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The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels #1)

Reality and illusion blur for an ex-Navy SEAL investigating a deadly case of stalking in this page-turner that Michael Connelly calls a hundred percent adrenaline rush disguised as a detective novel.Nicki Pearl is the perfect daughterevery parents dream. And that of strangers, too. Wherever she goes, shes being watched. Each stalker is different from the last, except for one thingtheir alarming obsession with Nicki.Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Nickis father is turning to someone who can protect her: retired private detective and exNavy SEAL Jon Lancaster. Teaming up with FBI agent and former abduction victim Beth Daniels, Lancaster can helphis way. Hes spent most of his career dispatching creeps who get off on terrorizing the vulnerable. Unlicensed, and unrestricted, he plays dirtyBut this case is unusual. Why so many men? Why this one girl? Does Nicki have something to hide? Or do her parents?Trawling the darkest depths of southern Florida, Lancaster faces a growin...

Title : The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels #1)
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ISBN : 9781503901698
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 310 pages
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The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels #1) Reviews

  • Kristine

    Actually 2.5 stars

    This book was a kind of conundrum for me. I got it as part of the Amazon First program and I do not think that I would have ever chosen this book on my own. Actually, I know that I would not have chosen this book on my own. About 4 chapters in, (I was listening to it on Audible at the time) I decided to look up the book on Goodreads and see what the general consensus was. That in itself should have been telling because I very rarely look up reviews AFTER I've already started a

  • Rhonda Lomazow

    Page turner

    Very enjoyable novel detailing horrific abductions of female victims by a couple of serial killers,which are tied to pornography fixations.Who are the bad guys is the central question of the book..

  • Julie

    This is the first book in what I hope is a long-running series. I like that Jon Lancaster is a former policeman and ex Navy SEAL. He knows how to get things done and doesn't follow protocol to achieve results.

    I didn't like the character of Daniels, a female FBI agent, whose path crosses with Lancaster. The only time the story felt wrong was after she entered the story. Lancaster explained things to her that I feel sure an agent specializing in crimes against underage females would already know.

  • Erdem Erden

    I have seen TV series and movies with product placement before but this is the first book that I read is doing the same. If I wanted to read something with lots of brand and product description, I would read IKEA or BestBuy catalog not a thriller book.

  • Geoff.

    The novels featuring Seals or ex-Seals mount by the day. Is it too soon to say that Seal/ex-Seal novels multiply like tribbles?!??

    This is not one of those novels. Jon Lancaster is a refreshing character. He has all the requisite Seal skills, plus some decent cop chops. And a beer belly. (no spoilers here)

    The King Tides is a well-written effort that is over too soon. Oh and there is Beth Daniels!

  • Skip

    I'm happy to have read this for free (Amazon Prime First Reads) because I love James Swain's books. I have read all but one. This one was pretty weak. It stars Jon Lancaster, an ex-Navy Seal, who becomes a private investigator after saving his unit by killing a child bomber. He is hired by a couple recently returned from overseas, whose innocent (?) daughter is being stalked by many different men. The question is why. Getting this answer takes awhile and Jon makes some mistakes along the way, ev ...more

  • Tina Bailey

    It could have been better.

    I really dislike giving bad reviews because I know every writer deserves recognition for putting themselves out here. This book was irritating in the fact that it was so repetitive about every situation. There's no reason to repeat every detail of each person, place, and thing because it takes away from the story. I didn't like the "problem" in this criminal thriller because it seemed too drastic of an effect brought about by an unrealistic cause. Child pornography is n

  • Cwilson466

    I have to say that I tried very hard to give this book the benefit of the doubt, but there are some glaring problems that I couldn't get past. I'll start with the positive.

    1. The story, if you ignore the 'in-the-weeds' detail, was engaging. I did want to know what the resolution would be, so that kept me reading.

    Now for the issues that I had with the writing:

    1. Our hero is supposed to be this super-human, brilliant investigator. But there are many times when he seems obtuse. When I can come to