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House of Leights (Secret Keepers #3)

Maya has never had much to complain about. Sure, her parents are absent a lot, having important jobs in the government, but at the end of the day she has all the material possessions a girl could want. Not to mention a great best friend, and secure spot in the popular group at her school. Yet she can never shake the feeling of displacement. Constantly searching for something thats missing from her life. Turns out Maya is part of something much bigger than her human existence, and after a mysterious stranger saves her from an ambush at a party, he brings her into his world. And turns her world completely upside down....

Title : House of Leights (Secret Keepers #3)
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ISBN : 40241655
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 260 pages
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House of Leights (Secret Keepers #3) Reviews

  • Chantel Sanchez

    Ready. Set. Go!

    House of Leights is the third book in Jaymins amazing new series and I am in love! It feels like with each new book in this series it keeps revving up to an explosive end. I am dying to see what that looks like!

    The main character in this book is Maya and I freaking LOVE her! Seriously, anyone who can run from bad guys, in 4 inch stiletto heels, is freaking superwoman! The relationship between both Maya and Chase is truly beautiful to watch. Chase is that perfect blend of protecti

  • Lexi Divan

    Just like the first two books, this one was awesome. I was expecting Maya to be bitchy since she was a stereotype cheerleader and trying to fit in and all that. But she was quite normal and kind and caring. This book is kind of similar to the first one in that she doesn't know about Overworld. It's different since Chase does not hate her on sight and it's more intense between them. They finally get the necklace with the stone in it which is good. They find out they were found via a tracker in on ...more

  • Sara Oxton

    Suicide Club by Rachel Heng a thought provoking five-star read. This has been one of the hardest reviews I have ever written, It’s taken me weeks and many, many deleted words to get these final words on the page and I still don’t know if I have gotten what I want to get across. I loved the title and description of this book and the whole concept. That wasn’t what I got, I got so much more, but there was something lacking, but overall I desperately wanted to give it five-stars as the part that wa ...more

  • Kyles

    Another amazing book for this brilliant series!

    So many great characters, so different from each other, yet so bonded and loyal to each other.

    Maya was such a great character, and a bit of a mix of Emma and Callie. She's got parents who love her, but are very busy with work; a great best friend Brad who follows her on this adventure; is popular at school and has friends and a great life, but has always felt like something was missing. She also had no idea that aliens exist and that she is connecte

  • Treena

    It’s hard to pick a favorite in a series when each story, and each couple for that matter, is so freaking awesome!

    September is too far. I want, no, I need House Royale’s story now.

  • Kimberly Fooshee

    This installment was a good addition. Interestingly enough, it moved the plot of the overall story along a lot more than the other two have. They were more character driven, this book more plot driven, even though we didn’t physically see as much of Laous. I liked how Maya and Chase, though accepting their bond and recognizing their connection, also admitted to how little they know of each other and how much their relationship needs to grow outside of the *magical* part of it. I also like that X ...more

  • Kokom1

    Another fantastic instalment from a great author. What I loved most was how the other characters from book 1 & 2 we’re still very much front and centre, yet it still felt like Maya and Chase’s story. The characters are building well and the investment put in to attaching to the other main characters does not feel wasted. Jaymin Eve has woven the lives between these characters well with a very obvious build to the end. Let’s see what Xander does in book 4!! Well worth a read. Highly enjoyable ...more

  • Alicia

    This has been my favourite in the series so far. The first two basically centre around a couple, whereas this one has secondary focuses on the group as well, and it just makes the story more balanced. The insta-love has been explained by the previous couples' actions, so it's more believable in this instance. Plus, tree form. And a protective best friend along for the ride. There was a lot of fun and action leading up to the final book, hopefully we'll see a few big twists before it ends.