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The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator

A chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets, love gone wrong, and a cold case that refused to stay buriedIn late summer of 2012, millionaire landowner Gran Lundblad went missing from his farm in Sweden. When a search yielded nothing, and all physical evidence had seemingly disappeared, authorities had little to go onexcept a disturbing phone call five weeks later from Grans daughter Maria. She was sure that her sister, Sara, was somehow involved. At the heart of the alleged crime: Saras greed, her fathers land holdings, and his bitter feud with Saras idler boyfriend.With no body, there was no crimeand the case went as cold and dark as the forests of southern Sweden. But not for Therese Tang. For two years, this case was her obsession.A hard-working ex-model, mother of three, and Missing People investigator, Therese was willing to put her own safety at risk in order to uncover the truth. What she found was a nest of depraved secrets, lies, and betrayal. All she had to do now...

Title : The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator
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ISBN : 9781503904804
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator Reviews

  • Calzean

    A book that should have been an essay. It was so stretched out with various boring incidental issues and an inevitable conclusion. I want my life back.

  • Naomi Carter

    Hm. Den här boken hade kunnat vara så otroligt mycket mer spännande än den faktiskt var, hade nog knappt tagit mig igenom den om jag inte till slut lyssnade på 1,5x speed på ljudboken. Den är ganska kasst skriven, på en gång rörig och överdrivet detaljerad om saker som inte har med själva mordet att göra över huvudtaget. Den hade gärna vara mer kort och koncis, även om det inte ens är tjock bok från början.

  • Lynda Kelly

    This was my Kindle First choice for October and I could've picked 3 this month but since true crime is my real "bag" I opted for this and I'm so pleased I did. I really enjoyed it, a fascinating look into how the Swedes investigate a murder (or not) !! I was shocked at one case being referred to as a suicide when the victim was located in his car boot !!

    I also found it pretty staggering that they appeared to be only capable of investigating one murder case at a time and all others got left by t

  • Chandru CS

    Philadelphia has always had something for us and more people

    “The conversation was subdued and calm,” Blomgren later recalled. “Sara seemed sad to me because her manner was reserved, and it was hard to get her to talk. She cried a little, I think, at the beginning of the conversation.” Sara provided most of the background information, but her boyfriend was helpful as well, answering as many questions as he could. But Blomgren did most of the talking, asking all the standard questions, as per pro

  • Sarah

    Mosaic of Murder

    The author expertly pieces together the events and accounts to reveal a complete picture. The reader is instantly captivated and then cautiously led through the tangle of events and characters. I immediately recommend this book to my friends who have been obsessed with true crime for decades and who are not easily drawn in because I knew they would find it as grilling as I did.

  • Megan Boyle

    This story was well written from beginning to end. I enjoyed reading the intricate details the author provided about the case. Sometimes the story just jump forward but there is an explanation following that guides the reader to that point. This helped me think about what I had just read and piece it together in my mind. Along with learning about this murder, it was nice to follow the person who solved the case and what she has to go through emotionally during and after the case was solved.


  • Gustavo Pimentel

    I really enjoyed this book. It told a interesting story with a not so interesting ending. Well, I guess that's how real life is. I felt it could've been a lot shorter tho. It was so much background story that at times made me feel like I was reading a history book.

  • Maureen Dusseault

    My first time reading a true crime story set outside the USA. Learning about the judicial system in another country kept my interest when the story lagged occasionally. Greed and a gruesome murder are mixed together to make a very interesting story.