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The Deepest Roots

Cottonwood Hollow, Kansas, is a strange place. For the past century, every girl has been born with a special talent, like the ability to Fix any object, Heal any wound, or Find what is missing.Best friends Rome, Lux, and Mercy all have similar talents, but to them, their abilities often feel like a curse. Rome may be able to Fix anything she touches, but that wont help her mom pay rent or make it any easier to confide in Lux and Mercy about whats going on at home. And Rome isnt the only one. Lux has been hiding bigger, more dangerous secrets.As Rome struggles to keep her friendships close, she discovers the truth about life in Cottonwood Hollowthat friends are stronger than curses, that trust is worth the risk, and sometimes, what youve been looking for has been under your feet the whole time....

Title : The Deepest Roots
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ISBN : 9780062747075
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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The Deepest Roots Reviews

  • Ilena

    Oh wow, how I adored this debut novel! I can't gush enough about this magical realism/contemporary/slightly paranormal read where all my senses were completely immersed as I read about these girls from Cottonwood Hollow: mainly, Rome, Lux, and Mercy. It's been a while since I've read a YA novel like this one - seemingly quiet but its got a huge heart and the winning factor is definitely the focus on female friendships.

    Right off the bat, there is so much worldbuilding, which is a feat even for co


    3.5 stars! While I wasn’t initially sure about this book (the initial half had a mix of all these elements that I wasn’t sure would come together), I ended up liking the way it portrayed the ups and downs of life and friendship, with a bonus set of unusual circumstances.

  • theresa 🌸🥑

    i am a sucker for magical realism,strong friendships and mysterious little towns in the middle of nowhere so this was more than perfect!✨

  • Paulina (aspiringliterati)

    Ah goooosh, could we possibly get like a sequel? I want more!

    (REALLY strong 4 stars, in fact.... 4.5 is more accurate, I think)

    “The Deepest Roots” is a debut novel and follows three (I want to say 16 yr olds but I’m not sure if that’s true) young women who all have special talents. Rome, our main, is a Fixer so any object she touches, she can fix with the sheer power of her will. Lux is a Siren and considers her talent of persuasion to be a curse rather than a gift. Mercy is an Enough which mean

  • Hamad

    This review and other non-spoilery reviews can be found @The Book Prescription

    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

    "For my daughters, may you grow to be as

    brave as Rome,

    strong as Lux,

    and compassionate as Mercy"

    🌟 The above quote is the dedication of this book. Funny how after reading only this, I felt that I know the characters and could relate to them. A few pages in and I was hooked.

    🌟 Now when I first started this I didn’t expect the modern world buil

  • Lillie Lainoff

    *Won ARC from Pop Goes the Reader*

    Reading this book felt like coming home. Tulsa, OK (where half my family's from) and Cottonwood Hollow, KS are not the same place. But they still have a similar, distinct feeling – one defined by the dry ground under your feet and the vast sky overhead and knowing that at any moment, everything can be torn to shreds around you.

    From the very first page describing Rome (the MC) seeking shelter from a tornado, the author had me hooked. And it only got better from

  • Lex

    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

    Okaaaay. So I took a long time finishing this ARC because it's a bit uneventful. Don't get me wrong, the premise is way good. The idea that there are talents is really appealing for me. Especially being a Fixer. It's really a cool idea.

    But the reason why this is not a five stars rating was that the dialogues. It's not that engaging. A bit bland, I suppose. Maybe because I was so used with MC that are way too sarcastic

  • Jackie

    This book was so beautifully written that I want to reread it again and again because I fell in love.

    “The Deepest Roots” follows three young women all struggling with something in their lives but tied together through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Lux, Macey and Rome all live in Cottonwood Hollow a place where over generations daughters have been cursed with certain talents that manage to upend their lives along with the more mundane problems of small town living when a tornado brings