an Ethan loves Leah fan club. I'm joking... but only slightly (LOL!). I loved Leah! Mind you, I may be slightly biased because Leah is my middle name, but so far, she is my fav ...more