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Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger

A transformative book urging twenty-first century-women to embrace their anger and harness it as a tool for lasting personal and societal change.Women are angry, and it isnt hard to figure out why.We are underpaid and overworked. Too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. Too dowdy or too made-up. Too big or too thin. Sluts or prudes. We are harassed, told we are asking for it, and asked if it would kill us to smile. Yes, yes it would.Contrary to the rhetoric of popular self-help and an entire lifetime of being told otherwise, our rage is one of the most important resources we have, our sharpest tool against both personal and political oppression. Weve been told for so long to bottle up our anger, letting it corrode our bodies and minds in ways we dont even realize. Yet our anger is a vital instrument, our radar for injustice and a catalyst for change. On the flip side, the societal and cultural belittlement of our anger is a cunning way of limiting and controlling our power.We are so oft...

Title : Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger
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ISBN : 9781501189555
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 364 pages
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Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger Reviews

  • Rita Shaffer

    Important book! I am so glad that I read this - I will think differently about how I present myself. And constantly work to support the strong, smart women around me.

  • Esther Espeland

    a fitting start to 2019! Very timely read if you want a neat articulation of what the ladies are up against these days. More about disparities that should make women angry than anger itself. Was really impressed with how intersectional this was! Freaking finally! Race was always woven in, (book was written by a woman of color) and trans women, non binary ppl and other LGBTQ folks got their air time! Also lmao how I was sexually harassed on the train while reading the chapter on sexual harassment

  • Bethany

    One of the most powerful books I've read this year, Rage Becomes Her gives voice to the causes, expressions, and possibilities of female rage. I will do a full video review on my YouTube channel Beautifully Bookish Bethany, but I cannot recommend this book enough. It says the things that have long needed saying. It also strikes the perfect note between anecdotes and hard research, making it very readable. This will make you reconsider everything.

  • Tonstant Weader

    Rage Becomes Her is at once the worst and best book to have started in the midst of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. I was already enraged and this book has so much more to make me angry, but it also puts it into context. Of course, the best thing Soraya Chemaly does with Rage Becomes Her is encouraging us to see our anger as healthy.

    Chemaly begins by reclaiming anger. Women are supposed to be sad, not angry. We are not supposed to have the power of anger. Anger is a demand, sorrow is acceptanc

  • Cavak

    Compared to That's What She Said: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) about Working Together that I read earlier this year, Rage Becomes Her was a harder read for me to swallow. Both books highlight how sexist treatment still prevails in the USA and overlaps with other prejudices. I even stumbled on the same exact sources cited between them, but Chemaly will always note whenever there is a severe lack of medical and psychological studies for women. A good chunk of her sources a ...more

  • Britta Böhler

    Well-researched exploration of gender unequality, focussing on present day USA.

  • Alyssa Foll

    I am enraged.

    There's nothing like growing more and more angry while reading a book on anger. And there is plenty of anger to around.

    Soraya Chemaly, in "Rage Becomes Her," convinced me to plunk down cold, hard cash after reading the first few pages. The first chapter sets the rest of the book in motion; Chemaly makes it clear that this is a book about women's anger -- why it exists and how women are taught to express it (or not express it). Chemaly also explores why women have so much to be ang

  • Roxanne

    This is a Goodreads win review. This is not my favorite topic. I in general do not like rage and anger. However if a woman can grow and express these feelings correctly and move forward in a good way than I can see the point. But I have seen some people who stay angry forever about one thing or another and they seem to be miserable.