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Chariot on the Mountain

"Once old Mastuh be dead, you be workin' in the fields just like the rest of 'em. That day comin' soon." Two decades before the Civil War, a middle-class farmer named Samuel Maddox lies on his deathbed. Elsewhere in his Virginia home, a young woman named Kitty knows her life is about to change. She is one of the Maddox family's slaves--and Samuel's biological daughter. When Samuel's wife, Mary, inherits her husband's property, she will own Kitty too, along with Kitty's three small children.Already in her fifties and with no children of her own, Mary Maddox has struggled to accept her husband's daughter, a strong-willed, confident, educated woman who works in the house and has been treated more like family than slave. After Samuel's death, Mary decides to grant Kitty and her children their freedom, and travels with them to Pennsylvania, where she will file papers declaring Kitty's emancipation. Helped on their perilous flight by Quaker families along the Underground Railroad, they final...

Title : Chariot on the Mountain
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Chariot on the Mountain Reviews

  • KayG

    This was a compelling story of a young slave who was determined that she not be separated from her three children as she had been from her mother. Kitty was a real person, and the author has made her story known through fiction based on research. I particularly was interested in the Underground Railroad, and through Kitty’s eyes, I saw how it worked. Bless the Quakers for loving those in such danger, and at risk to themselves. Kitty’s story deserved to be told!

    This book was given to me by NetGal

  • Claire Talbot

    Set two decades before the Civil War, a slave named Kitty Maddox lives on a Virginia plantation. When her master (and her biological father) dies, her mistress decides to honor her husband's last wishes, and free Kitty and her children. Taking a trip on the Underground Railroad, the women travel to Pennsylvania where Kitty is freed, and placed with a freed black man's family. A greedy nephew decides to dispute the widow Mary's will, and travels to Pennsylvania kidnapping Kitty and her children, ...more

  • Karen

    Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford

    I really loved the narrative and this author's style of storytelling that from the very first page I was hooked and couldn't put this historical work down. The author Jack Ford is talented in not just as a writer but was a prosecutor, trial lawyer, but also a legal journalist. While visiting an 1830's era courthouse that still functions today as the Rappahannock County courtroom where the setting in Virginia, where most of this incredible story takes place. Mr

  • Kathleen Gray

    Fascinating historical fiction about a real woman- Kitty Payne, who struggled, along with the white widow who "owns" her, to freedom. Kitty becomes a pawn in the fight over Samuel Maddox's estate. His nephew wants to sell Kitty, Maddox's daughter, along with her children. This leads Maddox's widow Mary, a decent woman, to help her escape via the Underground Railroad. There are some very well done scenes of the journey but what will stick with you is how Kitty is captured and returned, as chattel ...more

  • Ardis

    This is really important fictional work about a little known historical event. A black slave and her mistress make a perilous journey to freedom. While the black slave wants to be free from the institution of slavery, her mistress wants to be free from her past. Nothing ever goes as it is planned though.

    I would give this book 3.5 stars. The chapters are short and written in an episodic fashion which did not make me feel very connected to the characters. This is a quick read. I also think this w

  • Theresa

    4 1/2 stars but I'm rounding up to 5.

    The main reason for the deduction of stars is that the story was slow in some places and a bit repetitive at times.

    Full review to come if life ever slows down enough to sit down and write.

  • MakBoo

    Beautiful historical account of courage and allyship

    Like stated in the Author’s Note, I am surprised that Kitty’s case is not taught throughout the country! This is a great testament to the rich tapestry of untold stories about the human experience.

    The novel was riveting although I found the writing to be a bit overhanded-handed...and obvious (the reminder that even free blacks needed to give up their seat in the courthouse, the fleeting smile from the judge at the end). I found myself pausing

  • Jenny

    Once in awhile, you read a book that you fall in love with. It becomes your "go-to or must-read" recommendation and the one that you tell all your friends to read. It is definitely your book club pick that month. We've all read those books and each year begins the search for another one,

    But how about a book that you finish reading and get to say that my life is better or richer for having read it. That list is a lot smaller and hard to come by.

    Chariot on the Mountain by Jack Ford is a "life rich