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Notes on a Nervous Planet

The world is messing with our minds.Rates of stress and anxiety are rising. A fast, nervous planet is creating fast and nervous lives. We are more connected, yet feel more alone. And we are encouraged to worry about everything from world politics to our body mass index.- How can we stay sane on a planet that makes us mad? - How do we stay human in a technological world?- How do we feel happy when we are encouraged to be anxious?After experiencing years of anxiety and panic attacks, these questions became urgent matters of life and death for Matt Haig. And he began to look for the link between what he felt and the world around him.Notes on a Nervous Planet is a personal and vital look at how to feel happy, human and whole in the 21st century....

Title : Notes on a Nervous Planet
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ISBN : 9781786892676
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 310 pages
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Notes on a Nervous Planet Reviews

  • Katy Noyes

    Reasons looked inward, Notes looks back out again. Honest and applicable life lessons from one of my favourite contemporary writers and thinkers.

    I'd call Matt Haig 'a thinker'. As well as enjoying almost every adult and children's novel he's brought out, I can recognise my own life, thought processes and faults in his two non-fiction 'guides to life' as I think of them.

    Reasons To Stay Alive was a bare-all look at one man's breakdown and recovery/lessons learned. Now Haig puts himself and us in t

  • Cher

    4 stars - It was great. I loved it.

    A thought provoking look at how rapidly our society has changed over the last 20 years with the advent of modern technological advances. I found a multitude of quotable passages and interesting tidbits. I’m a fan of Haig’s writing, be it fiction or nonfiction.


    Favorite Quote: It sometimes feels as if we have temporarily solved the problem of scarcity and replaced it with the problem of excess.

    First Sentence: I was stre

  • Joana  Eyre

    "We have handed over our instincts to the hands of a clock. Increasingly, we serve time rather than time serving us."

    "When normality becomes madness, the only way to find sanity is by daring to be different. Or daring to be the you that exists beyond all the physical clutter and mind debris of modern existence."

    “But while choice is infinite, our lives have time spans. We can’t live every life. We can’t watch every film or read every book or visit every single place on this sweet earth. Rather th

  • Tom McLean

    I feel like I could write a Twitter bot that would generate this entire book. If you're the type of person who needs someone to tell you "It will be okay" a thousand different ways, then this is the book for you. I, like Matt Haig, also suffer from anxiety. But being told "it will be okay" only adds to my anxiety. I was hoping for a tool or an escape, but did not find it here. I'm glad Mr. Haig has found a profitable way to deal with his anxiety, by selling out his mantras.

  • Rain

    Matt Haig did it again.

    Everyone who knows me is aware that I read A LOT of fantasy, a bit of sci-fi, so few contemporary, and I rarely read non-fiction. I read to escape but non-fiction books are just too close to reality for my liking. Despite that, I devour Matt Haig's non-fiction books. Notes from a Nervous Planet is a sort of follow up to Reasons To Stay Alive—a book that means so much to me.

    Reasons to Stay Alive made me love Matt Haig so much. It is the second non-fiction book I honestly

  • Zohal

    4.5 Stars

    "It’s all right that the world is crazy, as long as I make my little corner of the world sane." Diane Lockhart from The Good Fight.

    The above quote perfectly summarises this book. I read this in one setting which rarely happens these days. This has given me so much to think about it. It was so raw and so very from the heart. I don't suffer from anxiety yet I felt as though Matt Haig put the deepest depths of my soul onto the page. I guarantee everyone will relate to at least one commen

  • Martha Mae

    Devoured this in a single day. Deliciously yummy. Another Haig triumph.

  • Lindsey

    Just read it :)