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Whisper Me This

Single mother Maisey Addington has always fallen short of her own mothers expectationsnever married, a bit adrift, wasting her high IQ on dead-end jobs. The only thing Maiseys sure shes gotten right is her relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter, Elleuntil a phone call blows apart the precarious balance of their lives. Maiseys mother is in a coma, and her aging father faces charges of abuse and neglect.Back at her childhood home, Maisey must make a heartrending life-or-death decision. Her confused father has destroyed family records, including her mothers final wishes. Searching for answers, Maisey uncovers one unspeakable secret after another when she stumbles upon a shattering truth: a twin sister named Marley.Maiseys obsession with solving the mystery of her sister forces her to examine her darkest memories and triggers a custody battle with Elles father. Will Maiseys love for her daughter be strong enough to break a cycle of abuse and create a new beginning for them all?...

Title : Whisper Me This
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ISBN : 38198027
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 362 pages
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Whisper Me This Reviews

  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps

    2.5 STARS

    I chose WHISPER TO ME for my July free Amazon Prime book and probably wouldn’t have read it otherwise. I tried not to let that affect my review.

    At its heart, WHISPER TO ME is about domestic violence, how it affects the victims and children, as well as the choices those children make when they become adults.

    Maisey’s mother may not have technically been abusive, but she suffered the trauma of an emotionally abused child and carries that with her into adulthood. Most of the characters are

  • Jennifer

    I'm trying to read more mystery books this year, and I'm so happy that I had the chance to read this book!

    I really loved the story but just a fair warning, it talked about domestic violence/abusive relationships.

    The story revolved on Maisey; her personal struggles with the father of her child, the death of her mother, and an investigation against her father who's showing early signs of dementia.

    I admired how this book shown such strong female characters. I loved how Maisey and Leah did everythin

  • Tulay

    Promising start.

    Amazon First read, July novel. Story of hope's and dreams of teenager, growing up in dysfunctional family. Abused since birth. Good plot, but I missed or author missed to convey me the point she is making. Liked author's writing style.

  • Kira FlowerChild

    WARNING: This book contains extreme triggers for people who have suffered abuse. The description provided does not adequately emphasize the central role of severe domestic violence that this story contains. If you have a history of abuse, proceed with caution.

    I felt it was imperative to post the above warning because I found it exceedingly difficult to finish this book. By the time I was about three-fourths of the way through it, I had to take medication to prevent an anxiety attack. I suppose I

  • Bookphile

    This book was not what I expected it to be, nor was it what I was in the mood for at the moment. I picked it up thinking it was a suspense or a thriller, but I wouldn't say it was either of these things. What it is is a domestic drama about family secrets and a cycle of abuse.

    On the good side, the descriptions of trauma and its aftermath are good. This book doesn't shy away from dissecting the ugliness of learning how to break free and recover from abusive relationships. I really appreciated thi

  • Jennifer

    Loved the book. There were so many secrets kept hidden from Maisey. Loved the story, writing style and characters. Although, most of the characters were horrible people. Thank goodness Maisey grew up with Howard as a dad, because her mom was awful. Leah reminded me of Joan Crawford. Between Leah and Greg, no wonder Maisey is the way she is. Sometimes I forgot Elle was only twelve, she seemed very grownup and more mature than some of the adults. I LOVED Howard, especially how he stood up to Greg ...more

  • Trisha

    "It's funny how life spins, how we go on for long stretches of time and nothing changes, and then all at once, in a single moment, everything is altered."

    Family drama and a bit of mystery as Maisey learns secrets and lies after she is called back to her childhood home. I loved Elle and Tony, Mia and the Dad. I also loved a few supporting characters that pop up later in the book. I like how the secrets flow out slowly as realization of Maisey's current life also come into focus. It's a good story

  • Jennifer Bertoldo

    Excellent book!