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House of Royale

Avalon has always felt different and alone. The ocean, along with the friends shes made under the water, is the only constant in her life. She comforts herself with the notion that alone is at least safe. Theres no one to hide her extraordinary abilities from, to hide her dreams of living beneath the crashing waves forever. Then Xander comes for her, reluctantly, judging by his snarly attitude. But, attitude aside, he draws her into a fantasy world, one filled with family and friendship and the home shes always craved. He gives her the smallest glimpse of perfection, only to then inform her that its not a world she can have. Political issues in Royale will make her time there temporary. Her time in Royale and with Xander. She will stay until the very end, though. If theres one thing that shes determined to prevent, its Laous getting his hands on the starslight stone. A stone which is keeping two worlds alive and functioning. A happily ever after might not be in the cards for her, but ...

Title : House of Royale
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House of Royale Reviews

  • Curly Carla Celebrity Readers

    This was a great end to a lovely series! Each story was different and original. I especially loved this one. I think I related most to Avalon. She was a loner and used to taking care of herself at a young age, something I can totally relate to. She also loves to swim, another thing we have in common. I liked how she dissected things, like when Xander first approached her, she listened and wasn’t so naive as to take his word for it with no proof. Of course,

  • theresa coleman

    Best ending ever!

    I'm so happy to finish this series. It was excellent. I was so torn up when both brothers died but was happy to see they made it together for resurrection. I felt the pain when they died but felt the happiness when Daniel was able to bring them back to say their final goodbyes we know not every goodbye is final so I'm hoping there will be more from the four houses being tied together through love and friendship even when some didn't think it would work out. It's like part of our

  • Jennifer Collins

    Great finale to an amazing series!

    Of all the secret keeper Avalon is my favorite! Who wouldn't want to basically be a mermaid without the tail! The story picks up right where House of Leights left off and brings all 8 of the main cast together like we always knew it would. This last installment is full of action, adventure, love, and making a family out of those around you and on the same journey. Will they find the starslight stone and defeat Laous? And at what cost to them? You will have to re

  • Treena

    I loved this book. I loved this series! And I wish there could be more! Pleeeeeeaaaaase 😊😬

    This book, actually, this entire series is the kind that will give you a bad book hangover. (That’s a compliment, btw!) Because after you’re done, you’ll either be in a slump bec new reads don’t measure up to the high you have from the Secret Keepers series; or, you’ll jump straight in to re-read from House of Darken bec you want to relive all the fabulousness that makes up this series.

    Congratulations Jaym

  • katie green

    The end

    Absolutely devastated that this has ended the secret keepers series

    Laous has been tracking down the secret keepers to get all the stones that he needs , but the secrets keeps have beaten him to the last one.

    It's Xander's turn to find his fated but he doesn't believe this is true even when he finds Ava (Avalon) whom he is determined no to fall for and try his hardest to be a pain lol

    Avalon was born in the final house House of Royale and shows us the same love of the ocean that Xander has.

  • Nikki Caplan

    I enjoyed this whole series and it was a new storyline for me so it was a great read. What I loved the most is that all four secret keepers and all four overlord minors (major) where in this book. I loved how intense the guys where and how much girl power the secret keepers had. I would recommend this book but definitely start with House of Darken, then House of Imperial, then House of Leights then this book. This is a continuation of a storyline so it references the other books. The story is ju ...more

  • Chez

    I loved this series! A lot of the times I'm not feeling it when the point of view/main character changes with each book, so I was a bit scared here, since this isn't a series where the books could be read as stand alones but the main character that narrated kept changing.

    Ha, I played myself because I LOVED it! The first book had me hooked from the first few chapters and through out the series I just got more and more attached to the characters.

    The couples were so darn cute and everytime the spot

  • Mariana Montalvo


    I freaking love this serie there’s just so much love hope and feeling of belonging that it’s makes my heart ache for want I really hope that the serie at some point continues there’s just some much more to learn do and create with it.

    The ups and downs the happy sad angry everything that developed in this three books was just amazing and I know that this is going to be one of those books that you’ll always want to come back to and would never forget, thanks so much for the amazing author and