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Woman World

The hilarious and wildly popular instagram comic about a world with no menWith her startling humor, its no surprise that Aminder Dhaliwals web comic Woman World has a devoted audience of more than 150,000 readers, updated biweekly with each installment earning an average of 25,000 likes. Now, readers everywhere will delight in the print edition as Dhaliwal seamlessly incorporates feminist philosophical concerns into a series of perfectly-paced strips that skewer perceived notions of femininity and contemporary cultural icons. D+Qs edition of Woman World will include new and previously unpublished material.When a birth defect wipes out the planets entire population of men, Woman World rises out of societys ashes. Dhaliwals infectiously funny instagram comic follows the rebuilding process, tracking a group of women who have rallied together under the flag of Beyonces Thighs. Only Grandma remembers the distant past, a civilization of segway-riding mall cops, Blockbuster movie rental shops...

Title : Woman World
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781770463356
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 pages
Status : Available For Download
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Woman World Reviews

  • Sailee

    This is honestly so witty and funny, like, man, i wish such a world was real.

  • Carol Tilley

    Just what I needed to help counteract the rampant fascist patriarchy

  • Sara

    It feels a bit strange to call a book about the aftermath of the mass extinction of men charming, but there we are. This book is just charming. What's the world like when men have died out? Pretty darn nice thanks for asking!

    With simple but subtly impactful artwork that stares serious social issues right in the face and makes them not just palatable but downright cute Aminder Dhaliwal delicately draws her way through the lives of a small town of women just living their daily lives. We take tiny

  • Sumsy

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  • Brandon

    Charming, whimiscal, and with a biting wit.

  • Megan McKeown

    Would agree with other reviews that the wrapping is very hard to open (spent about 8 min awkwardly sitting in a public bathroom to get one out) but it lasted me all day!! And I managed to get a run in with no problems. Unique artwork on the box cover is a bonus too. Proud to use this brand.

  • Shay Monson

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  • Andrea Martinez

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