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Dreadful Company

Contemporary fantasy in the world of Strange Practice, starring Dr. Greta Helsing, whose family has been keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well for generations.When Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, is unexpectedly called to Paris to present at a medical conference, she expects nothing more exciting than professional discourse on zombie reconstructive surgery and skin disease in bogeymen -- and hopefully at least one uneventful night at the Opera. Unfortunately for Greta, Paris happens to be infested with a coven of vampires -- and not the civilized kind. If she hopes to survive, Greta must navigate the darkest corners of the City of Lights, the maze of ancient catacombs and mine-tunnels underneath the streets, where there is more to find than simply dead men's bones....

Title : Dreadful Company
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ISBN : 9780316434638
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Dreadful Company Reviews

  • Nick

    This picks up a few months after the first book, it's interesting to see where things have gone since that story ended and how the characters have changed or grown. The same warmth and humour is present in the writing and the sense of a wider much more complicated hidden world we saw a glimpse of in the first book is expanded upon a little.

    This is everything you could want in a sequel, the same writing and fun from the first book, the characters developing nicely and a nice new story.

    Oh and Spar

  • K.J. Charles

    An enormously enjoyable urban fantasy heavily based in period pulp (any book where Varney the Vampyre is back and has anxiety is all right with me). Greta is a lovely moral heroine, her gang of vampires, demon, psychopomps in Led Zeppelin T-shorts etc are great fun, there's a delightful slow burn romance (plus an unexpected bonus for romance lovers), pacey adventure, a gleefully crap modern edgelord vampire villain in body glitter, and even a delightful riff on one of the greatest MR James stori ...more

  • Kate

    The first book in this series is one of my favorites ever, and the second book is no different. Vivian Shaw takes plenty of my favorite classic stories and a lot of very good stuff from her own very good brain and blends it into the perfect story. Nothing makes me happier than a new story with Greta and I can't wait for book three.

  • Tony

    A very satisfying follow-up to Strange Practice, the second in the Dr. Greta Helsing series takes place in Paris. Shaw's writing is economical, keeping the action brisk while also managing to fit in plenty of literary and cultural references. The complex homage to Phantom of the Opera is particularly impressive. It makes me want to research more about the famous catacombs of Paris. On the surface, this may look like a lot of urban fantasy/mystery/romance hybrids, but this is definitely the cream ...more

  • S. Nemo

    I definitely prefer the original. I find this sequel lacklustre, and at 70-something percent, nearly DNF'ed. I only pushed on because I've already gone too far up the road, but it wasn't really reading so much as skimming.

    Here's what worked:

    I like seeing the old gang back. Grisaille is awesome, loved him. Varney's line about the wilting flowers was lovely.

    Here's what didn't:

    So few women and it's nearly a reverse nonsexual harem. Greta herself got really boring, and the only two significant fe

  • Stephanie

    For some reason my mind kept seeing this as not taking place in a contemporary setting, so every once in a while I would be thrown by something said or done that was distinctly modern. But that's my own deal, not the author's fault. I didn't find this installment quite as charming as the first, but I'll keep on with this series.

  • Kiwi Carlisle

    I loved this book. I would happily move into the world Vivian Shaw’s constructed for us if I had any useful skills to offer. Once again, she delightfully mixes references from pop culture with concepts from heavy old classics of nineteenth century horror fiction that can still freeze an imaginative reader’s blood. Plus she throws in hellphones, Polari, chocolate croissants, unlikely lovers, and whatever else it takes to keep me hooked. The next novel in the series cannot possibly arrive too soon ...more

  • Abby

    A great sequel to Strange Practice. Greta proved that she is very resourceful and capable of accomplishing things on her own. I also loved the relationship growth between her and Varney. Too many authors have their MC stuck in relationship limbo for too long, but Shaw has definitely avoided that trope. Honestly my favorite character throughout the whole book was Grisaille. His growth as an individual was done so well! I really, really hope that he shows up in more books. Overall, this was a fun ...more