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The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores

From a Pulitzer Prizewinning writer comes an exuberant memoir of personal loss and longing, and finding connection on the remote Azorean islands of the Atlantic Ocean.Reporter Diana Marcum is in crisis. A long-buried personal sadness is enfolding herand her career is stalledwhen she stumbles upon an unusual group of immigrants living in rural California. She follows them on their annual return to the remote Azorean islands in the Atlantic Ocean, where bulls run down village streets, volcanoes are active, and the people celebrate festas to ease their saudade, a longing so deep that the Portuguese word for it cant be fully translated.Years later, California is in a terrible drought, the wildfires seem to never end, and Diana finds herself still dreaming of those islands and the chuvaa rain so soft you dont notice when it begins or ends.With her troublesome Labrador retriever, Murphy, in tow, Diana returns to the islands of her dreams only to discover that there are still things she longs...

Title : The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores
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ISBN : 9781503941328
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 238 pages
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The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores Reviews

  • Rebecca

    Kindle First Reads - July 2018

  • Shayna

    I rarely give 5-star reviews, but this beautiful—and beautifully written—memoir most definitely deserves one. Kudos to journalist Diana Marcum for combining the depth and breadth of excellent reporting with the singsongy lyricism of a veteran novelist. I enjoyed every word and have added the Azores to my travel bucket list.

  • Sheket

    This was a great summer read.

    I liked Diana's writing style very much. Particularly enjoyed the people development that she did, as it makes the characters very familiar feeling -knowable and likable!

  • Cat Hall

    This is a beautiful, moving love story between a woman and a string of islands. It speaks to the part of my heart that longs to just go. It reminds me that I am my only obstacle. This book is a must read for those with this internal calling. Enjoy the journey!

  • Kat

    I'm the grandchild of Portuguese immigrants from the Azores, so this was a charming read for me. She captured saudade well. I appreciated that this was partially a travel memoir, but didn't feel like just another self-exploration tale in the string of post Eat, Pray, Love novels. The author's personal experiences and specific appreciation for Portuguese culture enhanced her ability to tell stories of the Azores alongside her own.

  • Betsy Hensley Smothers

    An easy read. I felt like I too was a friend with each character.

    I enjoyed the narrative biography of Ms. Marcum. The description of the places visited were vividly described. I'd like to visit the Azores one day.

  • Calzean

    The author is a journalist, she is in a slump with nothing going right - no permanent job, no love life and no fulfilment. Through her work she meets some of the many emigrants from the Azores who make an annual pilgrimage back to their homes. She decides to visit this set of islands firstly for a couple of weeks, then a few months and years later for a year.

    Not surprising she finds happiness in the simple, community-based life style. She writes well, always with the respect of a visitor who is

  • Laney Dunn

    This could’ve been a great book, but the structure is absolutely terrible. It’s incredibly difficult to follow her writing. I felt like she was jumping around constantly, and there was no flow to it whatsoever. It’s hard to get into the book or her story.

    Even more importantly to me, this wasn’t the book I felt like I was billed. The Azores were just a setting. I don’t really feel like I took away anything from this book about the islands.