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The Roses of Feldstone

Standing before Feldstone Manor, site of so many happy memories, Rose Davenport feels nothing but dread. Her familys annual visit to the stately home was once brightened by her friendship with the earls youngest son, William, but everything changed the day his elder brother was disinherited and William became heir to his fathers earldom. From that moment, William made it clear he has no interest in continuing an acquaintance with Rose. Heartbroken, she sets out to prove that she will simply not be ignoredor outdoneby the arrogant future lord of the manor. When his elder brother marries for love, Williams entire life changes in an instant. He does not have the same option to marry whom he chooses, and he must let go of the feelings he has harbored for his dear friend, Rose. He steels himself against her annual visits, determined to keep his feelings for her a secret. But when he makes the hasty promise to marry within six months, he never dreams that his actions will lead Rose to impuls...

Title : The Roses of Feldstone
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The Roses of Feldstone Reviews

  • Jen Geigle Johnson

    Fun new Regency.

    I loved this premise:

    But when he makes the hasty promise to marry within six months, he never dreams that his actions will lead Rose to impulsively undertake the same challenge.

    And it did not disappoint.

  • Esther

    I wrote some escapism fluff for you... I hope you enjoy it!

  • Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa)

    ***4.5 stars***

    I love a book that makes me feel good and has depth to it. I found both of these aspects in The Roses of Feldstone.

    Rose is a character that I loved. She is smart and unassuming. She was born to privilege, but treats everyone with kindness and compassion. (Unless there is a suitor she wants to avoid, then she just hides.) She treats tenants, servants, and abused chimney sweeps as if they were friends. No one is beneath her notice or concern. She is strong and knows how to speak he

  • Julie Carpenter

    Can I just say that I adored this book? I loved Rose. William I wasn't too happy with for a while. But the further that I read into the book, more information was brought to light and made all the pieces fall into place.

    With a time limit in place for William to secure a bride (his own time limit to hopefully help his mother's health), many entertaining scenes occur. Misunderstanding abound, hidden feelings and emotions come to light, past promises enlightened, heartache and uncertainty constantl

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)

    Such a great Regency story that reminded me a bit of my favorite (Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson) in that both main characters are head-over-heels in love with each other but don't know that the other feels the same way, because of familial and social constraints and misdirection. Rose is understandably frustrated with William, and I couldn't fault her for goading him at times. The author struck a good balance between showing William and Rose's friendship as it once was so the reader would kno ...more

  • Jacob Proffitt

    There might be a decent story here but the author's complete ignorance of Regency custom and law is getting in the way of my finding it. Some points the author might have found with even cursory research:

    * An earl cannot disinherit his heir from the title. Not possible. Titles are royal grants and messing with the inheritance is a big, fat hairy deal. I don't know what it'd take to change the inheritance in Regency England, but at the very least it'd be a matter before the House of Lords and it'

  • Lu Ann

    Rose's once fond memories of Feldstone Manor and of it's heir, William, were no longer pleasant. When pressure was put on William to become engaged within six months, Rose decided to earnestly become available to another suitor in the "ton". She would not appear as "the rejected one"!

    This first novel of Esther Hatch's debut is a delight to read. Although mostly predictable, it is well-written with a few "twists".

    It reinforces some of the hurt, pressure and expectations were put on those in the

  • Emily White

    I have not enjoyed a romance this much since reading Julianne Donaldson's Edenbrooke, and that's saying something. The tension was high throughout the novel and I loved both of the characters so much that I couldn't wait for them to be together. This was truly a pleasure to read and I wish her next book was out already!