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For the Pride of a Crow

Ethan Blackwood has a dark destiny that will make him the next Blackwood Crow. Hes being haunted by his past and is slowly morphing into the man he never wanted to be. Every decision hes made to get to this point in his life has been a misstep, and hes desperate to get turned in the right direction before its too late. He doesnt know how, until he runs into a clumsy little beauty who has decided he is hers, and she is his. What he needs to do is stay steady and figure out a way to get rid of the ghost from his past, but Leah is making it hard to think straight. But the closer she gets to him, the more danger shes in, because the ghost from his past will do anything to keep Ethans destiny intacteven hurt the girl hes falling for. Leah Hawthorne isnt great at many things, but she can tell when a man is good or bad, and Ethan Blackwood is a bad boy with a heart of gold. Hes crazy. Everyone in town knows that much. He talks to himself too much to be sane, but shes up for being his friend. ...

Title : For the Pride of a Crow
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For the Pride of a Crow Reviews

  • Sarah Reads "Reading in Sarah's Corner"

    OHHH!! T.S. Joyce just keeps getting better with each and every book. I think she is trying to kill me with all the laughs she throws in these books. Or maybe it is the relatability that I can see myself or one of my friends says some of this off the way craziness that I love so much that makes me adore her leading ladies so stinkin' much!!!

    Leah Hawthorne seriously needs to meet WILLA! Willa and Leah would be an epic pair! I mean I Loved Leah with the ladies in this book, I just kept thinking s

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog

    I always get exactly what I expect from T.S. Joyce...enjoying this series a lot...bit more depth there...great male leads 3.5 stars

  • Mary Lee

    Good addition

    This was a good addition to the series. At first, I wasn't crazy about Leah the mc. She truly acted like a 12 year old girl who said all the strange things they usually think internally but even at that age know better than to say. I get the author was going for quirkiness, but it seemed too unreal and contrived. Now, later, after these two got together, her actions were actually quirky and fun without being weird. I really loved the last half of the book. We got conflict, team buil



    Ethan Blackwood, former second-in-command to the King of Crows, Ramsey ( FOR THE HOPE OF A CROW ) and brother of Rike (FOR THE BLOOF OF A CROW). He has been slowly turning into the man he never wanted to be like, his dead father.

    He wanted to stay steady enough to be able to turn his life into a right direction after all the wrong turns he took until now. And he had no clue how to achieve his goal, that was until he met the beautiful and klutzy woman who'd tilted his world on its ax

  • Cleoblacktra

    I LUHHHH TS Joyce and I read almost everything she puts out without question...

    But I just was not feeling this...

    The female heroine was tooo annoying. I love quirky, lovable, and occasionally frustrating females but this one was a doofus in the least attractive way.

    She grated on my nerves and I couldn't move past it, plus she showed the H her tits in the first 5 min with barely any provocation. It reeked of desperation to me.

    I kept thinking I would go back and finish this but after a month I'v

  • Kirsten Ensman

    Fun, disturbing and sexy book

    Leah is the best character. So goofy and different it was easy and fun to root for her. Best line ever " No. I have a wicked little rainbow unicorn that shoots glitter and sparkles from its horn and gets bored easily and makes questionable decisions." Such a vivid description, very fitting for her and completely hysterical. Every book in this series so far is better than the one before it. Most disturbing scene is the encounter with the ghost at the end. Totally spoo

  • kookyquinn

    Seriously GAH! I loved this book so much I can't even... There's just no freaking words!

    HOW ADORABLE WAS LEAH?! OMG! She was so cute I could just die!

    I looooove how she basically turned Ethan into a warm puddle of melted (happy) man. LOVED IT!

  • Laura Butler

    Better then the rest

    I'll be honest and say I wasn't crazy about this series. It's a little on the serious and drama side. I'm more into lite books with humor. This one though brought humor to the whole series. Ethan is all serious and mad and Leah is everything he is not. Her character brings so much light to his dark that he can't stay away. I do like the series just not reading it as fast as I usually do. As always TSJ brings us a great story and well worth reading. Just i have to get in the