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The Christmas Scorpion

This short read (20 pages) is perfect for a coffee break and includes the first three chapters from Lee Childs new thriller Past Tense.Jack Reacher likes to head south for the winter, to stay warm: so just before Christmas he arrives in a small town in Southern California. But the weather there is not warm and dry, as its supposed to be: he arrives in a freak blizzard. Reacher finds refuge in a snowed-in roadhouse with four other strangers stranded by the storm. Two of them are British military police, separated by the weather from the VIP they are detailed to protect. Can Reacher help them find their guy, or will an undercover assassin find him first?...

Title : The Christmas Scorpion
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ISBN : 9781473562660
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 48 pages
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The Christmas Scorpion Reviews

  • Patrick Stirling

    Got this on amazon for $2 - not worth it! It's only 30 pages so no time for an actual plot. But Child is good at setting things up and it's an engaging if short read. I like his style enough that the plot holes weren't overly glaring, although much worse than usual. People are always unbelievably open and forthcoming with Reacher, also the whole setup was far too pat with all the right elements in place at the perfect time. This is usually the case in Reacher novels but in the longer format it's ...more

  • Diane

    Barely even a taste of Jack Reacher - barely even a teaser!

    The build up and the break down gone in 20 pages!

    From the blurb: On Christmas Eve, Jack Reacher stumbles into a no-name bar in the California desert, desperate to take refuge from an unexpected snowstorm. Reacher came to Barstow for a little R&R. Instead, he’s sequestered in a dark little roadhouse with a bartender, a bewildered elderly couple—and two members of Britain’s Royal Military Police. They tell Reacher they were escorting a

  • Don Goodrum

    I like Lee Child and really enjoy the Jack Reacher books. I even like the movies, even though Tom Cruise doesn't look anything at all like Reacher. But if a book is a work of art and something like Tolstoy's War and Peace or Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is akin to the Mona Lisa or the works of Van Gough or Monet, then The Christmas Scorpion is the literary equivalent of a doodle drawn on the back of a napkin in a bar. It's a good doodle, full of the talent and care of a much longer and more delib ...more

  • David Highton

    Classic Reacher short story

  • Elvan

    Short and quintessential Jack.

  • Rosemary

    The Christmas Scorpion - a review by Rosemary Kenny

    The soon-to-be-released short story The Christmas Scorpion is #23.5 in the incredible Jack Reacher series by Legendary Commander of the All-Action Hero genre, Lee Child.

    When a freak blizzard traps Reacher in an isolated roadhouse with four strangers, tensions run high.

    Two of the 'inmates' are police security for a VIP who's in deadly danger if they can't break out of their blizzard-consumed motel in Southern Carolina - ironically where Reacher h

  • Lo9man88

    I'm sad to report that i didn't gain a freaking thing by reading this short story , it was just Meh .

    I f hate time wasting .

  • Kathi Defranc

    Short Story That Reminds You to Keep Eyes and Mind Open

    Great quick read to keep Reacher fans entertained. I enjoyed it!! You are introduced to all characters immediately and join the little adventure.