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Dreadful Company

Contemporary fantasy in the world of Strange Practice, starring Dr. Greta Helsing, whose family has been keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well for generations.When Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, is unexpectedly called to Paris to present at a medical conference, she expects nothing more exciting than professional discourse on zombie reconstructive surgery and skin disease in bogeymen -- and hopefully at least one uneventful night at the Opera. Unfortunately for Greta, Paris happens to be infested with a coven of vampires -- and not the civilized kind. If she hopes to survive, Greta must navigate the darkest corners of the City of Lights, the maze of ancient catacombs and mine-tunnels underneath the streets, where there is more to find than simply dead men's bones....

Title : Dreadful Company
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ISBN : 9780316434638
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Dreadful Company Reviews

  • Kat Ficalora

    So when exactly is Grave Importance coming out?!

    Vivian Shaw has done it again. I'll admit, as excited as I was for this sequel, I was terrified it wouldn't hold a candle to the first. It seems like all sequels are prone to the "sophomore slump", but I couldn't be more pleased with how Dreadful Company turned out. New (well developed) characters blended seamlessly with the old. Two stories met perfectly, right in time for a fantastical turning point and falling action.

    If Vivian Shaw ever feels l

  • Yaaresse

    Oh, that was just a ridiculous amount of fun.

    With the first book of this series, there was an awkward getting-to-know-you phase that one had to get through in order to get to the story. Shaw's writing seems sharper and more confident this time around, and she's figured out how to introduce the premise to any newcomers without boring those of us who read the first book in the series. She relentlessly pokes fun at undead trope -- nearly choked on my coffee at the first (snide) reference to body g

  • Hackmops

    Dreadful Company was a nice follow-up to Vivan Shaw's excellent debut novel Strange Practice. Was it enjoyable? Overall, yes. Was it as strong as the first book? Not quite.

    For me, the main draw of the Greta Helsing series is the supernatural doctor stuff. It is so original and Greta is a very capable doctor - basically, if you enjoy Peter Grant's policing-with-a-side-of-spellcasting in the Rivers of London series, then Greta Helsing as a doctor to the not-quite-dead is likely to appeal to you. T

  • S. Nemo

    I definitely prefer the original. I find this sequel lacklustre, and at 70-something percent, nearly DNF'ed. I only pushed on because I've already gone too far up the road, but it wasn't really reading so much as skimming.

    Here's what worked:

    I like seeing the old gang back. Grisaille is awesome, loved him. Varney's line about the wilting flowers was lovely.

    Here's what didn't:

    So few women and it's nearly a reverse nonsexual harem. Greta herself got really boring, and the only two significant fe

  • Becca

    God, do I love this series. If you like Ben Aaronovitch's RIVERS OF LONDON series, but find at times that the writing gets a little too abstract and strays from the point (as I sometimes find when reading them), this series is the perfect antidote. It's got everything I could want in a book with a few minor quibbles. I don't have a very coherent review other than: I loved this.

  • Debbie

    This is the second in a fun series. It reminds me a lot of Penny Dreadful -(TV series) only not so scary and creepy. But it brings together different 'historical' vampires, demons, etc. -all at the same time. Lots of fun.

  • Kate

    The first book in this series is one of my favorites ever, and the second book is no different. Vivian Shaw takes plenty of my favorite classic stories and a lot of very good stuff from her own very good brain and blends it into the perfect story. Nothing makes me happier than a new story with Greta and I can't wait for book three.

  • Casandria

    Great fun!