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Flame in the Night: A Novel of World War II France

In occupied France, a teen is torn between hate and loveJulien Losier has just turned eighteen. But this is Vichy France in 1942, and his coming of age is marred by the Nazi occupation of his homeland. His father has always taught him that evil is resisted by the power of God, not by the gun. But when the roundups of Jews begin and both his best friend and the girl he's falling for become targets, Julien must question where real power lies. Can he be a man who protects the people he loves if he follows his father's ways of peace?His hometown is a fragile fortress where hundreds of Jewish youth hide in plain sight, protected only by the goodwill of their neighbors. Julien takes part in the intricate system of sentries and alert codes that keep them safe, doing what he can to resist the Nazis. As the Germans close in, he can see the moment coming when all the town's careful defenses will fail. He's torn between the faith of his father and his increasing surety that fighting violence with...

Title : Flame in the Night: A Novel of World War II France
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ISBN : 9780825445545
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Flame in the Night: A Novel of World War II France Reviews

  • Sharon

    Heather Munn has written a fascinating book, Flame in the Night, which is an authentic exploration of 1942 events in a small town during World War II Nazi occupation of southern France. The author grew up near the town where the story takes place as her parents were missionaries. Her story centers around 18 year old Julien Losier and his love interest Elise, a young Jewish woman. Julien's family believe in the power of God to handle any problem especially evil. Julien seems surrounded by darknes ...more

  • Sarah

    Heather Munn will firmly establish herself with this book as not only a powerful artist who attends to her words, characters, and setting in a unique way, but also as a first rate historian and careful thinker. Having lived in France, she lives and breathes it. She understands the almost reckless theology that drove the nonviolent resistance which saved thousands of Jewish lives. She clearly loves her characters, none of whom see a clear way forward in the darkness--which is all of us, most of t ...more