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Claiming the Dragon King

The Horde took everything from him. Hes honor bound to avenge his people and take back his palace by any means necessary. Blane has kept his people hidden from the Horde since the day they came in and wiped out the dragon race, but they didnt kill them all. Now hes back, and making a move against the Horde. Hes going to take back whats rightfully his in a step to wage war against those who took everything from him. The one thing he didnt expect was to find her instead of the Horde Kings offspring. Ciara has lived in the shadows and survived torture at the hands of her own father. Shes trained hard to find her place among the Elite Guard. Until she is captured by himchanging her destiny along with it in one fateful night. Now, she will taste unbridled passion at the hands of her captor, and she isnt sure shell survive the heat of the Dragon King. Not suited for anyone under 18. If you don't like alpha a-holes, this book isn't for you. Trigger warnings and adult content. I write a-holes ...

Title : Claiming the Dragon King
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Claiming the Dragon King Reviews

  • Dawn Porter

    EEEEKKKK.. Shes back with another brilliant asshole that you love to hate. Blane aka a drago-demi god- is an dickhead at first and i LOVED it and Ciara is definitley a kickass character! I would love a whole Ryder v Blane chapter at some point cause i think that would be epic. Dragons, bad ass females and Ryder and Syn what more do you want !!!

  • Princess J. Antoinette

    As always Amelia, never disappoints... this was another one of her awesome books that I just couldn't put down. I just love the way she put a book together... Well done Amelia!

    Overall rating:

    5*~ A Great read

  • Viviana Carreño

    Loved the dragon king

    Ciara is awesome so glad she got her dragon in the end, I loved the book from beginning to the end and can’t wait to continue reading Amelia’s books.

  • Caro Richard

    Let me just firstly say, if you are looking for a book with a soft, sweet hero then you may be disappointed first off, but believe me, you WILL fall in love with Blane. I really don't know how this author makes you do this every.single.time.

    I was so looking forward to Ciara's book. Sheltered, misunderstood, beautiful and a little broken.

    It was like reading heaven. I felt like I was back gazing at Drogo (shout out to all the GoT fans!)

    Not only that, I love the Fae world, I love the Fae Chronicl

  • Samantha K

    Rec - 5 stars & now a top favorite! I LOVED it!

    H - An a*s! He's strong, opinionated, stubborn, controlling, possessive, mean, smexy, absolutely appalling at times and MAJOR alpha-hole! He's also the classic juxaposition of a "tortured" H with morals and yet an anti-H who seems morally reprehensible at times.

    h - Strong, not a B but she does argue with the H when warranted. Trust me, she's completely justified. You'll wish she argued/fought more. At times, she seemed like a push-over. I loved

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  • Blue

    So.... It's a no for me.

    (DNF around 55%)

    I'm disappointed. Angry too.

    I enjoyed the first book (the Ristan's one) and I'm also a follower of the The Fae Chronicles' series. So what could go wrong? I did like it when Blane showed up in the last The Fae Chronicles' book. And I was excited to see a new Hutchins' book! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

    Come on. They already had the perfect plot for a love story. Enemies and meant to be together. How could it turn out so fucked up?

    But well, we have Blane. Screwin

  • Stacey is Sassy

    The Dragon made me do it…

    ***4.5 Stars***

    My heart was pumping in excitement…the tears were pouring from my eyes with devastation…I squirmed from the heat jumping off the pages…my mind was overwhelmed with anger, grief, frustration and fear. THIS IS WHY I READ PARANORMAL ROMANCE!!! I absolutely LOVED Claiming the Dragon King. I was sucked in from the first page to the last. It wasn’t the easiest of journeys to forever kind of love, but it was what I have come to expect in an Amelia Hutchins story.