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The Brick Slayer

A series of brutal home invasions terrified Los Angeles in 1937. They ended in Chicago a year later with the arrest of African American teenager Robert Nixon, igniting racial tensions in an already appallingly divided city.Tortured in custody and portrayed by the press in the most lurid and flagrantly racist terms, Nixon faced an all-white jury. It would be the fastest conviction in the history of Cook County. Used as inspiration for Richard Wrights classic social protest novel, Native Son, the case against Nixon is a still-relevant examination of bigotry, suppressed rage, and the making of a murderer.The Brick Slayer is part of Bloodlands, a chilling collection of short page-turning historical narratives from bestselling true-crime master Harold Schechter. Spanning a century in our nations murderous past, Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill-killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day....

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The Brick Slayer Reviews

  • Ronnie Cramer

    A decent entry in the Bloodlands Collection, but with an overabundance of moralizing.

  • Juli

    In 1937, Los Angeles was terrorized by a killer wielding a brick. Five women were killed. Their heads smashed in. In 1938, similar attacks started in Chicago. Robert Nixon was arrested following a double murder because he had blood on his clothes and scratches on his hands. The young black man was vilified in the press, called the "Brick Moron'' and described in blatantly racist terms. Nixon was also abused, beaten and threatened while in custody. He was held for a full two weeks without counsel ...more

  • Hari Brandl

    This is True Crime writing near the top of the genre. Taught prose, concise writing, no sentimentalizing either victim or perpetrator, reading like a well-written newspaper article. And short! Makes me wonder why other authors need to take up 350 pages to present the same material.

  • Diane L. Lupton

    not read for a prompt

    Again, if you like true crime stories, this series is pretty good. Short reads with lots of facts. Not my favorite of the series but when you are talking about true crimes can you really have a "favorite"?

  • Quentin Wallace

    This is perhaps the most controversial of the series as it deals with race relations in the 1930s. An African American man is convicted of murdering and raping several white women in the midst of robberies, in both California and Chicago. In each case the victim is beaten to death with a brick, but not the same brick of course. He is given the death penalty and eventually put to death. However, the whole trial makes one wonder if he was guilty at all. While it was very possible he was in fact gu ...more

  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*

    Part of:

    "Exploring the dark heart of US history, true-crime master Harold Schechter reveals six sensational but nearly forgotten acts of carnage and bloodlust that shocked the nation. From a diabolical Kansas family down the road from Laura Ingalls Wilder to an Elvis-inspired “rebel” to the country’s first mass shooter, these chilling criminals dominated the headlines—and nightmares—of their day."

  • Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))

    The true story that inspired Richard Wright's Native Son (an amazing book, highly recommended). The quickest of the Bloodlands series, the audio version comes in just under an hour. Listening to this encouraged an interesting discussion on race in America, especially in the Jim Crow era.

  • Carl


    This is the true story of a victim of police discrimination and brutality, and how those tactics were used for over a century without regards to pretty much anything or anyone. In these days of renewed similar events, this book is more relevant than ever.