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My Real Name Is Hanna

Inspired by real Holocaust events, this poignant debut novel is a powerful coming-of-age story that will resonate with fans of The Book Thief and Between Shades of Gray.Hanna Slivka is on the cusp of fourteen when Hitlers army crosses the border into Soviet-occupied Ukraine. Soon, the Gestapo closes in, determined to make the shtetele she lives in free of Jews. Until the German occupation, Hanna spent her time exploring Kwasova with her younger siblings, admiring the drawings of the handsome Leon Stadnick, and helping her neighbor dye decorative pysanky eggs. But now she, Leon, and their families are forced to flee and hide in the forest outside their shteteleand then in the dark caves beneath the rolling meadows, rumored to harbor evil spirits. Underground, they battle sickness and starvation, while the hunt continues above. When Hannas father disappears, suddenly its up to Hanna to find himand to find a way to keep the rest of her family, and friends, alive. Sparse, resonant, and lyr...

Title : My Real Name Is Hanna
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ISBN : 9781942134510
Format Type : Paperback
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My Real Name Is Hanna Reviews

  • Hannah Greendale

    A celebration of Jewish culture and a devastating account of one Jewish family’s struggle to escape the Nazis by hiding in a nearby underground cave, as told through the eyes of the compassionate, fourteen-year-old Hanna Slivka. Masih paints a portrait of Ukraine using rich sensory language and balances the beauty of before against the brutal realities of struggling to stay alive, ultimately creating a startling account of all that is lost and must be regained even after the fighting is over and

    I visit the same place every day, and watch life change. New green on the ends of hemlocks that look like little gloved hands. Pine cones appearing like brown jewelry on branches. Hardwood leaves starting to lose their green, letting other colors trickle through their leaf veins till they are full of yellow, orange, red. Then they let go gradually, and fall to the forest floor. In my mind, as I watch them fall, I see images of men, women, and children falling into ravines.


    Many thanks to Tara Lynn Masih for generously providing a free copy of her wonderful book in exchange for an honest review. ...more

  • Angela M

    “Abram Slivka (my Papa)

    Eva Slivka (my Mama)

    Hanna Slivka (14 years old, loves to read)

    Leeba Slivka (12 years old, loves to sew)

    Symon Slivka (10 years old, a really good bit who

    Loves his dog) Ovid (our dog)

    Steed (our horse)

    We all lived in this house until October 12, 1942. If you

    find this ,

    say these names out loud, please, and bury this paper

    in the yard.”

    Maybe a request for some semblance of a proper burial. Perhaps a plea for remembrance. These are the words that Hanna buries in a tin in the

  • Teresa

    I loved Tara Masih’s short-story collection Where the Dog Star Never Glows, so I figured I was in good hands with her first novel, especially as the former’s stories range in time and to places that aren’t her own, as is the case here. One never knows how a writer’s talent and skill will translate to another genre, but no worries here: She delivers.

    This is the story of a Jewish family living in a remote Ukrainian village, trying to survive the liquidation Aktion of the Einsatzgruppen. Based on

  • Debra

    **This book was inspired by real Holocaust events

    "I have lost everything that can ever be lost. I have given everything that can ever be given." - my family's MA - Holocaust Survivor

    Hanna Slivka is almost fourteen years old when her entire world is turned upside down. Hitler's army has crossed into the Soviet occupied Ukraine. They are intent on making the land "free of Jews." Hanna's life goes from exploring with her siblings and helping her neighbor decorate psyanky eggs, to having rocks throw

  • Krista

    Rating: 4 stars -- Really, REALLY good!

    First Sentence: “I will say my real name to you for the first time. Hanna Slivka. Don’t be scared. I am still your mother. Born on February twenty-second, in the winter of 1928. Your grandmother often told me to remember this date because that is the day that God allowed me into this world to breathe my first soul breath of chilled Ukrainian air.”

    This is a sparkling gem of a YA book. It sheds light on a little know aspect of the Holocaust; namely a group o

  • Brenda - Traveling Sister

    The story begins with us meeting Hannah as she tells her granddaughter “I will say my real name to you for the very first time” and from that very first sentence I was intrigued to learn Hanna’s story. She tell us the story of how her family came to their underground sanctuary, how they stayed alive, how their spirits were tested while the world above carried out their crimes.

    My Real Name Hanna focuses on an Ukrainian Jewish family and their story of survival and sacrifice and is inspired by act

  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister

    3.5 stars

    A haunting and devastating Holocaust story of one Jewish family’s struggle to survive. Hanna is thirteen years old and living in Soviet-occupied Ukraine when the Gestapo arrive in her small town to ‘eliminate all Jews’. She and her family, along with a neighbouring Jewish family, flee to the forest to hide out and avoid capture. From there, they must flee further, taking them into underground caves where they must battle starvation, isolation, complete darkness, constant dampness and di

  • Jennifer (Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー)

    About 3.7 stars rounded to 4.

    Review to come.