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In Her Bones

>Fifteen years ago, Lilith Wade was arrested for the brutal murder of six women. After a death row conviction, media frenzy, and the release of an unauthorized biography, her thirty-year-old daughter Edie Beckett is just trying to survive out of the spotlight. Shes a recovering alcoholic with a dead-end city job and an unhealthy codependent relationship with her brother.Edie also has a disturbing secret: a growing obsession with the families of Liliths victims. Shes desperate to see how theyve managedor failedto move on. While her escalating fixation is a problem, shes careful to keep her distance. That is, until she crosses a line and a man is found murdered.Edie quickly becomes the prime suspectand while she cant remember everything that happened the night of the murder, shed surely remember killing someone. With the detective who arrested her mother hot on her trail, Edie goes into hiding. Shes must get to the truth of what happened that night before the policeor the real killerfind...

Title : In Her Bones
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ISBN : 9781501166471
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 308 pages
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In Her Bones Reviews

  • Kimberly Belle

    A clever twist on the serial killer story mixed with a murder and Moretti's trademark masterful prose = a haunting, can't-put-it-down story. Kate Moretti never disappoints!

  • Jamie Rosenblit

    Since The Vanishing Year, I have had to get my hands on all of Moretti's books as soon as I can and I have found them to get better and better with each one I read! In Her Bones has an incredibly interesting premise (you can read it yourself in the description, I'm not big on summarizing in my reviews, which you all know) and asks some thought provoking questions around family and nature vs. nurture - all throughout understanding a serial killer mother (who kills the wives of the men she has aff ...more

  • Reading.Between.Wines

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

    Full blog tour post: https://readingbetweenwinessite.wordp...

    In Her Bones is the very first Kate Moretti book I have ever read, but man does it make me want to read more from her.

    "Murder is a mostly stupid act committed by mostly stupid people in their most desperate moment"

    - Gil Brandt

    What it's about: Edie Beckett is the daughter of a serial killer, but not just any serial killer. She is the daughter of Lilith Wade who was sentenced to death row for the horrific murder of 6 women when

  • Liz Barnsley

    I love the way Kate Moretti writes – so absorbing and now familiar, always a great read and In Her Bones was no exception.

    Edie is a fascinating character – a serial killer mother and an obsession with the victims, trying to live a normal life but getting sucked into the abnormal every day. When she falls under suspicion, having involved herself more than she should, she gets on the trail of another killer, this one hidden from view.

    It was a clever and involving narrative, with a great atmospheri

  • Linda Strong

    4.5 Stars

    Lilith Wade is sitting on death row. She brutally murdered six women ... all of them wives of the men she had affairs with.

    Edie Beckett is her daughter. She flies low hoping no one will determine who she really is. An anonymously written book detailing their lives has made her and her brother infamous.

    Gil Brandt is the detective who caught and arrested Lilith Wade. He's also made Edie a 'cause'. For some reason, he has taken an interest in her life and wants nothing more than for her to

  • Kristy

    When Edie Beckett was in her teens, her mother, Lilith Wade, murdered six women. Lilith went to prison for life and Edie's life irrevocably changed. Now she's nearly thirty, trying to stay sober, working a city clerk job, and living a lonely life. Her only family is her brother Dylan, and she has no friends, no real life. At night, Edie secretly obsesses over the families of Lilith's victims, watching them online--and in real life. Then she actually meets one in person, and a man ends up murdere ...more

  • Amanda McGill

    For full review - The Limit of Books Does Not Exist

    I’ve read a few of Moretti’s novels and sadly they haven’t wowed me. Sadly, In Her Bones follows that pattern.

    I was interested by the plot since there aren’t too many novels that follow a serial killer’s daughter. When it comes to a recent murder, Edie (the daughter) is automatically pinned as the main suspect. Like mother, like daughter…

    Unfortunately that’s when the book fell flat for me. The plot just dragged on and I didn’t connect with Edie

  • Holly  B

    This is my third Kate Moretti novel and I am a big fan of her writing style. This one has a dark and twisted theme. I reads just like a true crime story . I recently (today actually) saw a Dr. Phil episode where he interviewed a woman whose father is a notorious serial killer. In the novel, Edie is the daughter of a woman who is a convicted serial killer. Well, it gets even more twisted when Edie gets too close to someone connected to one of her mother's victims. Say what?!!

    It definitely gets in