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10 hours, 41 minutesIn this intimate, haunting literary memoir read by the author, an American icon tells her story for the first time, and in her own gorgeous words - about a challenging and lonely childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother.One of the most celebrated, beloved, and enduring actors of our time, Sally Field has an infectious charm that has captivated the nation for more than five decades, beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From Gidget's sweet-faced "girl next door" to the dazzling complexity of Sybil to the Academy Award-worthy ferocity and depth of Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln, Field has stunned audiences time and time again with her artistic range and emotional acuity. Yet there is one character who always remained hidden: the shy and anxious little girl within.With raw honesty and the fresh, pitch-perfect prose of a natural-born writer, and with all t...

Title : In Pieces
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ISBN : 9781549143076
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In Pieces Reviews

  • Jeaninne Escallier Kato

    When a book leaves me stunned into silence with tears running down my face, I know I have read something important. Sally Field's "In Pieces" touched every emotion that runs the human continuum of life. I didn't have to experience any of Sally's childhood trauma to be able to feel her pain; I was supporting her and hugging her in my heart with every word. Likewise, for every one of her triumphs, I was cheering her on. She celebrates being a woman, actor, mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife ...more

  • Laurie • The Baking Bookworm

    4.5 STARS - With In Pieces, Sally Field has written a soul-bearing, engaging and heartfelt memoir as she recounts her tumultuous childhood, quick rise to fame as a teenager, her rocky love life and her struggle to be seen as a serious actor. She is brutally honest about her childhood as well as her struggle to find her own voice and her complicated relationships as a daughter, wife and mother. Some of these experiences are hard to read and some will, no doubt, shock many of her fans – especially ...more

  • Melissa Shirey

    So open and honest it can be painful

    Breathtaking in so many ways. Beautifully written as if in a trance with you in it as well. I think the early years were filled in but I also feel there was much more to tell that pushed away once the Burt piece hit. I'm hoping a follow up can happen as she continues her journey. Hauntingly beautiful.

  • Michael

    I have beee a huge fan of Sally field for a number of reasons: Versatile as an actress, as a kind individual and the roles she played has sparked a great interest in me. My favorite movie is Ms Doubtfire,she plays the dutiful wife that is stuck in a marriage that is not going anywhere..Then she hires a 'nanny' to care of her life but there is more to the story that I don't want to spoil for the people who have not watched it. It is something about her as a person that inspires me, and reading th ...more

  • Jeri Walker

    This is an autobiography rather than a memoir as it runs the full gamut of the author's life. As such, it's a bit uneven in that a lot of her career is glossed over. A good deal of time is given to her relationship with her mother and the sexual abuse Field endured at the hands of her creepy stepfather. The ways that families don't talk about things never ceases to amaze me, and Field does the topic justice in its exploration. Given that Burt Reynolds called her the love of his life, it's appare ...more

  • Anthea

    So moving, such beautiful writing.

  • Stan Baginski

    You're only as sick as the secrets that you keep.

    Wow! I actually read this engaging, honest and illuminating memoir in one sitting. The brutal honesty and objectivity that Ms Field displays in openly discovering and relating her life-long battle with self-esteem and why she's the person that she is is refreshing and helped me to see some of the same traps I've also fallen into in my own life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has come from a family that hides it's secrets or where abuse

  • Nancy

    A brilliant moving memoir.

    There is something powerful in opening up and showing yourself, famous or not. Sally's life struggles and triumphs are each woman trying to find who she is.