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Thief of Corinth

First-century Corinth is a city teeming with commerce and charm. Its also filled with danger and corruptionthe perfect setting for Ariadnes greatest adventure.After years spent living with her mother and oppressive grandfather in Athens, Ariadne runs away to her fathers home in Corinth, only to discover the perilous secret that destroyed his marriage: though a Greek of high birth, Galenos is the infamous thief who has been robbing the citys corrupt of their ill-gotten gains.Desperate to keep him safe, Ariadne risks her good name, her freedom, and the love of the man she adores to become her fathers apprentice. As her unusual athletic ability leads her into dangerous exploits, Ariadne discovers that she secretly revels in playing with fire. But when the wrong person discovers their secret, Ariadne and her father find their futureand very liveshanging in the balance.When they befriend a Jewish rabbi named Paul, they realize that his radical message challenges everything theyve fought to ...

Title : Thief of Corinth
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ISBN : 9781496428660
Format Type : Paperback
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Thief of Corinth Reviews

  • Megan

    Beautiful. Moving. Fast paced. All the feels. “The Thief of Corinth” by Tessa Afshar is all these things and more! I took two courses specifically on 1 and 2 Corinthians in college, so my heart has a special place for these books of the Bible. Paul is also one of my favorite Bible characters, so I loved reading about him in this book as well! Ms. Afshar truly makes first-century Corinth come alive! She adds so much detail of the setting and time period that I could vividly picture this bustling ...more

  • Rachel McMillan

    An unforgettable love story, a brilliantly fresh heroine of agency and athleticism (I know! I know! athleticism from a female in Biblical fiction... could life be better) and impeccable research find perennial favourite Afshar at the top of her game.

    The pitch perfect research and heart for the worlds she captures so brilliantly--with their counterbalance of historical verisimilitude and spiritual resonance is heightened here by Afshar's clear enjoyment.

    There is a zest of personality that livens

  • Rachael

    4.5 Stars

    This was a terrific read from beginning to end. The characters are thoroughly engaging, the plot unique and intriguing, and a simply wonderful novel.

    I really enjoyed this read, the tie in with Biblical characters, and the story as a whole. I don’t give spoilers so the best parts you will just have to find out for yourself!

    It’s a tremendous read, and readers won’t be disappointed with the twists and turns of this novel.

    A few quotes :

    Popularity can dull the senses like a drug. It can nu

  • Diana Montgomery

    I loved the adventure in this story. Airadne is so upset with way things are going living with her mother and grandfather she runs away to find her father. The adventures begin when Airadne finds out the secret of her father and why her mother and father are no longer together. Her father she finds out is a thief. Now some light is coming to why her mother is not with her father anymore. Kind of a Robin Hood story. Lot's of adventure and great characters.

  • Amanda Geaney (Christian Shelf-Esteem)

    Review coming closer to release date.

  • Jeanie

    When families are shattered, pulled apart by the force of bitterness, by anger, by disappointment, something dark slithers into the hearts of all who survive that division. Each one of us carries the wounds of divorce. The only healing comes from the balm of love. Underserving love. Sacrificial love. A love crucified.

    The gospel is best displayed in our families but it is also the most difficult. Taken from historical 1st century Corinth, the gospel was growing at a tremendous rate. The story of

  • Shantelle

    Tessa Afshar has become an author that I one-hundred percent recommend. I hardly have to wonder anymore if I'll love her books; each new one I read is phenomenal. Thief of Corinth was beautiful. It was deeply emotional, as well as an intriguing, adventurous page-turner.

    I'm not sure about her older books (the ones set in the Old Testament) because it has been awhile since I've read them, but Tessa's writing style in her three latest novels is wonderful. It's a little different, but masterful and

  • Renee

    LOVED this story! From the first time she walked on the page to her bittersweet “Hopeful-Ever-After” ending, heroine Ariadne grabbed me, and I could do nothing but follow her on this journey :) She reminded me of some special young people in my life and maybe, in a few small ways, of my own history. Powerful storytelling & beautiful writing! So, so good!!!

    Thief of Corinth is an exciting, thoughtful, poignant must-read. For me, Ariadne has become my Bible-times Anne of Green Gables or Jo Mar