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The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy

In 2012, a New York auction catalogue boasted an unusual offering: "a superb Tyrannosaurus skeleton." In fact, Lot 49135 consisted of a nearly complete T. bataar, a close cousin to the most famous animal that ever lived. The fossils now on display in a Manhattan event space had been unearthed in Mongolia, more than 6,000 miles away. At eight-feet high and 24 feet long, the specimen was spectacular, and when the gavel sounded the winning bid was over $1 million. Eric Prokopi, a thirty-eight-year-old Floridian, was the man who had brought this extraordinary skeleton to market. A onetime swimmer who spent his teenage years diving for shark teeth, Prokopi's singular obsession with fossils fueled a thriving business hunting, preparing, and selling specimens, to clients ranging from natural history museums to avid private collectors like actor Leonardo DiCaprio. But there was a problem. This time, facing financial strain, had Prokopi gone too far? As the T. bataar went to auction, a network...

Title : The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy
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The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy Reviews

  • Paul

    The Dinosaur Hunter starts with controversy then maps the geography of the fossil landscape, from hunters to politics to jealousies and poachers. Williams covers the history of paleontology as well that of natural history museums. There’s even some celebrity sighting: a Cage/ DiCaprio fight over a 67-million-year-old skull of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar. The Dinosaur Artist is a memorable read with great tension over the timeless themes of the hunt, money, and greed.

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  • Marie

    When I saw this book, I knew I had to read it. I have always been fascinated with dinosaurs. This is a story of Eric Prokopi who was a fossil hunter and dealer. He started looking for fossils when he was just a kid, As he got older, he found there was big money to be made selling all manner of fossils.whether he found them or bought them from others. In the meantime,  paleontologists and scientists heard that Eric would be auctioning off a complete skeleton he had found in Mongolia. The Presiden ...more

  • D

    I wanted to like this book. I loved reading about Mary Anning. I hate-loved reading about the remorseless Prokopis and their victim mentality--"Eric stole dinosaurs from Mongolia knowing it was illegal only because he was trying to support our family (lifestyle of multiple houses and cars)!" The effect the prosecution of Eric Prokopi in the US had on the politics of Mongolia was both interesting and disheartening.

    It seems like Williams did a lot of research and wanted to include everything she l

  • Matthew Budman

    Williams is a marvelous writer of paragraphs, and even of chapters: She beautifully captures scenes and characters and issues and history, and her prose sparkles. Nearly any reader will be fascinated by the issues that The Dinosaur Artist raises. And yet the book doesn't quite hold together.

    Beginning with the title, the author seems to take New Yorker colleague Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief as a model, and a writer could do far, far worse. But Williams' central character and his story—as a fos

  • Lizz DiCesare

    Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I love dinosaurs, so when I received a copy of The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy, by Paige Williams, I was ecstatic. This book contained so many things that I like: dinosaurs, journalism, natural and political history; how could I not read it?

    This book evolved from an article that Paige wrote for The New Yorker, titled "Bones of Contention," which was published in 2013. It told the story of Eric Pro

  • Erin Duerr

    Great read for anyone interested in the science of paleontology, the business of fossils or is just looking for an entertaining narrative true story with a bit of intrigue.

  • Nick Cincotta

    Absolutely riveting.... as I read it I became more fascinated with the personalities of the paleontologist Williams profiles. There are parts that made my jaw drop such as reading about Mark Norrell’s desk, it belonged to Barnum Brown, now that is just awesome. I couldn’t put it down I wanted to find out each aspect of the paleontologist/fossil hunters she was profiling. She did an excellent job of bringing the science to life and telling the layperson what paleontology is all about. Dinosaurs a ...more

  • Leew49

    Not all fossils are collected by paleontologists, and many do not find their way into museums. Private collectors (Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio among them) will pay generously for good specimens, and fossil hunting by private citizens is practiced both as a hobby and for profit. While the sale of items of great scientific interest is abhorred by many, it has a long history; and well-respected names such as Mary Anning, discoverer of the first ichthyosaur, eked out a living by selling fossi ...more