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Claiming the Dragon King

The Horde took everything from him. Hes honor bound to avenge his people and take back his palace by any means necessary. Blane has kept his people hidden from the Horde since the day they came in and wiped out the dragon race, but they didnt kill them all. Now hes back, and making a move against the Horde. Hes going to take back whats rightfully his in a step to wage war against those who took everything from him. The one thing he didnt expect was to find her instead of the Horde Kings offspring. Ciara has lived in the shadows and survived torture at the hands of her own father. Shes trained hard to find her place among the Elite Guard. Until she is captured by himchanging her destiny along with it in one fateful night. Now, she will taste unbridled passion at the hands of her captor, and she isnt sure shell survive the heat of the Dragon King. Not suited for anyone under 18. If you don't like alpha a-holes, this book isn't for you. Trigger warnings and adult content. I write a-holes ...

Title : Claiming the Dragon King
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Claiming the Dragon King Reviews

  • Alison Motherwell

    Wow where do I even begin!!!!

    Hot sexy ass dragon king, broken by his past and a princess hell bent on saving them all.

    Ciara is kidnapped in book 4 of the fae chronicles at the beginning of this elite guard book we find out how it came to pass. She had been raised by brothers who adored and protected her treating her like a glass doll ready to break right up until the point there enemies came crashing into there lives.

    Blane, was the born dragon king set on avenging his dead family and destroying

  • Shaila Ja

    This book was really not Amelias best. I mean, I love all her series and I've yet to encounter one that has ever disappointed me but this book did me in. I found the characters dull with redundancy occurring throughout the storyline, what with Blanes abusive nature and Ciara submissive ways. The plot was weak and I was getting so bored that I didn't want to finish the book which has never happened with any of Amelias previous books! But I'm glad I hung on because once Syn, Ryder and the gang sho ...more

  • Ela

    Ahhhh sigh...

  • Libby Harrison

    "You were created to fly, like me. If you fall, I will be your wings. If you falter, I will be the fire that you are reborn in."

    5 stars for the h

    2 stars for the H

  • Jamie

    So good!!!

    She did it again. I read this whole book with only 2 hours of sleep. This is what she does to my.

  • Snow

    4.5 "excrutiating Dragon King" stars

    Blane , the last of the true blooded, semi-God, Dragon king is driven by hate and revenge towards the Horde, its King Ryder, his brothers mostly for having participated in the slaughter of the women and children of his caste.

    Blane spent his whole adult life building his people again, creating an army that would eventually avenge the crimes of the past. The Horde will pay and they will die.

    So, he plans to steal the Royal Horde babies and make the King and Que

    "You're a means to an end."

    "That's all you are, and all you will ever be to me, princess."

    BUT what he never thought or expect was for her to streighten her spine and strike back, slowly entering his sphere, his inner being, and his mind and what happens, firstly, on a physical level, - as she is Fae, and they feed on sexual energy and emotional release during the very act - slowly and painfully hard, grows into smth they can't quite define BUT it's primal, it's strong and inevitable...

    and Blane's broken human is fighting hard against it, denying it, casting it aside in fits of anger and rage and yet he can't stay away, he's pulled in by Ciara's strength and spirit inspite of the horrific and vile things he endured in torment by her own father. The very same monster that orderd the extermination of Dragons.

    Whilst Blane's inner Dragon, driven by the ancient wisdom and clarity, sees Ciara for what she truly is - THEIRS.

    Even when I hated you, I wanted you more than I ever have another woman. I fought it, Ciara. i fucking fought it hard. You won; you slew the dragon and made me want you more than I wanted revenge.

    I'm going to leave no part of your soul intouched by mine. I'm going to claim you in ways that you won't understand and hell, you may never fully want to. Tonight you become mine in every way a man claims his bride.

    BUT inspite of their unconventional love story with so many ups and downs, backs and forwards, they still need to fight the inner enemy within Blane's ranks, threatning to destroy the Dragons for their personal gain of throne and for that, Blane and Ciara will have to trust each other which just might be the most challenging and the hardest sacrifice of them all...

    I have to admit that even though I was aware of Amelia Hutchins' warnings at the beginning of the book, about the kind of heroes and heroines and storylines she writes, I never expected to have such a strong connection to the heroine Ciara, the only other female character that utterly won me over was/is Synthia, now the Horde's queen and even though there were moments with Ciara that I felt she should have/could have done things differently cause I believed she had the strength and witts to do so, and yet she didn't, I accepted her whole.

    As oppose to Blane, the Dragon King. Goddammit, that man just made my mind blow with excrutiating pain LOL, he has driven my patience to the utmost final frontiers, I don't think I have any left...

    and yes, Amelia said "I might not even like the hero, at the end of the book" and I can't really determine wether I like him enough NOT to dislike him in fullest LOL

    I certainly can't say that I love Blane, he was just too stubborn, too pigheaded, too resiliently stuck up in the one blank emotion - hatered that he couldn't see farther than his own hatefull ass, and then there were moments he had shown such a sensible vulnerability that he melted my iron cast mode of conduct in just a tiny crack...but then, he would diminish it all, in the very next instant, with that one-sided mind...urgh,

    he gave me such whiplash of emotional slaps, I couldn't make my head look straight ahead and that pissed me off, this push and pull, yes/no shit just made me angsty and itchy and and the end of the deal, I was ready to burst and shout: "oh, come the fuck on, get your ass out of the gutter and man the fuck up!!!"

    which was kinda redundant, cause he was, in fact, a true male the full time LOL only an excrutiating frustrating ALPHA specimen...

    BUT what I can and will say is, that I understood him and where he was coming from, nearing the end, he is the kind of characters that will grow on you and you will develop an empathy for him, of a sort, cause you might even doubt that it's the right thing to feel LOL, so all in all, he is most certainly a man hard to like, or love, and yet, to hell with it all, I accept him, still. *sigh*

    But this story deserves the praise I give, merely cause Amelia knows what she's doing, so if you are up for meeting two stong-headed characters, each in his/hers own right entering the verbal and physical banter in a captor/captive darkish vibe, that develops into the enemies-to-lovers unconventional and unlikely romance action filled drama set in the most extravagant, absolutely stunning an captivating imaginary scenery of the Faery land, then this is the perfect story for you.

    I hope you enjoy. *wink* ...more

  • Princess J. Antoinette

    As always Amelia, never disappoints... this was another one of her awesome books that I just couldn't put down. I just love the way she put a book together... Well done Amelia!

    Overall rating:

    5*~ A Great read

  • Nina

    This book was awful for a lot of reasons, but by far the biggest culprit is because the hero is an abusive arsehole and he never truly gets his comeuppance or redeems himself in any way.

    Trigger warnings and adult content. I write a-holes who get knocked down by strong, sassy females that earn and demand the respect from the men.

    See, I thought I knew from the disclaimer and the revenge-abduction premise what I was getting into. I was prepared to accept that the hero, Blane, was a jerk and that

    Blane: Do as I say or else.

    Ciara: what are you gonna do i'm not afraid of death in fact i've been through hell and worse death doesn't scare me you know nothing i am princess of ice you know nothing about me kill me or shut up i am innocent i was a child but i'm a badass bitch now you bore me do what you want my brother is super powerful he will destroy you all and do you know his wife is a goddess she could be right here and you don't stand a chance and anyway i've been through worse nothing you do can scare me i'm not scared at all and yes i'm a whore and no i've not touched anyone but yeah i'm worse than what you've heard but don't believe the rumours you are terrible i'm sorry for your loss but i'm not afraid of pain bring it on sugar tits asgjhdkjsljldskdlskdlksldkldsklsk bla bla bla bla


    Not verbatim but omg so much of the dialogue went like this and I kept picturing characters in the book all stuck in a freeze frame while someone (usually Ciara) answers everything like a damn lecture. It was a drag to read and a lazy way for the author to dump info and tell us about the character and plot instead of showing.


    None. The majority of the book takes place inside tents where the heroine is confined as a prisoner. I still don't understand why Ciara's people are called the Horde, how many fae castes are there, what other species looks like, what the hell are the different realms and worlds, how do their societies function, what do Ciara's brands mean, what are fae powers, etc. So many unanswered questions. But I also stopped caring at one point.

    I can't even tell you how big the bloody dragon king is when he's in dragon form or much details of how he looks like. Or how any of the other characters look like really. This was just a terrible book overall and I'm only giving it two stars instead of one because there was still something addictive in the writing that made me stick with it to the end. ...more