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Paul Writes (a Letter)

A charming introduction to Saint Paul and his epistlesCaldecott Medal-winner Chris Raschka breathes new life into the letters of Paul the Apostle with this inviting book. Each sumptuous page distills the main themes of Pauls epistles into approachable, appealing language. Chris Raschka expertly depicts Pauls sincerity and compassion, sadness and pain, giving readers a true sense of who Paul really was.Paul Writes (a Letter)celebrates how one of the most beloved biblical figures changed the world through the written word....

Title : Paul Writes (a Letter)
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ISBN : 9780802854940
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 40 pages
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Paul Writes (a Letter) Reviews

  • Lori

    Chris Raschka's art is not my favorite style. I have enjoyed his Caldecott-winning picture books and used them in my library story times. However, his illustrations, while true to his style, are perfect for this pared down re-creation of Paul's message to the early Christians. So effective.

  • Angela

    Beautiful artwork and expressions of Paul's letters.

  • Jillian

    Very interesting book - it takes the loooong letters of Paul and distills them down to a couple key concepts and ideas, easy to digest and remember.

    My favorite is definitely II Thessalonians, when the illustration shows Paul downing a glass of wine while telling them to stop being busybodies.

  • Sarah

    Hooray for a children's picture book about Christianity by a Caldecott award winning author and illustrator! This book simplifies the apostle Paul's epistles for young children. Boldly colored illustrations accompany the text offering readers a visually appealing aspect to their learning.

  • Samantha

    I went into this with trepidation. I feel like I remember Paul as one of the ones that says a women's place is in the home and that gay people are bad. It has been a long time since I read his gospels, so I could be wrong. I did have a reading from him in my wedding, because I do like the love verse. This reminded me of the better parts of his writing. I think it will be popular at my library so I will be purchasing.

  • Alyssa Fabik

    A very cool book about the letters paul wrote in the bible! A fun read!

  • Sarah

    Raschka paraphrases the letters of Paul with jaunty script and in easy to understand phrases for anyone (references included). Paul's letters never felt more like letters.

    These can be some of the more boring passages for children, but they've been brought to life in this book. I'm going to be sure to use it in my GNC class that is going through Philippians with Phil Vischer.

  • Becky B

    Raschka introduces Paul and depicts him writing his various letters that appear in the Bible. Raschka picks a few verses from each and rephrases them in his own words.

    A great intro to Paul and his epistles for kids. I really appreciate that Raschka included the references he paraphrases at the bottom of each page. I also found it interesting that of all the things he could include, he chose to include one or two verses that are good advice for anyone (and that kids can understand) and then perso