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My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un) Popular Culture

In the vein of New York Times bestsellers Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby, a collection of side-splitting and illuminating essays by the popular stand-up comedian, alum of Chelsea Lately and The Mindy Project, and host of truTVs Talk Show the Game Show.From a young age, Guy Branum always felt as if he were on the outside looking in.Self-taught, introspective, and from a stiflingly boring farm town, he couldnt relate to his neighbors. While other boys played outside, he stayed indoors reading Greek mythology. And being gay and overweight, he got used to diminishing himself. But little by little, he started learning from all the sad, strange, lonely outcasts in history who had come before him, and he started to feel hope.In this collection of personal essays, Guy talks about finding a sense of belonging at Berkeleyand stirring up controversy in a newspaper column that led to a runin with the Secret Service. He recounts the pitfalls of be...

Title : My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un) Popular Culture
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ISBN : 38887475
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My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un) Popular Culture Reviews

  • Allison

    I have always been a fan of Guy but this book made me love him even more. I teared up often reading this starting at the just first chapter because I was so inspired by the story behind the title of the book. This book taught me so many things about words, pop culture, and random historical events all while making me laugh. He has incredible take on how pop culture that will forever change how I view T.V. shows and movies. He discusses in depth with many examples about the power they have in hel ...more

  • Taurie

    I got this book as a goodreads giveaway not knowing anything about Guy Branum. I was looking forward to a funny memoir, but this book was mostly Guy describing tv shows and movies. I don’t feel like I learned many things about him and I certainly didn’t laugh.

  • Mitchell Sigmund

    This was sent to me as a birthday gift. I was able to read it in one day even though I wanted to spread it out to last at least a week. I have been a fan of Guy for a while now and I'm happy to say he writes with the same biting and knowledgable wit that made me fall in love with his comedy and podcasts. Normally I don't really like memoirs, but this one weaves poplar/(un)popular culture (from Entourage to Babette's Feast) in and around majors events in Guy's life which he anylizes meticulously. ...more

  • Jane

    Within five minutes of Guy Branum's book, I was hooked. I mean, it's pretty obvious the cover is amazing and captivating, with a shirtless Guy cheekily clutching flowers wearing a Mona Lisa smile. It's clear from the get-go, this man has something unique. My knowledge of him was pretty limited, I heard him on a few podcasts and enjoyed his input, but I didn't know enough about Guy to want to read an entire book about him. I'm glad I did. My Life as a Goddess is one of those books I would recomme ...more

  • lp

    It might have been easier to dog-ear the pages in MY LIFE AS A GODDESS that weren’t mind-blowingly brilliant. “The Rules Of Enchantment" stopped me, thinking of comedians as spell-casters.

    This book was a brain workout. It was beautiful. I thought the title was just a funny joke but it is important. It is a guide for anyone who has ever felt hated to find their inner god.

    This book isn't a regular celebrity memoir, it could be used as a pop culture text book. I appreciate more than anything some

  • Cameron

    It was smart to include the subtitle of this book, "A Memoir through (Un) Popular Culture." This is by-and-large a book of cultural critiques and to some degree, straight-up descriptions of plots of movies and TV shows. Many of the cultural references from his childhood are admittedly outside of my own timeline, but I understood a fair amount. If you are someone who knows of Guy from his truly fabulous podcast "Pop Rocket," you won't be out-of-place, until Guy derides you for probably not gettin ...more

  • Malia

    Humorous celebrity memoirs are not always my faves, but this is a really good one. I love the Pop Rocket podcast, and I'm so glad this memoir goes into interesting pop culture criticism in the same way the podcast does. I'm glad it doesn't delve into smarmy life/career advice like some of the others do.

    I loved the close reading of Bohemian Rhapsody's lyrics. I love how well he explains why I watched old sitcoms as a kid. There were things I didn't love about it, his occasionally maudlin tone fo

  • Amanda

    I loved this book! Every time I took a reading break, I couldn't wait to get right back into it. It's so funny and smart, even during the parts that are painful and heartbreaking. I laughed out loud and teared up within the first 50 pages; it's an emotional journey for sure. Having grown up in Northern California with a difficult father myself, I found a lot to relate to in Guy's life because so much of it is relatable. Guy has gone through many difficult times and come out the other side strong ...more