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In Hippie, his most autobiographical novel to date, Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to re-live the dream of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order authoritarian politics, conservative modes of behavior, excessive consumerism, and an unbalanced concentration of wealth and power.Following the three days of peace and music at Woodstock, the 1969 gathering in Bethel, NY that would change the world forever, hippie paradises began to emerge all around the world. In the Dam Square in Amsterdam, long-haired young people wearing vibrant clothes and burning incense could be found meditating, playing music and discussing sexual liberation, the expansion of consciousness and the search for an inner truth. They were a generation refusing to live the robotic and unquestioning life that their parents had known.At this time, Paulo is a young, skinny Brazilian with a goatee and long, flowing hair who wants to become a writer. He sets off on a journey ...

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Hippie Reviews

  • Fakhour Mohammed

    لا أدري ما المميز في كتابات باولو كويلو لكنها فعلا جيدة،

    هيبي هي سيرة ذاتية يرويها باولو بلسان مجموعة من شخصيات الرواية على رأسهم شخصية باولو، تكلم فقط عن فترة الهيبيزم، حينما كان العالم كله يتغنى بهذه الموجة، وكيف أن الكاتب كان ذات يوم هيبيا من الدرجة الاولى

  • Jennifer Blankfein

    I loved The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and was hoping his new book would feel as important. In Hippie, Paulo Coelho writes a story based on his own life experiences, his relationships, political views and personal values, and his adventures of travel and terror of kidnapping. Throughout this book he has injected his thoughtful ideologies and gives us a description of the ways of the world in the 1970s.

    Even though Coelho had gotten himself into trouble often as a young man, it seems as if he was a

  • Murat S. Dural

    Üstad Paulo Coelho'nun ilk yazdığı roman, gözden geçirilmiş hali. "Hippi"de onun gelişkin eserlerini, hayranlık uyandıracak kitap örgülerini aramak boşuna. Kendinizi 1968'lerin hayalleri ve gerçeklerine bırakmak yeterli. Ama yine de, ben kitabı sevsem de bir Paulo Coelho romanı için öncelikli okuma sırasına giremez. Coelho'yu Coelho yapan şeyleri görmek için ise güzel bir kaynak.

  • Robin Bonne

    Parts of this were excellent. Then there were other parts that were telling instead of showing.

    I wonder if it could be a problem with the translation?

  • Maryam   Same

    بصراحه اخر روايتين للكاتب ما عجبوني لكن ما اقدر اشوف له روايه جديده وما اقراها =) الروايه تتكلم عن شباب الهيبيز معلوماتي قليله عنهم وشبه معدومه

    هي مذكراته في قالب روائي عن شباب وفتيات الهيبيز في السبعينات تمردهم \ احلامهم \ فلسفتهم \واستيالهم الغريب في اللبس و الالوان تدور الاحداث في رحله بريه في باص يقرر مجموعه من الشباب السفر من هولندا الى النيبال باقل تكاليف ممكنه لاعاده اكتشاف ذاتهم يحكي باولو في الروايه عن حياته \ افكاره في فتره الشباب تلك بعد مغادرته البرازيل وقصه حب لطيفه تنشئ في هذه الاجو

  • Shaimaa Ali

    I just loved it ❤❤ ...more

  • Naddy

    I tried so much to like it but despite multiple efforts, this book failed horrendously, i literally cursed myself why did i pick this book, i am not a fan of Paulo Coelho, and didn't like Alchemist though i have enjoyed Veronica decides to die and Eleven minutes.

    Humble request don't pick this book even you have been fan of Paulo, it is not something out of box, 4 lines from 4 lines from Sufisim and tried to explain over the period of 287 pages, but full of potholes..

  • Lou

    He was on a journey, met Karla who loved reading The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, loved and watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, out in the cinema at that time, and she loved this Brazilian man she met. Together they went upon a journey of self-discovery, and all the hippie thing entailed along the way, joys and pains, and one of many findings, did he love her?

    Ultimately the reader is transported with careful craft of evoking a sense of place and people, with a nostalgic look at the becoming of one w