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Someday We Will Fly

Warsaw, Poland. The year is 1940 and Lillia is 15 when her mother, Alenka, disappears and her father flees with Lillia and her younger sister, Naomi, to Shanghai, one of the few places that will accept Jews without visas. There they struggle to make a life; they have no money, there is little work, no decent place to live, a culture that doesn't understand them. And always the worry about Alenka. How will she find them? Is she still alive? Meanwhile Lillia is growing up, trying to care for Naomi, whose development is frighteningly slow, in part from malnourishment. Lillia finds an outlet for her artistic talent by making puppets, remembering the happy days in Warsaw when they were circus performers. She attends school sporadically, makes friends with Wei, a Chinese boy, and finds work as a performer at a "gentlemen's club" without her father's knowledge.But meanwhile the conflict grows more intense as the Americans declare war and the Japanese force the Americans in Shanghai into camp...

Title : Someday We Will Fly
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ISBN : 9780670014965
Format Type : Hardcover
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Someday We Will Fly Reviews

  • Krmcnall

    Good story on a group of Jewish refugees who escaped to China during WWII. It's always good to learn more about WWII and lesser known facts about Jewish escape.

  • Tara

    This is an amazing, well-researched, and well-written book about the immigration of Jews from Poland to Shanghai during World War II when China was occupied by the Japanese army. Lillia, a fifteen-year-old girl, leaves Warsaw accompanied by her father and baby sister after having waited almost too far into the Nazi occupation for escape because her parents persisted in believing that fleeing was not necessary. Sadly, Lillia's mother is left behind in a murky turn of events that resulted from a N ...more

  • Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard

    I don't know how to explain this book other than "touching." It truly is a very different type of story and experience that Lillian goes through . The cultural and language I pact alone but then add I. Your mother, hovering Japanese soldiers, poverty and having to step up at 15 to take care of your sister who clearly has some just can't not feel for her. I loved how Lillian makes this effort to keep doing little things that remind her of home or her mom but then she also says ...more

  • Kate

    41/2 stars

    Excellently researched novel about the Jewish community in Shanghai in WW2, as seen through the eyes of Lillia, a teenaged Polish refugee.

  • Melissa

    What a touching and feeling book! It captured my attention and held it fast. I have never read or heard of how Shanghai was a retreat for refugees during the World War II.

    I really liked the author's note as well where she referenced how she had gotten her research as well as her inspiration and I really enjoyed that. This book was heartbreaking but also full of hope and resilience, the quiet kind that leaves you on the edge for the characters.

    Lillia's character was intricate and quite perfect

  • Teenreadsdotcom

    The author of FOREIGN BABES IN BEIJING and BIG GIRL SMALL, Rachel DeWoskin, now brings a new novel to the stage --- SOMEDAY WE WILL FLY. This novel captures an unknown moment in history during World War II and the Holocaust: Jewish refugees in Shanghai.

    Before May 17th, 1940, Lillia's parents, Bercik and Alenka, were circus performers in Warsaw. Lillia had a healthy younger sister, Naomi, and lived in a comfortable home with her family. On May 17th, 1940, Lillia’s whole life is turned over. Becau