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The Cobbler's Boy

Brilliant, bookish Christopher Marlowe is fifteen years old and desperate to qualify for a scholarship to the King's School in order to escape his brutal father. But the only man who could have helped him has been murdered... and now the killers are looking for Kit. A fast-paced historical mystery by the author of KAREN MEMORY and the author of THE GOBLIN EMPEROR. ...

Title : The Cobbler's Boy
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ISBN : 40712459
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 190 pages
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The Cobbler's Boy Reviews

  • Sue

    This was great fun and I hope there will be another installment soon.

  • Anna Mussmann

    The characters in this historical mystery are handled with great deftness, allowing them to feel satisfyingly dimensional even though the book is short. It has the feel of historical fiction written by people who truly like history (and the references to Elizabethan classical education were fun). The happy ending achieved a little too easily, but I can forgive that. Parents of young readers should note that the male protagonist's romance is with another boy and that the relationship involves kis ...more

  • Katie

    Kit Marlowe: Boy Detective was not something I thought I needed.

    I was wrong.

    Everything about this book, basically, made me happy. Bad stuff happens in a murder-mystery type way - and it needs a trigger warning for domestic violence - but there's compassion throughout, and a resolution. Kit is a really fun narrator, and you can completely see how the young man making these observations could end up being the playwright.

    I was particularly impressed by how readable it is while still keeping a bunc

  • Sasha Ambroz

    I think the book would have been better if the author didn't stylized the dialogues that much. The pace of the text is very rapid and then suddenly you stumble upon all those "dosts" and "thys" en masse. I understand the aspiration to match the text with the era, but why not to write the whole book stylized then?

  • Abi Walton

    Elizabeth Bear always writes Marlowe right, anything that she writes is a win but doubly if Marlow id the main protagonist. I hope this book links with her Ink and Steel series.

    I am definitely going to Canterbury very soon the rich language that has inspired this book is masterful

  • Jenni

    Kit Marlowe, boy detective! Friends, I loved this. The writing was captivating (I wasn't sure about the thees and thous at first, but once I got into it they started working for me) and Kit's burgeoning romance with his friend Ginger was very sweet and well done. I also really loved the portrayal of his sisters. It's definitely the kind of historical fiction that feels lived in, where the authors have clearly done their research but wear it lightly. I hope there will be more.

  • Iona

    I liked this a lot. Particularly the way the authors handle Elizabethan English, in dialogue but not in the narrative, so it gives you a real, textured flavour of the era without hampering your understanding. I hope they write more about Kit.

  • Rachael Bradshaw

    4.5/5. This book did a triple job: it kept me wrapped up in a fast-paced mystery with a sweet early romance, reminded me how much I love Marlowe, and made me nostalgic for my time in Canterbury. I loved it!