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City of Ink

Following the enthralling 18th century Chinese mysteries Jade Dragon Mountain and White Mirror, comes the next Li Du adventure in City of Ink.Li Du was prepared to travel anywhere in the world except for one place: home. But to unravel the mystery that surrounds his mentors execution, thats exactly where he must go.Plunged into the painful memories and teeming streets of Beijing, Li Du obtains a humble clerkship that offers anonymity and access to the records he needs. He is beginning to make progress when his search for answers buried in the past is interrupted by murder in the present.The wife of a local factory owner is found dead, along with a man who appears to have been her lover, and the most likely suspect is the husband. But what Li Dus superiors at the North Borough Office are willing to accept as a crime of passion strikes Li Du as something more calculated. As past and present intertwine, Li Dus investigations reveal that many of Beijings residents foreign and Chinese, art...

Title : City of Ink
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City of Ink Reviews

  • Olivia Farr

    "City of Ink" was a fantastic third book in the Li Du series. Li Du is no longer in exile, and has traveled to Beijing where he works as a secretary for his former brother-in-law (his wife had divorced him when he was exiled). He is using the low profile to investigate the death of his former mentor and friend, Shu. Shu was convicted of treason (as part of a group conspiring to kill the emperor) and executed, and due to his relationship with Shu, Li Du was exiled. Li Du has maintained his mentor ...more

  • Susan Johnson

    4.5 stars

    This is the third book in the Li Du, Imperial Chinese Librarian, series and the best by far. This is a complex mystery with interesting characters and full of historical information about the 18th century Beijing. It is a satisfying read on many levels.

    Li Du has returned from his exile and is working as a low level clerk in the North Borough Office which gives him access to records he needs to clear the name of his mentor, Shu. Shu had been executed for a plot against the Emperor that

  • Phair

    3.5* Another great entry in this fascinating series. I did miss the more exotic settings of the previous books that took place during Li Du's wandering as an exile. Once again Hart was able to bring her setting, now back in the Imperial City, to life from the alleyways to the palaces. Setting the story during the giant examination event where 6000 or more young scholars vied for a small number of political positions was particularly inspired. It brought an urgency to the entire story. I admit I ...more

  • Kathleen Gray

    A way different take on the historical mystery! Set in China in the 1800s, it features Li Du, the imperial librarian turned sleuth, who in this installment in the series has taken as job as a clerk hoping to work on answers to why his mentor Shu was executed for a crime Li Du is sure he did not commit. Shortly after, however, he finds himself drawn into a current and ugly situation involving the deaths of two people- the wife of a tile factory owner and the construction manager presumed to her l ...more

  • Monica

    Li Du has returned to Beijing from his travels in Tibet. He has not returned to his previous position as librarian, but to a less significant job as secretary to a minor magistrate. He is hoping to use his free time and access to official documents to find out the truth about the death of Shu, his friend and mentor who was executed for involvement in the plot that led to Li Du’s exile in the first book in the series.

    The city is in an uproar. Six thousand candidates are present to take the three

  • MJ


    I hate when these stories end. I loved all 3 books - this third was a welcome reconnection with Li Du. Like the gentle main character, these books gently enfold us in a world very different from our own - with great descriptions of smells, tastes and textures. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

  • J. Else

    China, 1711. Li Du returned to his home of Beijing three years ago and is still trying to unlock a mystery from his past. Working as a clerk in the North Borough Office, his personal investigation is interrupted when he is called to assist the chief inspector at the scene of a crime. At a tile factory, two bodies have been found, the factory owner’s wife and a man appearing to be her lover—both murdered. A discarded love note left at the scene makes the husband their prime suspect. But during in ...more

  • Pat

    4.5 stars

    Book #3 in the Li Du series. Li Du, an 18th century Chinese librarian, has returned to the capital city of Beijing after his pardon from exile by the Emperor. Li Du is working as a secretary at the north borough office which oversees local disputes, a lowly position considering his past experience and education. However, he wants to remain anonymous so he can further investigate the foiled plot to kill the Emperor; a charge which lead to his exile and lead to the execution of his mentor