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The Brick Slayer (Bloodlands Collection)

A series of brutal home invasions terrified Los Angeles in 1937. They ended in Chicago a year later with the arrest of African American teenager Robert Nixon, igniting racial tensions in an already appallingly divided city.Tortured in custody and portrayed by the press in the most lurid and flagrantly racist terms, Nixon faced an all-white jury. It would be the fastest conviction in the history of Cook County. Used as inspiration for Richard Wrights classic social protest novel, Native Son, the case against Nixon is a still-relevant examination of bigotry, suppressed rage, and the making of a murderer.The Brick Slayer is part of Bloodlands, a chilling collection of short page-turning historical narratives from bestselling true-crime master Harold Schechter. Spanning a century in our nations murderous past, Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill-killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day....

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The Brick Slayer (Bloodlands Collection) Reviews

  • Fishface

    A Good, Maybe Great Read

    I was thrilled to find a whole book on Robert Nixon. There was so much more to the story than I realized...Quite a few layers to peel back. And because of all the time that's passed I also wonder how much of this story is never going to be known. There are also some serious questions about his guilt, even aside from the distortions caused by the brutal police tactics of the period. You won't be sorry if you read this one. I have to say I loved the animation, too.

  • Carl


    This is the true story of a victim of police discrimination and brutality, and how those tactics were used for over a century without regards to pretty much anything or anyone. In these days of renewed similar events, this book is more relevant than ever.

  • Beverly

    This was the story of a young black man, Robert Nixon, who murdered a number of different women from 1936 to 1939. His crimes were so well known that they actually became the basis of the book Native Son written by Richard Wright. This set of books that I'm reading by Harold Schechter are written more as summaries of the situations so, you get the facts and not much more. But that makes them enlightening but quick to read.

  • Lisa

    Horrendous crimes

    "The Brick Slayer" is not just about the brutal murders of several women and one child. It is also about the rampant racism and ruthless torture to obtain a confession that was commonplace in 1930's America. Horrific murders and shameless public officials make this Bloodlands installment very intriguing.

  • Faerie_Kaelie

    Vile. Absolutely fucking vile, and just another depiction of male privilege.

    “...examination of bigotry, suppressed rage, and the making of a murderer.”

    Richard Nixon was a rapist. He was a murderer, we know, but a rapist too. Where is that in the bio? Where are the mentions of the brutal and most horrendous tortures that he committed against women and children in the bio? I can’t find such comments amidst the drizzle of “police brutality” and “tortures” that the murdering rapist (say again for

  • Ellie Midwood

    This particular installment, the third one in the series, differs from the others as the author not only tells a chilling story of a chain of gruesome murders, but demonstrates the effect of a society on an individual, and particularly its racial aspect. Very interesting, both from historical and psychological points of view.

  • Dee Cherry

    While I was not familiar with this story, I am with the book, Native Son that was mentioned. I thought the author did well giving pertinent information concerning this crime by including kindle in motion with actual photographs.

  • Minke

    3.5 I felt that with all the complex themes involved in this case the short formate of these true crime novels just wasn't enough for a thorough examination of the case. The story was interesting, I just felt that it needed to be longer.