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It begins with another sunny day in California when college student, Tate Akerberg, encounters a strange gang of fast living, spoiled frat boys whose sole purpose seems to be to torment him. Everything appears normal...until it isnt. One of them, especially, manages to get under his skin and its all Tate can do to avoid him."Charged with passion?...hes like electricity on a live wire.Insta-love? Theres no such thing. Its always attraction first, the rawest kind.Anyone, whos ever felt itknows,First comes desire, then lust and finally pain. Cause love requires time, and weve just run out of it..."Marishka Graysons FURIOUSLY PACED & DARKLY INTENSE FANTASY, GHEIDH is a gritty, M/M paranormal romp with all the trimmings; witches, kings & queens, and plenty of shape-shifters. This standalone page-turner is one hell of a sexy ride through a richly populated landscape filled with unforgettable characters who wont let you go easily....

Title : Gheidh
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ISBN : 40615534
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 248 pages
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Gheidh Reviews

  • Gea

    I loved the whole setting of different realms, the mysteries, which were unraveled bit by bit!

    The Shakespeare references and the comparison of the tragic stories. And of course the gay interactions, they were scorching!

    While at first the repulsion and attraction are battling with each other, further on it gets truly interesting!

    At some point I got frustrated the same as the main character because of the others being non-human and it wasn’t clear what species they were exactly. But patience is re

  • John-Torleif  Harris

    First and foremost, this is the first book with Irish mythology that I’ve ever read where the Fomoire are set in a relatively positive light. In this book, I found it interesting how the Fomoire were still very much the aggressors and invaders of our world, and yet there was a clearly evil faction under Morfran, while the rest of their people were more resonable.

    I found this story to be.very fast paced and often exciting. I loved the characters that Tate meets and works with. Unfortunately, that

  • Holly Mavigliano


    Probably would have been a good book, but I don't care for books from the male point of view. Thanks anyway.

  • blub

    This was a very interesting read set in modern times and involving an ongoing fight around the Tuatha Dé Danann (race of people), Fomoire (considered supernatural people) and evil entity Morfran and his army, the Cliency. The Fomoire have secretly sneaked into human society and have managed to blend in. Our protagonist is Tate a college student. We meet him in a history class when his enemy to lover Faolan enters. Tate silently gripes about Faolan being cool and a jerk for joining his fraternity ...more