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The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos

There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.From the best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos comes his most expansive and accessible book to datea book that takes on the grandest question: Is ours the only universe?There was a time when universe meant all there is. Everything. Yet, in recent years discoveries in physics and cosmology have led a number of scientists to conclude that our universe may be one among many. With crystal-clear prose and inspired use of analogy, Brian Greene shows how a range of different multiverse proposals emerges from theories developed to explain the most refined observations of both subatomic particles and the dark depths of space: a multiverse in which you have an infinite number of doppelgngers, each reading this sentence in a distant universe; a multiverse comprising a vast ocean of bubble universes, of which ours is but one; a multiverse that endlessly cycles through time, or one that might be hovering milli...

Title : The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
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ISBN : 37797634
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The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos Reviews

  • Nicholas

    I purchased this on the strength of Brian Greene's past works and find him to be consistent in his clarity of explanation.Although I had a few sticky moments with some elements of string theory and the explanation of the concept of infinity, on the whole it went well.I didn't get the same revelatory experience I got from "Fabric of the Cosmos",as most of the multiverse theories are extensions of areas he has covered previously and as the book is written with the assumption of little or no prior ...more

  • Joseph

    Probably one of the most comprehensive and comprehensible books on basically everything I have read. From classic physics to Einstein and string theory to reality are explained. This is definitely not a book for non-science people. Greene does, frequently, give the reader a chance to jump ahead if they do not want to read about the explanation of the theory presented. Greene will give a summary and then go into the science the reader has the choice of listening tot he details or accepting the th ...more

  • Javier Santaolalla

    Me descubro ante el que yo considero que es el mejor divulgador científico de nuestro tiempo, al menos en lo que respecta a la física. Claro, audaz, brillante, sabe cómo exponer hasta el contenido más enrevesado, lo desmenuza y ordena para que el lector lo entienda pero también lo disfrute. Que un científico de primera línea tenga además estas habilidades narrativas es algo que un lector apasionado como yo agradece, una combinación que por desgracia no es fácil encontrar.

    En este libro Greene nos

  • Mary Overton

    It took me 8 months to read this book. My system is to read until my head is ready to explode, then stop for a month, then restart at the beginning. On the 4th attempt, I made it to the last page (or rather, Kindle location.) guarantee of how much was actually understood. This is a book that pried open my mind. The brain is sore and ecstatic from the experience.

    From the last chapter,

    Table 11.1 Summary of Various Versions of Parallel Universes

    1. Quilted Multiverse: Conditions in an infinite

  • Mohamed al-Jamri

    Notes I took while reading the book:

    Read by author

    About the multiverse.

    Chapter 1: The bounds of reality, on parallel worlds.

    Clears what we mean by universe and multiverse. varieties of parallel worlds.

    Probabilistic nature of QM and the many worlds interpretation of it.

    Many paths leading to the multiverse: QM, inflation, infinite cosmos, string theory.

    He's open about the speculative nature of the topic. Honest from the beginning. [he was also honest in The Elegant Universe documentary - maybe I s

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    The first book I had by Brian Greene was The Fabric of the Cosmos. I got it not long after it was releases and a friend asked me if he could borrow it not long after I received it in the mail, before I'd read it.

    I said yes.

    I didn't get the book back for several years, Dr. Greene had written more by then. Oh well.

    This book (as is Dr. Greene's wont) is an attempt to take highly technical and advanced ideas and make them understandable to "us", "we", "the great unwashed", "the masses". I suppose i

  • Zaid

    I am sold to Brian Greene after reading this one.I am fond of his simplicity for writing such a book.I was looking for such a book for quite sometime and when I learned about it I instantly decided to read it. It took me quite a time to read this book,to process it.It is a good book for the people who have little knowledge in this field.Want to broaden your knowledge on the topics like Multiverse,string theory? Read this book.

  • Sara

    I wanted to get a glimpse of the current state of physics' understanding and theories about our universe and possible multiverses, mostly after an interesting piece on Radiolab a few months ago. I felt like this book got bogged down in string theory, and I have to admit the mechanics of the holographic universe escaped me. Still, I feel like I understand more about how theories of multiverses originate, and where they might be going. Not the most fun read, and I was expecting less theoretical ph ...more