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Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

One Womans Journey Back to Loving the BibleIf the Bible isnt a science book or an instruction manual, then what is it? What do people mean when they say the Bible is inspired? When Rachel Held Evans found herself asking these questions, she began a quest to better understand what the Bible is and how it is meant to be read. What she discovered changed herand it will change you too.Drawing on the best in recent scholarship and using her well-honed literary expertise, Evans examines some of our favorite Bible stories and possible interpretations, retelling them through memoir, original poetry, short stories, soliloquies, and even a short screenplay. Undaunted by the Bibles most difficult passages, Evans wrestles through the process of doubting, imagining, and debating Scriptures mysteries. The Bible, she discovers, is not a static work but is a living, breathing, captivating, and confounding book that is able to equip us to join Gods loving and redemptive work in the world....

Title : Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again
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ISBN : 9780718022310
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 240 pages
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Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again Reviews

  • Tanner Cooper-Risser

    What a captivating read! Having read all of Rachel Held Evans books I found this one her best one yet! Her exploration of the Bible was inspiring and refreshing. It reminded me of the different genres of the Bible both in content and writing style. Utilizing different writing styles to portray each biblical genre was an excellent idea! She uses short stories, a screenplay, a sonnet, and even a choose your own adventure story to remind us that our Scripture is a combination of letters, poems, war ...more

  • Amy1N

    Reading this book was like sitting down with an old friend to talk through the Bible. I came away with a fresh desire to read passages I’ve yet to read and go back and read well remembered verses with fresh eyes. This is exactly the book I needed at exactly the right time. If you’re struggling picking up the Bible every day, this book is for you. If there’s nothing you enjoy more than starting or ending the day in scriptures, this book is for you. I’m so thankful for Rachel and her ability to so ...more

  • Ben Wideman

    This is an incredible reflection on the purpose of the biblical narrative, written by weaving together humor, biblical study, various stylistic genres, and a lot of heart. I’m so grateful that RHE wrote this book, and that we get to read it.

  • Maria

    I jumped at the chance to request an Advanced Review Copy of this book from the publisher, and I'm so glad that I did. Timely and yet timeless, Rachel Held Evan's new book is an elegantly-organized walk through the Bible that's thought-provoking, convicting and reassuring, often all on one page. This is not a book that I will read only once, straight through, and then set on a shelf, but a book that I will re-read, discuss, engage with, and refer back to. Reading this book made me excited to rea ...more

  • Charlene Bader

    Emerging from a season of disillusionment with contemporary American Christianity, this book helped me find my footing on the journey.

    Seamlessly incorporating a conversant array of academic and spiritual voices, Evans clears space for her readers to encounter ancient Scripture in new, relevant ways.

    I tend to avoid young writers, assuming they lack the seasoning of life necessary to bring perspective to any person outside their own cultural experience. Since Rachel Evans and I had similar childh

  • Kelly

    This is a book review for the not-yet-released Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans. This book is available in stores June 12th, but you can pre-order it at

    I should start by saying - I filled out an application to be on the Launch Team for this new book, so I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the Publisher.

    I first came across Rachel Held Evans when her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood crossed upon my Goodreads page.

  • Chris Crosby

    note: I received an Advance Copy of the book from the publisher.

    Short Version Review: if you have read Rachel's earlier books, you will love this. And you will be INSPIRED to reacquaint yourself with the Bible.

    More In-depth Review:

    This book is not an academic exercise in how to read the Bible. Rachel Held Evans has written a book that is deeply personal about how she learned to love the Bible all over again and why. The book is as much about how she grew up being taught certain things about w

  • Caroline Fly

    I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    It’s beautiful. A truly beautiful book. I’ve long been a fan of Rachel Held-Evans, and this latest book combines her usual eloquent, naturally poetic style with a new twist. She has a gift for sharing profound ideas, and intricate theology in an accessible and thought provoking way, and that’s exactly what she does in Inspired. She tackles the vexing questions of the Bible - the bloody war stories of the Old Testament, the m