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The Door to the Lost

There was no warning the day magic died in Talhaven. It happened with a giant explosion and the arrival of a skyship full of children, all with magic running through their veins and no memory of home.Rook and Drift are two of those children, and ever since that day, they've been on the run, magical refugees in a world that doesn't trust magic. Because magic doesn't die right away--it decays, twists, and poisons all that it touches. And now it's beginning to poison people.Try as they might, Rook and Drift can't remember anything about their lives before Talhaven. But it's beginning to look like they're the only ones who can save their adopted world . . . if that world doesn't destroy them first....

Title : The Door to the Lost
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ISBN : 9781101933183
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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The Door to the Lost Reviews

  • Rajiv

    A BIG Thank You to NetGalley, Delacorte Books for Young Readers and Random House Children’s for providing me a copy of “The Door to the Lost” by Jaleigh Johnson in exchange for my review. Before I begin, I would like to say that I’m not a fantasy reader in any way. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but it takes quite some time for me to finish a fantasy novel. I prefer to read realistic fiction for the most part. Having said that, I selected this book in NetGalley because I LOVED the cover design! ...more

  • Carissa

    A very interesting take on magic with a sprinkle of science fiction (multiverse). It's rather short, which can be good or bad, and does seem to move at a fast pace. For the age group it targets, it hits some important lessons about friendship, trust, and believing in yourself. While it ends nicely, I do hope for another book and answers to questions that aren't important to the story, but my curiosity needs!

    I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Laurie

    Interest Level: 5-8

    Imagine that you live in a place where you have to hide all of the time because you are being hunted? How would it feel to have to sneak around and hide all of the time? This is exactly Rook and Drift's life. They live in a place called Talhaven where magic used to abound. Then one day without any warning there was a great explosion in the doorway between Vora and Talhaven that causes the magic to die, or what magic is left is dangerous. Everyone who is left in Talhaven that h

  • Amy

    Love this author's writing and was excited to read about a new world she created. The story did not disappoint. Fresh, interesting magic with a compelling emotional story as well. Characters you care about, tense action and adventure, and a well-developed fantasy world.

  • JustAButterfly

    Most of this book rubbed me the wrong way for whatever reason.

    It's compelling, but most of the plot just felt rushed. It sets up the "here are things as they are now" part and then just sprints off into the distance. Where is the world-building? Nowhere in sight. There's a few mentions of concepts, like a disease caused by the disappearance of magic and some of the children disappearing or serving the ruling family (or whoever runs the country this takes place in), but the disease shows up for

  • Nadia C.

    I received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    First off, this book was so wonderful and I'm hoping that a sequel is in the works. The world-building in the book was amazing; from the first few pages I was totally sucked in and couldn't stop reading. I love the main characters and how they have formed a family because they are unable to be with their 'real' family. I think that this is an important message to give to kids- that you can build your own family

  • Rosie Rizk

    Fantastic book. Great characters with awesome magic. I loved the MC, who grew a lot throughout the book. And I'm a sucker for orphans and magic, which this book definitely has.

    The non stop action and character building and magic make this book hard to put down. The girls' friendship was very well done. I fell easily into the story, fearing for the orphans' everyday struggle to get by, and hoping the adults don't discover or betray them. Or that their magic could save them in time.

    I highly reco

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)

    Rook and Drift are exiles, forced to live in hiding because they possess magic from another world. Rook has the ability to open doors that will transport her to any place she can imagine, but when she opens a doorway to a mysterious snowy forest, a creature comes bounding into her life that will change her forever. Unable to trust anyone, hunted down by a government that hates their other-worldly magic, Rook and Drift try desperately to control the unreliable magic buzzing around their city. The ...more