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Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition

It's the marriage of Batman and Catwoman! The wedding of the century is commemorated here in Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album, a special collector's item hardcover in designed packaging!The day has finally arrived: the nuptials of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. But their road to wedded bliss won't be easy. With visitors from this time and beyond, the Bat and the Cat will have to undergo even more trials and tribulations before they walk down the aisle.The historic wedding of Batman and Catwoman is commemorated in this must-have collector's item, featuring never-before-seen photos from the wedding album, behind-the-scenes design sketches and variant covers.Written by the critically acclaimed Tom King, this hardcover celebrates one of the biggest milestones in DC history and features art by superstar artists Mikel Jann, David Finch, Jolle Jones, Mitch Gerads, Lee Bermejo, Rafael Albuquerque, Neal Adams, Andy Kubert, Becky Cloonan, Ty Templeton, Jos Luis Garca-Lopez and more! Collects Bat...

Title : Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition
Author :
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ISBN : 9781401286538
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 136 pages
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Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition Reviews

  • Shawna Hunter

    I so rarely give less than 3 stars but this story deserved it. This story would deserve even lower but there were a few moments and illustrations I enjoyed (Batman and Catwoman on a motor cycle looking like they're having sex).

    This is filler, fan-service filler for a broader story. I'll give my general thoughts first then address the implications. Don't worry, there'll be a spoiler warning.

    That's not a concern though. Fan service and filler can be fun but what this story does is entirely unforg

  • Anne

    This is for collectors only.

    Also, spoilers ahead for those of you who have managed to somehow not hear about this.

    So, if you've been following Tom King's Batman, there is absolutely no need to grab this one. That's not to say that this wasn't a good collection, but if you're paying to see something extra, you can save your money.

    Issue #24 has the Batproposal:

    Issue #44 is the one where Selina steals the purrfect perfect wedding dress:

    And then Issue #50 is the Dear John letter:

    Bittersweet stuff th

  • Etienne

    I rarely buy physical copy of comic book, I buy most of them on digital copy, but after reading this one, and seeing that marvelous deluxe edition online, I just had to buy it. I know some fan may see the wedding as something cheesy but DC did a really good job at not making it cheesy. It have a deep reflexion about Batman wanting to be happy personally finding something more to hold on then just being Batman! It is one of the best comic I have read this year and this edition have tons of additi ...more

  • ekin

    i'm going to give tom king credit or bringing selina kyle back into the batman canon. as applauded as his batman run is, snyder basically deleted catwoman off batman comics and it didn't help that her ongoing comic at the time was awful with a terrible personalization. now that she doesn't have (or, didn't have) an ongoing comic of her own, it's really great for me as a catwoman fan to see her as such a big part of the batman comics.

    however, i hate his writing.

    i absolutely hate his writing, i h

  • K

    If you ship the Bat and the Cat, this is for you, otherwise this would be of no interest to anyone else, really. I've only ever read one other comic book wedding special issue, which was for Cyclops and Jean Grey in the 90s, and that had more of a wedding community feel to it, given their background. This one is definitely more isolated, which fits the couple. The ending, is, of course, not surprising and depending on your view either a clever way to dodge an issue or a very in-character reactio ...more

  • Ogreart

    If you are looking for a wham bam action packed Batman adventure, this is not the book for you. This book is much more a character study of both Batman and Catwoman. When Bruce Wayne removes the cowl and prposes to Selina Kyle, using the diamond he stopped her from stealing on their first meeting, it leads to deep dives into the psyches of each of them.

    Through a mixed series of flashbacks, and separate focuses on each of the main characters, and numerous pages of guest artists portraying the co

  • Eli Seibert

    Even though this collection just has three comics (all of which I had already read, as it just rehashes the engagement/"wedding") I still enjoyed it well enough, along with the artwork and variant covers. I also like seeing where all the references from issue 44 came from. I wonder how long it took King to find the right issues to showcase the batcat relationship in the "Bride or Burglar" story.

  • Wayne McCoy

    'Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition' by Tom King and a whole host of past and present contributors is basically a big collector's item for fans who want to revel in the day no one thought would ever come.

    This volume collects Batman issues 24, 44 and 50. There are also things collected from across a lot of the history of these two characters. Issue 24 recalls the proposal, along with interposing a conversation between Batman and Gotham Girl. It includes my favorite recent quo