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Access Restricted

At the end of All Rights Reserved, Speth and her friends freed the city of Vermaine from Silas Rog and his oppressive litigation. But now, with the Wi-Fi untethered, the citizens of her city are looking to Speth to lead them. Just as Speth never intended to lead a rebellion of Silents, she has no idea how to begin putting Vermaine back to rights. All she wants to do is break out of the dome and track down her parents, who were sold into indentured servitude years before. Leaving the care of the city in the hands of her friend and mentor, Kel, Speth and a few friends embark on a journey to explore the rest of their world and spread the cause of freedom....

Title : Access Restricted
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ISBN : 9781335016256
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 478 pages
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Access Restricted Reviews

  • Chelz Lor

    Please check out my full review at My Website

    Obligatory shout out to Gregory Scott Katsoulis, Harlequin Teen, and Net Galley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    Being honest and keeping it short, I was disappointed.

    I am not shocked by this. I wasn't over the moon for the first one, though the book worm in me wanted to continue the series making me pick up the next book.

    You see, I wanted it to get better.

    I can acknowledge that what I read is probably not the final version as I

  • Harlequin Books

    Miniseries: Word$

  • Jessie

    A worthy successor to All Rights Reserved. While it took a little bit for the plot to get going, and there was a certain repetitive quality to much of the dialogue, I can overlook it for the fascinating world-building Katsoulis has done. It was great to see the America(TM) outside of Speth's dome. And the ending was excellent and well-earned (a huge improvement over the rushed and abrupt ending of the first novel).

  • Robson Gabriel

    Gregory just delivered a hell of a page turner!

    Speth Jime's story continues on the second Word$'s book in a thrilling quest of survival and revolution. Her goals haven't change from what we last saw on the end of "All Rights Reserved", she needs to destroy the system so people could live without the fear of never ending debt and slavery.

    Gegory's writing is unique and keeps the reader involved in the narrative.

    The things left without answer on the first book were solved in this one. There's so mu

  • Courtney Lavallee

    Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book for a read and review. This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018. This is the sequel to All Rights Reserved and will drop on September 01,2018.

    Sadly I was let down by this book, I love the premise and what it all stands for. Sadly this book did not have that Oomph I was looking for. It could be a reading funk as well, so I might try to reread this at a later date.

    I still love the world in the book as it is brilliantly built,

  • Sandra "Jeanz"

    I approached reading Access Restricted with mixed feelings as I had totally loved All Rights Reserved and told every book lover I know how amazing it was. I find that sometimes the second book isn’t always as good as the first, and as I totally adored All Rights Reserved, Access Restricted has a lot to live up to, to be as good.

    This book, once again has a bold and bright cover. This time it is orange, and has metal chain with a padlock prominent on the cover which I'd say fits with the title of

  • Wendy

    In the innovative and thrilling sequel “Access Restricted” which I won through Goodreads Giveaways the symbol of Silas Rog’s power has been destroyed after the WiFi was taken down in Portland. The “Silents” look to Speth for leadership although their first priority is getting the food printers up and running so no one starves. But with her brother Sam dead, Saretha in the hospital with shattered knees, all Speth wants to do is flee the dome and track down her parents in Crab Creek, Carolina.