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The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores

From a Pulitzer Prizewinning writer comes an exuberant memoir of personal loss and longing, and finding connection on the remote Azorean islands of the Atlantic Ocean.Reporter Diana Marcum is in crisis. A long-buried personal sadness is enfolding herand her career is stalledwhen she stumbles upon an unusual group of immigrants living in rural California. She follows them on their annual return to the remote Azorean islands in the Atlantic Ocean, where bulls run down village streets, volcanoes are active, and the people celebrate festas to ease their saudade, a longing so deep that the Portuguese word for it cant be fully translated.Years later, California is in a terrible drought, the wildfires seem to never end, and Diana finds herself still dreaming of those islands and the chuvaa rain so soft you dont notice when it begins or ends.With her troublesome Labrador retriever, Murphy, in tow, Diana returns to the islands of her dreams only to discover that there are still things she longs...

Title : The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores
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ISBN : 9781503941328
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 238 pages
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The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores Reviews

  • Tonya

    I once lived in the Acores.

    When I say the cover of this book I knew where the picture was taken. I lived there. I was a Military wife at Lakes Field. I too fell in love with this mystical place. The people are amazing. I spent 2 years there (December 1992-Feb-1995). An adventure I will hold in my heart forever. Your book brought back so many memories, and yes once you have been chased by a bull in the streets,you never forget it. I lived in Bel Jarden. Then a year later move on base. I still use

  • Sara

    Positive for the Azorean community in California and the Azores section; did not care about author's personal life/romance/travelogue.

  • Calzean

    The author is a journalist, she is in a slump with nothing going right - no permanent job, no love life and no fulfilment. Through her work she meets some of the many emigrants from the Azores who make an annual pilgrimage back to their homes. She decides to visit this set of islands firstly for a couple of weeks, then a few months and years later for a year.

    Not surprising she finds happiness in the simple, community-based life style. She writes well, always with the respect of a visitor who is

  • Wendy Orford

    Sorry but I did not enjoy this book. I continued reading it because I thought something interesting may happen to Diana on her Azores adventure but it didn't. I found the book rather rambling and difficult to keep up with the different people mentioned. Having said all of that and as a result of reading this book I am planning to visit the Azores next year for a holiday so it cant have been all bad.

  • Francesca

    I really wanted to like this one - it started out strong and the culture and history of the Azores was very interesting. I just could not get on board with Marcum's writing style - the jumping back and forth in narrative was really confusing and I found myself skimming the pages and then just didn't finish it. The Azores are a very compelling topic but I think a more linear writing style may have worked better?

  • Cat Hall

    This is a beautiful, moving love story between a woman and a string of islands. It speaks to the part of my heart that longs to just go. It reminds me that I am my only obstacle. This book is a must read for those with this internal calling. Enjoy the journey!

  • Christina

    Outstanding work

    This book is rich and delicious. It makes me want to visit the Azores like the brilliant author. I love how she writes with compassion for those around her and an excellent eye for detail.

  • Kristi Kissick

    This was a good book and well written but it didn't have much of a plot.