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Paris in 1789 is a labyrinth of twisted streets, filled with beggars, thieves, revolutionariesand magicians...When smallpox kills her parents, Camille Durbonne must find a way to provide for her frail, naive sister while managing her volatile brother. Relying on petty magicla magie ordinaireCamille painstakingly transforms scraps of metal into money to buy the food and medicine they need. But when the coins wont hold their shape and her brother disappears with the familys savings, Camille must pursue a richer, more dangerous mark: the glittering court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.With dark magic forbidden by her mother, Camille transforms herself into the Baroness de la Fontaine and is swept up into life at the Palace of Versailles, where aristocrats both fear and hunger for la magie. There, she gambles at cards, desperate to have enough to keep herself and her sister safe. Yet the longer she stays at court, the more difficult it becomes to reconcile her resentment of the nobles w...

Title : Enchantée
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ISBN : 36613718
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 459 pages
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Enchantée Reviews

  • Krystal


    Things you should know about me before reading this review:

    -Aladdin is my favourite movie of all time

    - I'm obsessed with anything French

    -My favourite genre is fantasy

    -I can be highly cynical when reviewing books

    So basically this had all the elements of a book I should enjoy, but if it had been written terribly, this would be a scathing, 1-star review.


    I loved it.

    I was a little worried at the beginning, b

  • Rosalyn Eves

    Beautiful writing, slow burn romance, magic, courtly politics, revolution--like Victor Hugo and Georgette Heyer had a baby (but with more diverse characters). Loved it!

  • Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink

    I loved this one!

    It's a beautiful mix between historical fiction and fantasy, and it's easy to get lost right alongside Camille - a girl struggling with poverty - as she uses magic to thrust herself into the glittering world of the French Court. In fact, what I loved most about Enchantee was not only the high stakes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but the constant tension thrust into every scene. I found myself turning those pages like none other.

    Camille is a fantastic MC - mostly

  • Jennie Damron

    I had high expectations for this book and I ended up being a tad disappointed. The things I liked: The writing was good, her research was top notch and I loved the sister relationship. I did not like the romance aspect of the story. One, it just didn't seem necessary to the story and two it wasn't believable to me. It felt detached or maybe forced is a better word. I was hoping to love this book but it was just alright.

  • JenacideByBibliophile

    Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the publisher, Flatiron Books, via NetGalley for an honest review.


    There once was a young French girl and her little sister,

    Who were poor beyond belief due to their gambling brother.

    The death of their parents turned their life quite tragic,

    That’s why the eldest sister Camille turned to gambling and magic.

    A dress that requires blood to enchant and disguise,

    Was all that she’d need to sneak into Versailles.

    But little was said about the toll on the

  • Umut Reviews

    Quite fun read and a solid debut.

    This fast paced, entertaining book is a Fantasy set in 1700's Paris.

    As a setting, it was really original and interesting to read about pre-revolution France. I loved reading about the etiquette, the class differences, the palace, the dresses, etc. It was very atmospheric.

    I usually find YA fantasies, especially series dragging on and on. But, this book was very fast paces, and full of action, which was great. I think Trelease is a very good story teller and I'll

  • Tahlia

    (Gifted) Blog Post:


    3.5/5 Stars

    *I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinion. All quotes used may be subject to change upon publication.

    I was immediately intrigued by Enchantée, as I loved the idea of a YA historical fiction set in Paris, I mean, doesn’t that just sound like a dream. However, I quickly learned that this dreamy idea of Paris is only a reality for the we

  • Heather

    Magic ripples through ENCHANTÉE. Gita Trelease’s imagination, the language she uses, the relationships she builds between characters—that is where the magic begins—and of course, there is la magie (both petty and dark) that the main character, Camille Durbonne, wields. This is my favorite kind of book to read, one where I am swept up in the writing, loving each line as much as the story itself. One where the characters take your hand and bring you into the pages with them. One where magic seems ...more