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Former London journalist Elspeth Reeves is trying to carve a new life for herself in the sleepy Oxfordshire countryside until she's sent to cover the excavation of a notorious local witch's grave. Three hundred years ago, her name mixed up with murder and black magic, Agnes Levett was hanged and then buried under an immense stone, to prevent her spirit from ever rising again. Elspeth investigates but soon finds there is far more to the old tale than meets the eye, as the surrounding area is rocked by a series of mysterious and brutal murders, all of people somehow connected with the dig. She and her childhood friend DS Peter Shaw race to uncover the truth, but secrets lain buried for centuries are not easily discovered....

Title : Hallowdene
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ISBN : 39510271
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 336 pages
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Hallowdene Reviews

  • Jennifer

    I bloody love this series! Like Midsomer Murders but with added spooky shenanigans. Ellie and Peter come up against witchiness and murder with a dash of British folklore and loads more supernatural happenings. Loved it

  • Breakaway Reviewers

    Forbidding forests and myths that come back to haunt. Who could ask for more?

    Jennifer Wren, an archaeologist, has been offered the opportunity to excavate the burial site of Agnes Levett, on the property belonging to the new owner of the manor, Hugh Walsey. The excavation is being recorded by the production team of Countrywide, a rural-affairs programme. The villagers of Hallowdene are divided about this excavation. One villager, Lee Stroud, is vehemently against the disturbance of the site beca

  • Tim Rideout

    ‘Without grace or remorse.’

    Cracking follow-up novel to George Mann’s ‘Wychwood’.

    In Hallowdene, Mann has perfected his blend of crime and the supernatural, offering a satisfying crime novel enhanced by the underplay of the supernatural. The two genres work to reinforce the other.

    There are also pleasing inter-textual references, from Quatermass and creator Nigel Kneale’s preoccupation with trace memory to Robin Hardy’s film ‘The Wicker Man’ and its juxtaposition of folklore and horror. These refe

  • Andy

    I really enjoyed Wychwood, was delighted to see volume two out and even more delighted to find it was as good as number one. Like Wychwood it's a slightly supernatural police procedural in which the bulk of arriving at the conclusion relies on good old fashioned coppering...but with the sense of the supernatural hovering over every thing.

  • booksofallkinds

    HALLOWDENE by George Mann completely blew me away and I cannot wait for more from this talented writer.

    After what happened before, Elspeth Reeves and DS Peter Shaw realise that sometimes there are things that occur that cannot be explained or understood, and when an archaeological dig results in a spate of murders in their usually sleepy village, they are unsure just what exactly they are up against. As new friendships are made, old friendships are tested, and Elspeth and Peter dig deeper into t