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Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition

It's the marriage of Batman and Catwoman! The wedding of the century is commemorated here in Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album, a special collector's item hardcover in designed packaging!The day has finally arrived: the nuptials of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. But their road to wedded bliss won't be easy. With visitors from this time and beyond, the Bat and the Cat will have to undergo even more trials and tribulations before they walk down the aisle.The historic wedding of Batman and Catwoman is commemorated in this must-have collector's item, featuring never-before-seen photos from the wedding album, behind-the-scenes design sketches and variant covers.Written by the critically acclaimed Tom King, this hardcover celebrates one of the biggest milestones in DC history and features art by superstar artists Mikel Jann, David Finch, Jolle Jones, Mitch Gerads, Lee Bermejo, Rafael Albuquerque, Neal Adams, Andy Kubert, Becky Cloonan, Ty Templeton, Jos Luis Garca-Lopez and more! Collects Bat...

Title : Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition
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ISBN : 9781401286538
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 136 pages
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Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album - The Deluxe Edition Reviews

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)

    I received a copy of Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    It’s finally here! The moment that DC has been building up to for almost a year. It’s actually kind of hard to believe it, truth be told. I sort of love that they decided to title this volume ‘the Wedding Album’ it seems sort of oddly fitting, doesn’t it? I know that the outcome of these events has been heavily spoiled (thanks internet), but I’m still going to put this all behind

  • Destiny Bridwell

     I received a copy of book for a fair and honest review. I grew up reading comics and then to some graphic novels. So I know these characters well and when I saw this I had to get a copy of it. I got really excited when I got a review copy of this. I saw the planning and the dress and the ring. It was so well done and I wanted more and more of it. It was all I wanted and more and a little emotional for some parts. If you want to know what I am talking about or if you already know. Then I am feel ...more

  • Patrick

    Nice to have all of the variant covers in one place. Kings parallel storytelling technique is used to great effect in all 3 issues (24, 44, 50), and I think the guest artists in 50 worked great. Joëlle Jones Catwoman really stands out as a treat! Another issue would have been nice (although I'm not sure which I'd have picked).

  • Salomão Diniz

    Uma coletânea de belas imagens e que retratam "malomenos" a relação de amor impossível entre "O Batima" & Mulé Gato. Mais brega impossível, foi realmente muito difícil ler os votos, mas as imagens são sensacionais, o acabamento impecável. Vale o deleite visual. Eu colocaria na categoria, mesa de centro de apartamento de bacana.

  • Zoe Elizabeth

    Ooof! This was a fun collection, some of it which I had read before. There's only a few issues in this collection, not the whole story line, though you do get the most important part - the ending. I also think that this was an extra spectacular collection of variant covers and behind the scenes pieces. I highly enjoyed the explained references to vintage comics.

    Thanks to DC and Netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Paul

    I flipped through it once, and then went back for a more thorough read. I found myself saying, Is that all? But I slowed down and spent some time with the art. Each artist creates a unique interpretation of the relationship. For the casual fan, a commemorative piece and a glimpse into a day that many thought would never come. For the longtime fan, a collection of art that gives new prespective of these two iconic characters.

    For my full review:

    For all my r

  • Ogreart

    If you are looking for a wham bam action packed Batman adventure, this is not the book for you. This book is much more a character study of both Batman and Catwoman. When Bruce Wayne removes the cowl and prposes to Selina Kyle, using the diamond he stopped her from stealing on their first meeting, it leads to deep dives into the psyches of each of them.

    Through a mixed series of flashbacks, and separate focuses on each of the main characters, and numerous pages of guest artists portraying the co

  • Mark

    This review will contain spoilers through Batman 50 and this book, unless you’ve read the other reviews or the New York Times.

    It’s difficult to review this book without commenting on what Tom King has tried to do for the last year. During his run of Batman, he has tried to allow Batman and Catwoman to have a real relationship, one that allowed for real personal growth on both sides; a real relationship between a hero and a villain. This is something heretofore unheard of in superhero comics, at