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A horrific explosion levels part of the city and Camryn Kingfisher is the sole survivor.Amidst controversy, conspiracy theories, and threats from government officials, Camryn longs for the truth. But the only person who she can turn to is a transparent boy in a lab coat named Quint. Unsure whether hes a hallucination or a ghost, Camryn has no choice but to trust him as they become embroiled in a plot that is bigger than either of them realize. In a race where the fabric of time and space is at stake, they must figure out who caused the explosion before the culprit comes back to finish Camrynand her cityoff for good....

Title : Afterimage
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781624145971
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Afterimage Reviews

  • Chelsea

    I very much have a “what did I just read” feeling about this book but I still think I enjoyed it. I’m happy where it ended even though the middle was confusing as hell.

  • Paige Dan


    I was obsessed with this book from about 10 pages in. The story is thrilling and there may in fact be a new twist in every single chapter. Our main character Camryn deeply loves her mom, dad, and brother Kyle. She deals with true Panic Disorder and works so hard for that not to run her entire life. Quint is a mysterious guest that Camryn finds herself tied to after a huge explosion causes the death of Camryn's mom- along with thousands of other people. Camryn deals with guilt, grief,

  • Roxanne

    Thank you to Page Street Publishing for a copy of the ARC in exchange for a fair review.

    Camryn is working through her panic disorder, and her mom is talking it her through it when she finally makes it on base to pick her mom up from work. However, Camryn never makes it into the building. A massive explosive happens and before Camryn falls unconscious she sees a boy who is shocked that she can see him.

    She spends weeks asleep before finally waking up and realizing that she is the only survivor. Th

  • Carolyn O'Doherty

    I really loved this book. The story kept me on my toes, every time I thought I knew what was going on, the author took a turn I did not expect. I was intrigued straight through to the end. It's an imaginative original story with a great, believable protagonist. Highly recommend!!

  • Kara Peck

    Oh I loved it! I laughed. I cried. This was great. A little of everything. Great character development. Great quotes. Humor, plot twists, and great imagery! There’s a little something for everyone in this. I’m glad it wasn’t over done or trying to hard. It just came out amazing.

  • Mackenzie

    I absolutely loved this book! I read it through an ARC program and will definitely be buying myself a copy when it comes out.

    The storytelling and writing style captures the reader and draws you in. Because neither Quint nor Camryn know what is happening, and the suspense and life or death scenario surrounding their situation, the reader is desperate to know what's going to happen next. When you do find out, not only is it a satisfying explanation, it one that makes you only more invested in the

  • Kim Chance

    I don't read a lot of sci-fi, but after reading the synopsis of this gorgeous book, I just had to check it out! I'm so glad I did! From the very first page, I was hooked, and I found myself reading this gem of a book in almost one sitting. All of my theories were completely wrong and as the story unraveled, I found myself on the journey to discovery and truth along with the main character--it was quite a ride! I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so the best way I can really describe my enjoyment of this ...more

  • S.M. Pearce