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Women Talking

One evening, eight Mennonite women climb into a hay loft to conduct a secret meeting. For the past two years, each of these women, and more than a hundred other girls in their colony, has been repeatedly violated in the night by demons coming to punish them for their sins. Now that the women have learned they were in fact drugged and attacked by a group of men from their own community, they are determined to protect themselves and their daughters from future harm.While the men of the colony are off in the city, attempting to raise enough money to bail out the rapists and bring them home, these womenall illiterate, without any knowledge of the world outside their community and unable even to speak the language of the country they live inhave very little time to make a choice: Should they stay in the only world theyve ever known or should they dare to escape?Based on real events and told through the minutes of the womens all-female symposium, Toewss masterful novel uses wry, politically ...

Title : Women Talking
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Women Talking Reviews

  • Liz Laurin

    I honestly have no words to describe how this book made me feel. the scene where Agata is saying goodbye to her cousin is especially heartbreaking though I'm not sure why in a book with so much horror. just the amount of kindness that she shows him in suggesting the mint for his bath and then watching as he leaves it's just beautiful.

    I also really love the discussion of the women not staying because it might make other people violent and that their passivists was really fascinating.

    either way

  • Krista

    Earnest puts his head on her shoulder and she smooths his wild, white hair. He asks if the women are devils.

    No, says Agata, we are your friends.

    He asks if the women are plotting to burn down his barn.

    No, Ernie, says Agata, there's no plot, we're only women talking.

    As author Miriam Toews explains in a brief foreward, Women Talking is based on real events: Between 2005 and 2009, the women and girls in a Bolivian Mennonite colony were waking up in the morning, sore and bleeding, suffering the aft ...more

  • Naomi


  • Hannah Fenster

    We are so lucky to have WOMEN TALKING, which offers a window into the intricate details of a women-centered decision-making process in a community that does not have a word for patriarchy. Toew’s brilliant blend of history with thematic relevance reminds us that this setting—which feels so otherworldly—has already come and gone, time and again. With deliberation as the central action, rich, layered meanings emerge, and the women’s milestones are marked by the acquisition of language. To use one ...more

  • Debra

    "In 2011, eight men belonging to the Manitoba Mennonite Colony were convicted of a series of sexual assaults committed from 2005 to 2009. Prior to the discovery, the rapes had been attributed to a ghost or demon. The victims were reported to be between the ages of 3 and 65. The offenders used a type of gas used by veterinarians to sedate animals during medical procedures. Despite long custodial sentences for the convicted men, an investigation in 2013 reported continuing cases of similar assault ...more

  • Alexis

    I wish I liked this more than I did. It just didn't work for me. It was really hard for me to follow. This is the fault of the way my brain works, and not Toews' writing, or the device she chose for this story. It's an interesting book and I hope it does well. It just wasn't for me.

  • Ron S

    A Mennonite #MeToo the author describes as "a reaction through fiction to... real events, and an act of female imagination." Those real events are tragic, and may prove to be a barrier for some, but this is a timely one sitting read not unleavened with moments of hope, forgiveness and love.

  • Jennifer

    i am a huge fan of miriam toews' writing. this novel was probably my most anticipated read for 2018. which means my expectations were sky-high, even with my effort to keep it all in check. for now, i am still mulling over my reaction and feelings about the book, but wanted to get something noted here.

    there are some very interesting storytelling choices made -- i always feel there is so much to learn from toews' style. the writing is excellent, though i found the large cast of characters a bit a