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Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love

The revelatory memoir by former "poster girl for Scientology" Michelle LeClair about her defection from the Church, her newly accepted sexual identity, and the lengths to which Scientology went to silence it.For years, Michelle LeClair, former President of Scientology's international humanitarian organization, tried to reconcile her sexual orientation with the anti-gay ideology of the church. Michelle finally ends her horrific marriage, finds the love of her life, a woman, and ultimately leaves the Church. But the split comes at a terrible price. Her once pristine reputation is publicly dragged through the mud, the police raid her home, her ex-husband tries to gain full custody of their children, and the multi-million dollar business she built from scratch is utterly destroyed.In this tell-all memoir, Michelle offers an insider's perspective on Scientology's pervasive influence, secret rituals, and ruthless practices for keeping members in line. It's a story of self-acceptance, of find...

Title : Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love
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ISBN : 9781101991169
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love Reviews

  • Claire Neubert

    Michelle Leclair does an incredible job of walking through the series of unfortunate events that led to her distrust of the cult of Scientology, and her ultimate coming out, and seeing the organization for what it is. It is truly incredible the strength it must have took her to walk away from everyone/everything she new and choose to recreate herself apart from the organization that didn't have her back in any way. Although this story was definitely probably a painful one to write, her courage a ...more

  • Janet

    Scientology is fascinating and this book did not disappoint --- but it could have been better written.

  • eva

    Sorry but Scientologists are was very very interesting to read her journey and all the things that are "behind the curtain" of Scientology.....honestly the main thing that bugged me was that she used another name for her partner in her book than her real name...which I found after I google'd her...but otherwise a good read!

  • Ligaya

    Interesting book on both Scientology and the author's grappling with her sexuality and coming out, although both subjects are given short shrift. I've read many books on Scientology so I understood more than a more casual reader and have a fair understanding of alternative lifestyles and LGBTQ issues. This book is an easy and quick read, fairly straightforward and thus lacking in depth, plus containing some annoying editing errors.

  • Emily

    I have very little doubt that the Church of Scientology tried to ruin Michelle's life after she came out as gay and left the church. I do not question that her failed marriage left her physically and emotionally drained and that the church played a big role in her continuing to attempt to conform to heteronormative standards. But the book is written in a way that makes me feel like it's not 100% accurate. I didn't need much convincing that the bad things that happened actually happened. Still, t ...more

  • Paul

    Another great take-down of the evil cult of Scientology, and how absolutely nasty it is to former adherents. The degree of actions taken against the author by the cult should tell you how crazy Scientology is as well as its meanness and vindictiveness. The author's many decades as an idealist in the cult shatter after she falls in love with a woman and is declared a Suppressive Person. The cult does an incredible and complex disinformation smear on her that causes her to lose all her business (w ...more

  • Libbye

    I wouldn't say much about the writing, but I don't read many memoirs so it didn't seem that unusual to me- I suppose it's her voice, after all. The first chapter was a rough start for me but after that it was smooth sailing, and I thought her story was engaging and important. It's easy to write stories like this off as someone being weak, or somehow blaming it on them. But it's fascinating/terrifying how deeply people can be manipulated and how little widespread caring or knowledge there is abou ...more

  • Sandie Baker

    Interesting, well told story. Michelle Seward rose quite high in the ranks of Scientology (a very costly endeavor). After a disastrous marriage and a host of other problems, she left the church and wrote this book. I recommend it with one caveat - it's a memoir, so it's subjective.