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House of Royale

Avalon has always felt different and alone. The ocean, along with the friends shes made under the water, is the only constant in her life. She comforts herself with the notion that alone is at least safe. Theres no one to hide her extraordinary abilities from, to hide her dreams of living beneath the crashing waves forever. Then Xander comes for her, reluctantly, judging by his snarly attitude. But, attitude aside, he draws her into a fantasy world, one filled with family and friendship and the home shes always craved. He gives her the smallest glimpse of perfection, only to then inform her that its not a world she can have. Political issues in Royale will make her time there temporary. Her time in Royale and with Xander. She will stay until the very end, though. If theres one thing that shes determined to prevent, its Laous getting his hands on the starslight stone. A stone which is keeping two worlds alive and functioning. A happily ever after might not be in the cards for her, but ...

Title : House of Royale
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ISBN : 40661468
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House of Royale Reviews

  • Krystal M

    This is the final book in this series that ties up all ends. Laous has been tracking down the secret keepers to get the stone he "needs", however the Keepers and their mates have managed to get to the last one before Laous could.

    Avalon was born in the House of Royale and exhibits the same love of water that Xander does. We all know they have connections to the Minor Overlords of the houses but Xander is fighting the connection super hard. He see's how easy it was for the others to fall and he ha

  • Lissa Hawley

    Just as good as the first 3. Sad to see it end, but happy with the conclusion.

  • Jeannie

    What an outstanding ending of a series! I didn’t want it to end. Jaymin Eve did a fabulous job wrapping up the Secret Keepers Series in the final book “House of Royale”. Ava fits right in with the secret keeper girls. Craving to feel loved and accepted she finds a home with the other girls and the Daelighters. Xander tries to fight the connection he has with Ava. Their dynamics were spot on in this book. Strong emotions are felt in the reader as you read this last book. Have some tissues ready – ...more

  • Amanda Crisp

    House of Royale was AMAZING

    So the series is over but I can't be the only one thinking that there's definitely opportunity to create a series or novellas for the other characters we learned about like Star, Dawn or maybe even Rau....

    I fell completely in love with this world and I just don't want to let it go yet! House of Royale was just as amazing as the other 3 books in the series. Maybe more amazing than the rest because everyone was finally together and we got to go on this crazy adventure w

  • Sarah

    Soooo good! This is one of those series that gets better with each book and new set of characters and you can never quite believe that it can be topped, and every time you find yourself falling more in love with the characters. Ava is beyond a doubt my favourite leading lady in the series, which is hard to believe considering I've loved them all so much, but she's so strong and fierce, and yet vulnerable at the same time. Xander is so much more than I expected to. I never really clicked with him ...more

  • Mariana Montalvo


    I freaking love this serie there’s just so much love hope and feeling of belonging that it’s makes my heart ache for want I really hope that the serie at some point continues there’s just some much more to learn do and create with it.

    The ups and downs the happy sad angry everything that developed in this three books was just amazing and I know that this is going to be one of those books that you’ll always want to come back to and would never forget, thanks so much for the amazing author and

  • Christa

    “I realized the strength in a group of strong, confident women who weren’t trying to tear each other down. Support and encouragement. They were straightening my crown rather than trying to steal it, because they all wore crowns as well.”

    This is the end of the Secret Keeper’s series, and Ava and Xander’s story.

    It’s pointless to go into the plot of a last book in the series without spoiling it all, so I won’t go over the plot except to say it was a satisfying finale.

    I liked Ava and Xander’s st

  • Jennifer Collins

    Great finale to an amazing series!

    Of all the secret keeper Avalon is my favorite! Who wouldn't want to basically be a mermaid without the tail! The story picks up right where House of Leights left off and brings all 8 of the main cast together like we always knew it would. This last installment is full of action, adventure, love, and making a family out of those around you and on the same journey. Will they find the starslight stone and defeat Laous? And at what cost to them? You will have to re