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Here to Stay

For most of high school, Bijan Majidi has flown under the radar. He gets good grades, reads comics, hangs out with his best friend, Sean, and secretly crushes on Elle, one of the most popular girls in his school. When hes called off the basketball teams varsity bench and makes the winning basket in a playoff game, everything changes in an instant.But not everyone is happy that Bijan is the man of the hour: an anonymous cyberbully sends the entire school a picture of Bijan photoshopped to look like a terrorist. His mother is horrified, and the school administration is outraged. They promise to find and punish the culprit. All Bijan wants is to pretend it never happened and move on, but the incident isnt so easily erased. Though many of his classmates rally behind Bijan, some dont want him or his type to be a part of their school. And Bijans finding out its not always easy to tell your enemies from your friends . . ....

Title : Here to Stay
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ISBN : 9781616207007
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Here to Stay Reviews

  • Britta Lundin

    Powerful storytelling, and still funny. This book made me take notes.

  • Wes

    What a sweet story. My community has done a lot of horrible, Islamophobic things to our Middle Eastern and Asian populations in the past couple years, so this book hit me really hard. I loved Bijan, and I absolutely loved his mother. A necessary book.

  • Reba

    This was a good read on so many levels. It addressed many current, controversial issues including (but not limited to) bullying, cyberbullying, racism, classism, and immigration. The author is local, and I heard her speak at an event in the fall. This may have swayed me a bit when reading, because I really liked her. I feel like I need to delve into this review more, but my brain feels like mush. To be continued...

  • Mary Thomas

    Thank you Sara Farizan for this beautiful and important book! Bijan goes from unnoticed to center spotlight when he subs for a star player on his private school’s basketball team. Unfortunately the attention he receives isn’t all positive and he is soon struggling to figure out who is the bully that sent an email to the entire school depicting him as a terrorist.

    This book has so much heart, and is genuinely so funny! Farizan masterfully weaves in a lot here: commentary on race and identity, a s

  • Kim Clifton

    I liked Bijan so much, but I loved the commentators in his head and his wingman, Sean, the best. There’s a lot of hilarious sass in here, which helps balance the serious parts. It kind of reminded me of An Absolutely True Diary, but with tamer language.

  • Catie

    How could a book about racism, homophobia, and “The Age of Assholes” make me laugh SO MUCH? I still can’t fully articulate why, but this book was such a bright spot in my life last week. Amidst ever more depressing news stories, this book felt like spending time with a good friend – an unapologetically dorky, loyal, witty, and authentic friend who would probably let me pick the movie and would stay to help clean up afterwards.

    Bijan Majidi is such a friend, and he also reminds me of so many stude

  • Joey Rambles

    You're going to read a lot of reviews soon about how incredibly relevant and timely this book is, which it is.

    But that's not the only thing that makes this book successful.

    I mean, it's certainly an important factor. We need more diverse books. The books we read, especially as kids, help build the context in which we view the world. Diverse books help us understand the problems of lives we will never live out, as well as give minorities a chance to see themselves as the hero.

    But much like The Ha

  • Michelle Arredondo

    Such serious topics...and yet I was laughing throughout the pages. Here to Stay...aaaah, it pulls at your heart strings.

    You will fall in love with Bijan. You will fall in love and in frustration and back in love with the entire story. So much emotion. You can't be invisible to adversity if you are someone that comes from a different culture than everyone else around you. Bijan faces that adversity. It's powerful....witty.... warm...and moving.

    Highly recommend.

    Thanks to goodreads and to Algonq