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Rabbit & Robot

Cager has been transported to the Tennessee, a giant lunar-cruise ship orbiting the moon that his dad owns, by Billy and Rowan to help him shake his Woz addiction. Meanwhile, Earth, in the midst of thirty simultaneous wars, burns to ash beneath them. And as the robots on board become increasingly insane and cannibalistic, and the Earth becomes a toxic wasteland, the boys have to wonder if theyll be stranded alone in space forever....

Title : Rabbit & Robot
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ISBN : 38193408
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 448 pages
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Rabbit & Robot Reviews

  • Monica Edinger

    A wild ride!

  • KristynRene The Hype Queen of Books

    Edelweiss granted me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    And honest is what I shall offer you.

    Count em up, 19 “fucks” in the first 2 Chapters. Are you trying to be Andy Weir? Because if you are, you are coming off as FUCKING ANNOYING. Use profanity when it is necessary. Not because you want to sound ironic, cynical, and relatable. Ew. Absolute failure.

    I never read Winger because it didn’t interest me in the slightest. Now I will officially avoid any work of Mr. Smith’s. “Forever and ever

  • Catie

    I kept waiting for some deeper meaning to appear underneath the drug haze, gallons of robot mucus, erections, and mood swings, and I was ultimately disappointed. Certainly there are messages here about consumerism and the sort of "us vs. them" closed-minded ignorance that humans seem to specialize in, but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted the ending to reveal its cards with a punch to the gut, but instead I was left confused and muttering..."Well, DUH."

    Where Grasshopper Jungle felt weird in an

  • Shaun Hutchinson

    There are so many things going on in this book that I I'm going to need some time to think about them before I can write a coherent review. This book is more than inappropriate erections and day-of-the-week underwear and cannibal robots. It is, to me, an indictment of the single-mindedness of our social media culture, a discussion about the future, and a peek into who we are and who we might become. I'm not sure I agree with R&R's worldview, but I absolutely see it's point of view, and think ...more

  • Matt Miller

    Teenager Cager (rich, spoiled, virgin) and his best friend Billy (rich, spoiled, not a virgin), along with Cager’s caretaker, become marooned on a giant space cruise ship while the apocalypse takes place on earth. With no other humans on board, their only company are cogs (mechanical humans and animals), including Parker, Cager’s robotic valet, who sports a near constant erection that he feels compelled to announce to the world whenever it occurs. He also persistently tries to persuade Cager to ...more

  • Ricky

    It's been a bit since I read an Andrew Smith novel, and after picking up this ARC at work (luckily a second one came; someone else took the first one before I could), I'm pretty glad I took another chance on his latest.

    The story here is more cohesive than The Alex Crow and the Marbury Lens duology, and it feels more meta-humorous than Grasshopper Jungle. That same meta-humor might get the book in trouble with certain online types because Smith has stated that a lot of the cannibalistic chaos of

  • Kate Schreffler

    Incredibly strange as only Andrew Smith can be. I'll be thinking about it for a long time, and I'm sure I'll have more of an opinion on it once I figure out exactly what I just read.

  • Andy