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Fruit of the Drunken Tree

In the vein of Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a mesmerizing debut set against the backdrop of the devastating violence of 1990's Colombia about a sheltered young girl and a teenage maid who strike an unlikely friendship that threatens to undo them both.The Santiago family lives in a gated community in Bogot, safe from the political upheaval terrorizing the country. Seven-year-old Chula and her older sister Cassandra enjoy carefree lives thanks to this protective bubble, but the threat of kidnappings, car bombs, and assassinations hover just outside the neighborhood walls, where the godlike drug lord Pablo Escobar continues to elude authorities and capture the attention of the nation.When their mother hires Petrona, a live-in-maid from the city's guerrilla-occupied slum, Chula makes it her mission to understand Petrona's mysterious ways. But Petrona's unusual behavior belies more than shyness. She is a young woman crumbling under the burden of providing for her family as the...

Title : Fruit of the Drunken Tree
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ISBN : 9780385542722
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Fruit of the Drunken Tree Reviews

  • Inside My Library Mind

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    Actual rating: 2.5 stars

    A serious case of “It’s not you, it’s me”.

    I really loved the writing style. This is compared to Marquez and Allende and I can totally understand why. The author really knows how to construct a sentence and she really manages to create an atmosphere.

    I also loved how she used the backdrop of the narco war to bring forth and accentuate a story about two girls, who are very different, but who manage to find a certain kins

  • Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)

    Review originally published at Thank you to Doubleday Books for my free copy! All opinions are my own.

    I will admit, I was intimidated when picking up this book. It received high praise from early readers, and it was obviously heavy in content. Those two factors made for a lot of trepidation on my part, something I've been experiencing this year with all of the biggest releases. Sometimes, the hype for a book can overshadow the story. In this instance, Fr

  • Tiffany PSquared

    "Mamá always said -- the life she knew was a last-minute tsunami that could sweep away fathers, money, good, and children."

    Chula and her family live in Bogatá in a nice home with all the standard comforts. Just a few miles away, their young housekeeper, Petrona, lives in a makeshift hut in the hills with the remnants of her large family and no comforts. But the thing that connects them all is the violence of the time and place in which they live. Car bombs, kidnappings, drought, and hours-long b

  • Kelsey

    Set in Bogota, Colombia in the 1990s, Fruit of the Drunken Tree is an incredibly well crafted novel told mostly from the perspective of Chula, an upper middle class girl living a happy life with her older sister, mother, and father. Alternating with Chula is the perspective of Petrona, a poor girl from the Hills where Chula's mother was raised. Determined to help girls who were in that position, Chula's mother always hires poor girls to clean their house, and Petrona is the latest. Petrona's ent ...more

  • Dorie  - Traveling Sister :)


    First of all I think I’m in love with the cover of this book, what gorgeous color and pop this cover has! However the seeds from the “Drunken Tree” were used in making a very dangerous drug called “burundanga” used by many criminals in Bogota. “Victims who reported being drugged with burundanga woke up with no memory of sometimes assisting in the looting of their own apartments and bank accounts, opening their wallets and handing over everything, but that’s exactly what they had d

  • Bethany

    Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

    Fruit of the Drunken Tree is a compelling and evocative coming-of-age story set in the violence and upheaval of 1990's Bogota Colombia. Rich with culture and metaphor, the story is told through the distinctive voices of a young girl and the teenage maid who works for her family. Woven through the narrative are strong themes of family, identity, and trauma. An impressive debut!

    Chula is 7 years old when the story begins. She is stubborn and curious, but has been sheltered a

  • Lolly K Dandeneau

    via my blog:

    "Mamá said Papá had to work far away because there were no jobs in Bogotá, but all I knew was sometimes we told Papá about things, and sometimes we didn’t."

    The Santiago’s lives behind a gated community may as well be a different world entirely from where their new, thirteen year old maid Petrona comes from. Despite their differences, or perhaps because of them, Chula is drawn into a friendship with her. Where Chula and her sister Cassandra spend

  • PorshaJo

    Sometimes we are drawn to books by the cover, by the name, or even just the description. Well, it could also be the author too. But when I saw the name of this book, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to read it. Then, I saw it was about Columbia and Pablo Escobar and I immediately went to my library to grab it.

    It tells the story of one family living in Bogota and their maid. Oh yeah, and in the world of Pablo Escobar. The story alternates between the young girl in the family, Chula, and their live-